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Blackmore: Survivors of The Great War

This page remembers those who came through the First World War (1914 - 1918), some with dreadful injuries and memories.  Whilst we should never forget those who died we should remember those who gave their lives in the field of conflict and survived.
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For more information on the impact of World War One in this part of Essex, follow the link to the BALH blog.  First World War

Blackmore's War Memorial includes the names of those who not only died in the First World War but also those who served.

Click here to read a transcription of those commemorated.

Click here to view an alphabetical index of names and background information.

Left: Blackmore War Memorial, taken October 2010, following completion of work to clean and re-engrave the names of the 21 who died, and further 81 who served, during the First World War who either lived or were associated with the village of Blackmore in Essex.

Below: The panels before the work was undertaken.

The following connected
with Blackmore also
served in His Majesty’s

Pte. A. Roast Bedford
H. Allen Border
Corpl. C. Miller
J. Monk
P. Pagram
Pte. W. Chumbley

C. Hasler
T. Livings
G. Miller
H. Ovel
F. Penson
C. Stiff
H. White
J. Wiltshire
F. Wilson
G. Woollard
J. Wray
A. Wright
A. Chumbley Middsx.
R. Chapman

Sgt. W. Sankey R.A.S.C.
Cpl. J. Pagram

Drv. P. Roast

Pte. W. Burr

W. Chumbley
A. McLaren
E. Ovel
C. Pagram
F. Wood
A. Boyd R.A.M.C.
Sgt./Mec. C. Pratt R.A.F.
Sgt. H. Matthews

Ft. Sgt. J. Woollard D.S.M.
Cpl./Mec. G. Newcombe R.A.F.
A/M A. Ovel

L/Cpl. A. Wheal M.G.C.
Gr. G. Knight

Pte. L. Chumbley

H. Pavitt A.C.C.
Gr.T. Roast Tank C.
Pte. G. Wray Labour C.

F. Smith

The following connected
with Blackmore also
served in His Majesty’s

Lieut. Col W.G. Pigott
O.B.E. Rifle Bde.
Major H.C.C. Hackney
            R.A.M.C. (T.F.)
Capt. J.H.Hull Essex
Sub-Lt. A.L.Jasper R.N.R.
Sec-Lt. C.V. Jasper M.G.C.

R. Ingram R.A.F.
P-Offr. A. Griffiths R.N.

D. Martin
Gr. G. Attridge

A/B S. Ball

S. Brazier
Str. E. Brown

A/B G. Farmer

E. Murkin
Str. J. Murkin

F. Saye
A Wheal

A/B W. Woollard R.N.
O.S. J. Wilson

A/M L. Ingram R.N.E.S.
Tr. B. Whitmore Essex Yeo.
Tr. R. Whitmore 15th Hus.
Gr. W. Wood R.F.A.

J. Brinkley R.G.A.
A. Jobson
F. Monk
Spr F. Surridge R.E.

T. West
Pte. E. Puddephatt R.W. Surrey

F. Wray
W. Brown Roy . Fus.
H. Rayner
E. Wager
G. Wash
H. Game K. Liverpl.
A. Hart Norfolk
A. Humphreys
J. Horrex Devon
S. Martin Suffolk

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An alphabetical index of those who served in the First World War who lived or were associated with Blackmore, Essex
Including links to other pages giving more detail of the individual commemorated.

War Memorial Survivors



Other information





Pte. H. Allen Border

Henry Allen



Gr. G. Attridge R.N.

George Attridge

Spriggs Lane (C01) Fingrith Hall Road (ER10)(ER18). In Village (ER20)

1901: Age 27 single  1918: Absent voter

A/B S. Ball R.N.




Pte. A. Boyd R.A.M.C.

Arthur Walsingham Boyd

Stanigre, Chelmsford Road (ER20)


A/B S. Brazier R.N.

Samuel John Brazier

Fingrith Hall Road (C01)  High House (ER20)  High Ongar (PRd)

PRbp. 16.5.1897.  1901: Age 3 son   1920: Absent voter   PRd. 13.7.1957 Age 60

Gr. J. Brinkley R.G.A.

Jack Brinkley

The Green (ER18)  Fairview, Blackmore (PRd)

1918: Absent voter   PRd. 3.3.1950 Age 68

Str. E. Brown R.N.

Edmund John Brown

Chelmsford Road (C01) Blackmore (ER20)

1901: Age 23 single

Pte. W. Brown Roy. Fus.

William Brown

Chelmsford Road (C01) Jessops Corner (ER29)

1901: Age 9 son

Pte. W. Burr  R.A.S.C.

William Burr

The Priory Cottage (ER20)


Pte. R. Chapman  Middlesex

Robert Brook Chapman

Rose Cottage (ER20)


Pte. W. Chumbley Essex

(1) William Thomas (or 2) William Jeremiah (or 3) Walter Thomas (or 4) William Chumbley

(1) The Village (ER18)(ER22) 5 Nine Ashes Road (PRd)  (2)Brentwood Road (ER22)  (3) - (4) Village (C01)

(1) PRm. 23.6.1919 PRd. 5.6.1951 Age 89   (2) PRm. 26.12.1910 (3) PRm. 23.6.1919 (4) 1901: Age 12 son

Pte. A. Chumbley Middsx.

Alfred Chumbley

Village (C01)

1901: Age 8 son

Pte. W. Chumbley R.A.S.C.

(1) William Thomas (or 2) William Jeremiah (or 3) Walter Thomas (or 4) William Chumbley

(1) The Village (ER18)(ER22) 5 Nine Ashes Road (PRd)  (2)Brentwood Road (ER22)  (3) - (4) Village (C01)

(1) PRm. 23.6.1919 PRd. 5.6.1951 Age 89   (2) PRm. 26.12.1910 (3) PRm. 23.6.1919 (4) 1901: Age 12 son

Pte. L. Chumbley M.G.C.

Leonard George Chumbley

Village (C01)  The Village (ER20)(ER22)

1901: Age 2 son

A/B G. Farmer R.N.

George Henry Charles Farmer

Hay Green (C01)  Jessops Corner (ER20)

1901: Age 3 son.   PRbp. 30.1.1898

Pte. H. Game K. Liverpl.

Henry Game

Swallows Cross (ER20)

1920: Absent voter

P-Offr. A. Griffiths R.N.

Alfred John Griffiths

Elm Bank, Blackmore (ER10) London Road (ER18)

1918: Absent voter

Major H.C.C. Hackney R.A.M.C. (T.F.)

Henry Charles Coutts Hackney

The Auberries, Tips Cross (KD37)

Physician & Surgeon

Pte. A. Hart Norfolk

Alfred Stokes Hart

Nine Ashes (ER18HO)

1916: Insurance Agent (baptism of son)  1918: Absent voter

Pte. C. Hasler Essex

George Hasler

Wyatts Green (C11)

1911: George E, 15, son of Edward. ERM: 33789 Pte GE Hasler of Kelvedon Hatch a Prisoner
of War taken while with the 9th Battalion Essex Regiment and similarly
invalided from the Army

Pte. J. Horrex Devon

James Horrex

Chapel House (ER18)

1918: Absent voter

Capt. J.H.Hull Essex

James Henry Hull

Jericho House, Church Street (C01)  Jericho (ER18)

1901: Age 22 single  1918: Absent voter

Pte. A. Humphreys  Norfolk

Albert Humphreys

Fingrith Hall Lane (ER18)

PRm. 7.12.1901

A/M L. Ingram R.N.E.S.

Leslie Ingram

Wyatts (ER22)


Sec-Lt. R. Ingram R.A.F.

Rudolph Ingram

Wyatts (ER20)(ER22)


Sub-Lt. A.L.Jasper R.N.R.

Alfred Leslie Jasper

Wenlocks (ER20)(ER22)


Sec-Lt. C.V. Jasper M.G.C.

Charles Victor Jasper


Brother at Wenlocks in 1922

Gr. A. Jobson R.G.A

Alfred Jopson

Rose Cottage (ER14) Church Street (ER29)(Electoral Roll gives name as Jobson) 1 Church Street (PRd.)

PRd. 23.8.1965  Age 77

Gr. G. Knight M.G.C.

(1) George William (or 2) George Knight

(2) Chelmsford Road (C01)

(1) PRm. 15.3.1902 PRd. 5.2.1964 Age 72 (2) PRbp. 23.6.1895 1901: Age 6 son

Pte. T. Livings Essex

Thomas Livings

Parents (ER18)(ER22)

Son of Passover & Rebecca Livings. Born c.1896 High Ongar

P-Offr D. Martin R.N.

Daniel Martin

Chapel House (ER18). Church Street (ER20)

1918: Absent voter

Pte S. Martin Suffolk

Stanley Martin

In Village (ER20)

PRbp. 27.1.1889  SSAR: Age "12.8.88"  1901: Age 12 son

Sgt. H. Matthews R.A.F.

Herbert Matthews

Chelmsford Road (ER18)(ER20)

1918: Absent voter

Pte. A. McLaren  R.A.S.C.

(1) Alex (2) Alexander McLaren

(1) In Village (ER10) (2) Church Street (ER22)(ER29) Rose Cottage (PRd.)

(2) PRd. 2.6.1956 Age 73

Corpl. C. Miller Essex

Charles Miller

Swallows Cross (C01)(ER22)(ER29)

1901: Age 14 son

Pte. G. Miller Essex

George Miller

Swallows Cross (ER22)(ER29)

PRbp. 10.6.1889

Gr. F. Monk R.G.A.

Frederick Walter Monk

Fingrith Hall Road (C01)  Spriggs Lane (ER22)

PRbp. 28.3.1897   1901 Census: Age 4 Son.  PRm. 29.8.1918

Corpl. J. Monk Essex

Frank James Monk

Fingrith Hall Road (C01)(ER18) Charing Cross Hospital (PRd.)

SSAR. Age "29.8.1894". 1901 census: Age 6. Son. Listed just as James. 1918: Absent voter.  PRm. 29.8.1918. Age 24. "Corporal in Essex Regt."  PRd. 9.3.1921 Age 26

A/B E. Murkin R.N.

Edward James Murkin

Hay Green (ER29)


Str. J. Murkin R.N.

John Murkin

Hay Green, Blackmore (ER18)

1918: Absent voter

Cpl./Mec. G. Newcombe R.A.F.

George Cyril Newcombe

Blackmore, Ingatestone (ER20)


A/M A. Ovel R.A.F.

Albert George Ovel

Village (C01) The Poplars (ER20) Blackmore (PRd.)

PRbp. 6.6.1897  1901: Age 4 son  PRd. 18.7.1958 Age 67. One of three brothers listed. All sons of James & Ruth Ovel, listed on ER20 at The Poplars. 

Pte. E. Ovel R.A.S.C.

Ernest James Ovel

Village (C01)

SSAR: Age "15.5.86"  1901: Age 15 son.  Medal Card: A.S.C. Private. 101607

Pte. H. Ovel Essex

Herbert Charles Ovel

Village (C01)  The Poplars (ER18)(ER20) St Lawrence Gardens (PRd.)

PRbp. 8.4.1888  1901: Age 13 son  1918: Absent voter PRd. 4.9.1964 age 76.  Medal Card: Essex Regt. Private. 4419.

Pte. C. Pagram R.A.S.C.

Charles Joseph Pagram

Village (C01)  Little Jericho (ER18)  Ongar War Memorial Hospital (PRd.)

1901: Age 21 single.  PRm. 24.9.07  1918: Absent voter  PRd. 11.6.1942 Age 62

Cpl. J. Pagram R.A.S.C.

Jubilee Major (aka Major Jubilee) Pagram

Village (C01)  Ingatestone Road (ER14) Little Jessops (ER29)  The Homestead, King Street, High Ongar (PRd.)

SSAR: Age "18.2.87". 1901: Age 14 son.  PRm 3.6.12  PRd. 21.8.1947 Age 60

Corpl. P. Pagram Essex

(1) Percival Philip Wilfred (or 2) Percival William Pagram

(1) Church Street (ER20) (2) 2 Redbrick Cottages

(1) PRbp. 6.9.1896  (2) PRd. 25.4.1974 age 77

Pte. H. Pavitt A.C.C.

Henry Joseph Pavitt

Spriggs Lane (ER20)


Pte. F. Penson Essex

Frank Charles Penson

Chelmsford Road (ER18). In Village (ER20)


Lieut. Col W.G. Pigott  O.B.E. Rifle Bde.

Wellesley George Pigott

Blackmore House (ER18)

1918: Absent voter

Sgt./Mec. C. Pratt R.A.F.

? Arthur Cecil Pratt


vv. Ian Pratt, descendent

Pte. E. Puddephatt R.W. Surrey

Ernest Thomas Puddephatt

The Village (ER20)


Pte. H. Rayner Roy. Fus.

Harry Rayner

Walnut Tree Cottage (ER20)


Pte. A. Roast Bedford

Arthur Charles Roast

Coachmans House (C01) Hooks End (ER20)

1901: Age 1 son

Drv. P. Roast R.A.S.C.

Percy Walter Roast

Hooks End (C01)

PRbp. 28.2.1897  1901: Age 4 son. Reeve: Known as 'Jack'

Gr.T. Roast Tank C.

Thomas James Roast

Hooks End

PRbp. 27.11.1898.  1901: Age 2 son. Reeve: A younger brother [to Percy] living at Blackmore joined the Forces in Sept. 1916.

Sgt. W. Sankey R.A.S.C.

William Henry Sankey

The Village (ER18)

PRm. 6.5.1906  1918: Absent voter

Str. F. Saye R.N.

Frederick Saye

Chelmsford Road (ER20)


Pte. F. Smith  Labour C.

Frederick Smith

The Lodge, Fingrith Hall Road (ER20)

1920: Absent voter

Pte. C. Stiff  Essex

Charles Thomas Stiff

In Village (ER20)

PRbp. 12.4.1896  1901: Age 5 son

Spr F. Surridge R.E.

Frank Surridge

Fingrith Hall Cottage (ER18)

1918: Absent voter

Pte. E. Wager Roy. Fus.

Ernest John Wager

Springfield, Hook End

PRd. 17.12.1938 Age 48

Pte. G. Wash Roy. Fus.

George Wash

Spriggs Lane (ER20). Chelmsford Road (ER29)  Council Houses, Chelmsford Road (PRd.)

PRd. 19.12.1945 Age 64

Spr. T. West R.E.

Thomas Freeman West

London Road (ER20)  Pendennis, Blackmore (PRd.)

PRd. 19.11.1948 Age 62

L/Cpl. A. Wheal M.G.C.

Albert Edward Wheal


SSAR: Age: "10.6.87" Albert is written in pencil. PRm.2.11.1918

Str. A Wheal R.N

Arthur Charles Wheal

London Road (ER20)

PRm.age 39. 17.4.1920.

Pte. H. White Essex

Harry James White

Fingrith Hall Road (C01)(ER20)

1901: Age 6 son

Tr. B. Whitmore Essex Yeo.

Bertram Whitmore

Manor House, Church Street (C01)

1901: Age 3 son

Tr. R. Whitmore 15th Hus.

Reginald Robert Whitmore

Manor House, Church Street (C01)

PRbp. 29.7.1900  1901: Age 9m son

Pte. F. Wilson  Essex

Frederick Walter Wilson

Son of Walter Frederick Wilson, "master baker", Crosse House, Blackmore

PRm. 17.3.1917 Age 20 - occupation "Soldier"

O.S. J. Wilson R.N.

John Wilson

Stubbers (ER20)(ER22)

1920 & 1922: Absent voter

Pte. J. Wiltshire Essex

Jacob Wiltshire

Spriggs Farm (C01)  Fingrith Hall Road (ER20)(ER22) Spriggs Lane (PRd.)

1901: Age 12 son  PRd. 9.3.1923 Age 34

Pte. F. Wood  R.A.S.C.

Fred Wood

Chelmsford Road (ER20)


Gr. W. Wood R.F.A.

William Wood

Fingrith Hall Road (ER29)


Pte. G. Woollard  Essex

George Arthur Woollard

The Village (C01)(ER20)

SSAR: Age "14.3.92". Written Wollard.  1901: Age 9 son

Ft. Sgt. J. Woollard D.S.M. R.A.F.

James Robert Woollard

Village (C01) Brentwood Road (ER20)(ER22)  Blackmore Cottage, Blackmore (PRd.)

PRbp. 23.9.1894  SSAR: Age "23.9.1894". Written Wollard  1901: Age 6 son  1920 & 1922: Absent voter  KD37: Newsagent, Petrol filling station & motor engineer.   Note: Councillor for many years after which Woollard Way is named. PRd. 26.7.1962 Age 67

A/B W. Woollard R.N.

William Walter Woollard

In Village (C01)(ER14)(ER20). The Alley (ER29)  1 Blacksmith Lane, Blackmore (PRd.)

PRbp. 13.6.1890  SSAR: Age "8.5.90". Written Wollard. 1901: Age 10 son.  1920: Absent voter  PRd. 14.11.1959 Age 69

Pte. F. Wray R. W. Surrey

Fred Wray

Village (C01)

SSAR  1901: Age 18 single

Pte. G. Wray Labour C.

George Robert Wray

In the village (ER22)

PRbp. 14.9.1884   WFA entry

Pte. J. Wray Essex

Joseph Wray

In Village (C01)(ER20)  1 Redbrick Cottages, Blacksmith Alley, Blackmore (PRd.)

SSAR: Joe Wray admitted 24.3.95. Age "10.4.1890".  1901: Age 10 son  PRd. 6.5.1966 Age 75

Pte. A. Wright  Essex

Archibald Major Peter Wright

Village (C01) Sycamore Cottage (ER20)

PRbp. 23.8.1896  1901: Age 4 son

C01:   Census 1901
C11:   Census 1911
ER18: Electoral Roll for Blackmore, 1918
ER18HO: Electoral Roll for High Ongar, 1918
ER20: Electoral Roll for Blackmore, 1920
ER29: Electoral Roll for Blackmore, 1929
ERM: Essex Regiment Museum
KD37: Kelly's Directory of Essex, 1937
PRbp: Blackmore Parish Register baptisms
PRm.:  Blackmore Parish Register marriages
PRd.:   Blackmore Parish Register burials
SSAR: Sunday School Admissions Register
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