Blackmore Area Local History

Descendants of John Smyth (1498 - 1543)

John Smyth purchased Blackmore Priory from King Henry VIII in 1540 and became the first of six generations bearing the family name to be associated with Blackmore in Essex. 
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Grave of Thomas Smyth (died 1684) at the
Priory Church of St Laurence, Blackmore
An extract from the family tree of the Smyth Family of Blackmore

Generation 1
John Smyth (b. 1498. m. date? Dorothy Twissell, d. 1543)

Generation 2
Thomas Smyth
Born 1524 Rivenhall
Married date?(1) Blanch Colshill, by whom he had Francis, who was disinherited upon his death, a son and two daughters
Married date? (2) Margaret Turner (subsequently married Stephen Powle) by whom he had John (who died
31 May 1521), Arthur (see below), 4 sons, 4 daughters.
Died 1592

Generation 3
Arthur Smyth
Born date? Blackmore
Married c.1602. Anne Milward
Children: Stephen Smyth (see below), Thomas & Arthur (both emigrated to Virginia, 2 daughters
Died 7 March 1622/23

Generation 4
Stephen Smyth
Born 28 May 1602 Blackmore
Married date? Jane (Jone or Joanne) Bennett
Children: 14 including Thomas (see below) and Stephen (grave illustrated on this page)
Died 22 September 1670

Generation 5
Thomas Smyth
Baptised 9 September 1653
Married date? Mildred, dau. of Sir Capel Luckyn
Children: Thomas (see below) & Mary Joanna
Died 23 May 1684 (grave illustrated above)

Generation 6
Thomas Smyth
Born 25 December 1683
Died “without issue”
25 January 1720/21

Stephen Smyth (brother of Thomas), died 1672,
buried at Blackmore, Essex
Last updated: 9 January 2010