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This website is pleased to host the draft archive catalogue on behalf of the Essex Society for Archaeology & History (ESAH).  Founded in 1852 as the Essex Archaeological Society, it exists to encourage the study and enjoyment of local history and archaeology in the historic county of Essex. Full members receive an annual publication, 'Essex Archaeology and History'; make visits to places of interest and have access to the Society's own Library of antiquarian and more recent publications at the Albert Sloman Library, Colchester Campus of the University of Essex. For more information follow the links to the permanant website.  The latest publication, 'The Archaeology of Essex: Proceedings of the Chelmsford Conference' is now available to the public.
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Originally compiled by Peter B Boyden B.A. (1980)

Updated by Jane Pearson, Hon. Librarian &

Andrew Smith, Hon. Deputy Librarian


Essex Society for Archaeology and History

December 2015 edition



Page 2: Introduction

Page 4: Presidents of the Society

Catalogue of Records:

Page 6: Honorary Secretary

Page 20: Honorary Treasurer

Page 26: Honorary Librarian

Page 47: Curator

Page 50: Honorary Editor

Page 52: Honorary Director of Excavations

Page 52: Honorary Legal Advisor

Page 53: Appendix: Membership Statistics


In common with other organisations, the Essex Society for Archaeology and History (until 1985 named the Essex Archaeological Society) has during its long history, created archives, and this catalogue describes the papers which are kept in the Storeroom in Hollytrees, In order to produce meaningful descriptions of these papers it has been necessary to include brief accounts of the evolution of the Society’s Offices, and to complete the picture lists of all Officers have been compiled and are published here.

This is clearly not a history of the Society - rather this catalogue describes the raw material upon which further research would be based. By far the best history of the Society to date is “Our triple Jubilee: the Essex Archaeological Society 1852-2002” by W R Powell, published in Transactions ‘Third Series’ Volume 32. It is possible to build up an impression of the Society's activities from the Annual Reports, published until 1960 in the Transactions and issued separately thereafter. 'Our Diamond Jubilee' by W C Waller (‘new series’ xiii, 1-11) describes the Society's first years, whilst G M Benton: ‘The Early History of the Society and of the Colchester and Essex Museum' (n.s. xviii, 276-289) is a useful account of the early years of: the Society and its attempts to establish a museum.

Membership statistics are included at the end of this document.

Whilst the catalogue itself is, hopefully, complete and accurate, the lists of Officers is acknowledged to be deficient - chiefly thanks to incomplete records. This is a further attempt to publish a complete list of Officers - for a partial one see the order of the 'Centenary Service at All Saints Church, Colchester, on Sunday 14 November 1952' (n.s. xxv, 1-8).  Where known full christian names have been given on the first occasion that an individual is mentioned, and where his or her portrait (referred to as P.) or obituary (referred to as O.) have been published the fact is only noted once. (Numbers in lower case Roman numerals refer to volumes of .the New Series of the Transactions, Arabic numbers refer to volumes of the Third and Fourth Series, and NL is an abbreviation for Newsletter.)  Dates of birth and death (where known) are only given for Presidents, and all post-nominal letters and prefixes to names such as Doctor have been omitted except for members of the Church and the Army. The office-holding dates are, wherever possible, those derived from minutes which are, at times, at variance with those given in obituaries and other later sources.

It is to be hoped that anyone who is able to fill in the gaps in the lists of Officers will approach the Honorary Librarian, and also that present and past officers will consider depositing such papers as they have relating to their terms of office in the Library.

The archives, and hence the catalogue, has grown enormously since 1980. The present Librarian and Deputy Librarian have extended the series created a generation ago and added new classes to reflect research papers not directly related to the working of the Society (S/LIB/9 series – see separate supplementary document), and S/LIB/ARC, containing a record of items archived elsewhere, chiefly on long term loan at the Essex Record Office.

During 2015 papers from Mrs. Elizabeth Sellers and the late Kenneth Mabbitt have been catalogued and added to the archives.

Since the publication of the first edition of this document much has changed.  The Society is no longer represented on the Borough Council’s Museum Committee (1986), its Library has moved from Hollytrees to the University of Essex (2000), and, it no longer has a Librarian’s Office at Hollytrees (2013).  Consideration is being given to depositing the majority of these records at the Essex Record Office in Chelmsford, where they will be properly conserved and would allow both Society members and other researchers’ free access to the material, something which was almost forbidden a generation ago.  Producing a new catalogue allows the interpretation of records and decision making regarding which documents should be accessioned and which should be retained as ‘live’ and working documents of the Society.  The project also recognises the need to make these archives known to the Society’s members and to a wider audience.

Peter Boyden (1980), updated by Andrew Smith (2015)



John Disney (1779-1857)



The Hon Richard Cornwallis Neville; 4th Lord Braybrooke from 1858 (1820-61)



Sir Thomas Western Bart (1795-1873)



Sir Henry John Selwyn-Ibbetson Bart (1826-1902).



Sir Thomas Sutton Western Bart (1821-77)



George Alan Lowndes (1829-1904)

(P. ix pt 2; O. ix pt 3)


Henry Laver (d.1917)

(O. xiv pt 4; xiv, 366; xv pts 1 & 2; O. xv pt 1)


Frederick Chancellor (1825-1918)

(O. + P. xv pt 1)


Bishop of Barking (Thomas Stevens) (1841-1920)

(P. xiv pt 2; O. xv pt 4)


John Horace Round (1854-1928)

(P. xvi Pt 1; P. xix Pt 2)


Canon Francis William Galpin (1858-1945)

(P. xviii pt 2; f.p. 153; O. xxiv, 172)


George Frederick Beaumont (d. 1928)

(O. & P. xix pt 2)


Charles Francis Denne Sperling (d.1938)

(P. xxi pt 1, 181; O. xxii pt 2, 366)


Philip Guyon Laver (1466-1941)

(O. & P. xxiii pt 1)


Frederick Wykeham Chancellor (1865-1945)

(O. & P. xxiv, 170)


Canon Thomas Higham Curling (1872-1944)

(O. & P. xxiv., 166)


Rev Thomas Denis Scott Bayley (d. 1970)

(P. xxv pt 1)


Rev Gerald Montagu Benton (1881-1959)

(P. xxv pt 2; O. xxv pt 3, 379)


Denis Alfred Jex Buxton (d. 1964)

(P. xxv pt 3, 289, 301)


Major John George Samuel Brinson (1911-73)

(P. 1 pt 4; O. 5)


William Addison (d. 1992)

(P. 2 pt 2)


Kenneth Richard Mabbitt (d. 1989)

(P. 3)


Frederick George Emmison (d. ?)

(P. 4)


Major John George Samuel Brinson (1911-73)

See above


Frederick George Emmison (d. ?)

See above


Albert Charles Sparrow



John Ezra Sellers (1923 – 1994)

(O. NL 120)


William H Liddell



Andrew B Phillips



Owen Bedwin



W Raymond Powell

(O. 39)


John S Appleby

(O. 4/2)


Jennifer C Ward



John Hunter



David Buckley



Christopher Thornton



Stan Newens



Martin Stuchfield



G Mark R Davies



Ann Turner



Adrian Corder-Birch



During Round's Presidency, Bishop Stevens acted as Deputy President, 1917-20.

New Rules 1964 AGM.  J S Brinson to retire as President under (new) 3 year rule, and 3 year limit for Council.



The Honorary Secretary has, throughout the Society’s history, been its 'Chief Executive'. In addition to fulfilling the usual secretarial duties, the Hon. Secretary also edited the Transactions until 1907; and at various times stood in as Curator, Treasurer and Librarian. The Hon. Secretary has had various assistants, as detailed below, the chief of whom has been the Excursions Secretary - now styled Social Secretary.


Honorary Secretary


Rev. Edward Lewis Cutts

(P. xviii pt 4)


Henry William King

(O. & P. iv pt 4)


G F Beaumont



Rev T H Curling

(xxiv. 166)


Rev G M Benton



Francis William Steer

(O. NL 65)


Lt. Col. Robert James Appleby

(O. 7)


John S Appleby



John E Sellers

(O. NL 120)


Isobel Thompson



Mrs Lesley Cooper






Victor W Gray



Nicholas Wickenden



Christopher Thornton



Michael Leach



John Hayward


Honorary Assistant Secretary


Rev G M Benton



David C George



John E Sellers



Janet Smith


Honorary Administrative Secretary


Mrs Elizabeth E Sellers

Honorary Council Minute Secretary


I M Thompson


Honorary Excursions Secretary


Rev T H Curling



Dr Edward Percival Dickin

(O. & P. xxiv)


Rev T D S Bayley & Lawrence King



L King & John Woods



June Beardsley



Pat Ryan



Graham Gould


Honorary Social Secretary


Margaret Cornwall


Programme Secretary


Janet Cooper



David Andrews



John Walker



Ann Newman



Paul Sainsbury



Classes of Records


Minute Books


Notices and Reports of Meetings


Rules, charitable status etc


Special Projects


Secretary’s Papers: King and Beaumont


Secretary’s Papers: Steer (1953-54)


Secretary’s Papers: Appleby & Appleby (1954-73)


Secretary’s Papers: From Sellers to Leach (1973-2012)


Secretary’s Papers: Miscellaneous






Bound MS book, pp19 used, inscribed on the front page 'Colchester Archaeological Association Minute Book'. Contains minutes of meetings 14 Aug 1850 - 1 Sep 1852, the last in rough draft on a loose sheet. This latter meeting set up a committee to arrange the necessary steps for the formation of an Essex Arch. Socy.'.

Volume missing


Bound MS book, pp80, containing minutes of Council and Annual General Meetings of the EAS Oct 1852 - Jun 1871. Printed alphabetical list of members with MS additions and amendments pasted in the end of the book.



Bound MS book, pp80, containing minutes of Council and Annual. General Meetings Aug 1871 - Mar 1884.



Bound MS book, pp65 used, containing minutes of Council and Annual General Meetings Jul 1884 - Dec 1893.



Leather-bound MS minute book, pp92. Contains minutes of' Council, General and Annual General Meetings Mar 1894 – Apr 1910. Circulars and printed notices of meetings and outings are interleaved. Printed lists with MS additions of places where General Meetings of the Society had been held Jul 1853 - Sep 1896 pasted inside the front cover, and an abstract of principal decisions taken at meetings 1852 - Dec 1893, pasted inside the back cover.



Leather-bound. MS minute book, ppc100. Contains minutes of General, Council and Annual General Meetings Jun 1910 - Dec 1918- Annual reports, circulars, rules etc. (printed) interleaved., Also contains a press account of the Diamond Jubilee Dinner of 29 Nov 1912.



Leather-spined minute book, numbered. VI, pp338. Contains minutes of General, Annual General and Council Meetings of Mar 1919 - Sep 1931. Printed notices, accounts, and various circulars relating to Society activities interleaved.



Leather-spined minute book, inscribed VII 1931-1952, ppc250. Contains MS minutes of Council, General and Annual General Meetings of Nov 1931 - Nov 1952. Interleaved are related  correspondence and printed notices of Society meetings, outings, etc.



Leather-bound MS minute book, pp200 plus index, numbered VIII. Contains minutes of Council, Annual General and General Meetings Mar 1952 - Nov. 1963. Posters, notices and other printed matter, relevant letters and other items interleaved.



Bound MS minute book, pp259 plus index. Contains minutes of Annual General, Council, Trustee and Committee Meetings Feb 1964 - Apr 1972. Annual Reports, letters.; press cuttings, posters, programmes and other items interleaved,



Green bound book. AGM minutes and Council meetings 1972-1987 (typed)



Black bound book; ESAH minutes 1972-1987



Black bound book; ESAH Council minutes 1987-2007



Red book; trustees meetings 1994-2009



Red ring binder.  Finance and Membership Services Committee (FMSC) Minutes 1987-1994



Black bound book; ESAH council minutes 2008-11 & FMSC 1993-2011















Lever Arch File.  Library Committee Minutes 1973-2014.   (Library Committee Minutes 1974-79)



Library Valuation 1994, undertaken by A B Doncaster, The Castle Bookshop, Colchester




Printed notices and agenda for meetings and excursions Aug 1891 - Jul 1938, not complete, compiled from the collections of P G Laver and J M Winch.



Packet containing: (1) Photocopy of prospectus for the EAS from the Essex Standard 19 Nov 1852.  (2) Original copy, Essex Standard, 19 Nov 1952. (3) EAS “Its Rules, Members & c” 1853.  (4) EAS. “Its Rules, Members & c” 1857.  (5) EAS Rules. Revised 7.9.1963 and Library Admission Card, c1963? (6) Programme for Jubilee Meeting 25 Jun 1905.



Quantity of printed Orders of Service for the 'Presentation, Unveiling, and Dedication of Memorial  Tablets in memory of the Revd Philip Morant MA FSA Historian of Essex Tuesday 15 March 1966, Aldham Parish Church, and St Mary-at-the-Walls, Colchester.'



Leather-bound book, ppc100, inscribed on the fly-leaf' 'Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society as published in the Newspapers'. Contains reports cut from the press of Society meetings 19 Apr 1853 - 17 Sep 1858, including long accounts of papers read, places visited, dinners, etc. Also some drawings of the achievements of Essex dignitaries. At the back pp8 account of a medieval signet ring discovered at Stebbing 1841.



Scrap book, pp65 used, containing press accounts of EAS meetings and other activities, commenced by G.H W Beaumont Mar 1895, from a collection of cuttings made by H W King. The volume covers the period Sep 1860 – Apr 1903.




7 MS and. TS letters, chiefly to H W Lewer and P G Laver, of Aug 1927 – Apr 1938, with pp25 printed draft 'Memo and Articles of Association (1939) concerning a proposed Essex Archaeological Trust'. (Once in the Laver Papers)



Extract from Council Minutes of 30 Oct 1961, regarding the appointment of J S .Appleby, J B Bennett and K R Mabbitt as Trustees, with related papers.



Printed papers and forms relating to the registration of the Society as a Charity in Sep 1962 under the 1960 Charities Act.




Collection of returned forms for the Society's parish register survey 1858:

Short returns from Chingford, Colchester St Peter, White Colne, Fairstead, Frating (and Thorrington), Castle Hedingham, Heronsgate, Hutton, Latchingdon, Manningtree, White Notley, Purleigh, Southminster, Stifford, Tendring, Wendon Lofts (and Elmdon), Wicken Bonhunt, Wickham Bishops and Wickham St Pauls.

Fuller returns from Bardfield Saling, Barking, Belchamp Otten, Birdbrook, Little Burstead, Chadwell St Mary, Colchester St Leonard, Cold Norton, Faulkbourne, East Hanningfield, Little Horkesley, Lawford, Messing, Navestock, Roxwell, Thaxted, Theydon Garnon and Great Warley.

Also included: copy of a letter from Morant to the Lord of the Manor of Aldham on the history of the estate, 19 Apr 1763.  2 pages from the St James's Gazette 5 Jan 1887 regarding the refusal of the tithe payers of Hatfield Broad Oak to pay their tithes to Trinity College Cambridge. Rubbing of a brass at Kirby-le-Soken to Rebekah Crease, died 1619, now (presumably) .lost.

Deposit ERO


Letters and papers relating to the Society’s co-operation with the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments in the compilation of the inventories for Essex. Minutes of Special Committee meetings May 1912, with memo of Apr 1913 in MS book, pp4 used.  Correspondence, chiefly addressed to W C Waller, list of potential helpers, etc., 35 items, Nov 1911 - Apr 1913.



Folder, c3" thick, of photocopies of correspondence of c1966- 68 relating to threatened listed buildings in Essex: letters' from the CBA, Essex County Council, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, copies of representations made by the Secretary of EAS, statutory lists, etc.




Petty cash book, pp26, recording H W King's expenses as Secretary 25 Apr 1867 - 16 Jun 1880.



Pocket notebook, pp49 used, containing notes on new and lapsed members, publications received by the Society, Council and other meetings, kept by H W King as Secretary May 1877 - Oct 1893.



Collection of 15 invoices sent to G H Beaumont as Secretary Jul 1894 - Sep 1902, chiefly for carriages used on EAS outings, with a few for printing and stationery.




(A) Correspondence in - letters and carbon copies of TS and MB out - letters, 7 Aug 1952 – 24 Nov 1953, 347 items. Including draft EAS circulars, amendments to the list of members, correspondence relating to the Medieval Feast of 1 May 1953, apologies for absence from Council Meetings, applications for membership, members' queries, orders for publications, correspondence with the printers, arrangements for meetings and outings, correspondence with other officers. (Formerly in the Appleby Papers). (B) Envelope containing photographs of Medieval Feast, 1953, and press cuttings. (C) 1953 press release re centenary celebrations.



Papers relating to the 100th Annual General Meeting of the Society, 2 May 1953. Including the 100th Annual Report (and TS draft), notes taken at the meeting, and a copy of the audited Balance Sheet for the year ended 31 Dec 1952.



Agenda and notes made at 4 Council meetings Mar - Oct 1956, Centenary Celebrations Sub-Committee Mar 1953, and 2 excursions Jun and Jul 1955.



Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015).  Folder containing correspondence relating to President Chain of Office. 1953/54.




A short obituary of R J Appleby will be found in Series 3 Vol 7, pp71-72. On his death Mr A B Doncaster of the Castle Bookshop Colchester was instructed by the family to clear Appleby’s Library, and in the process a vast collection of papers were also discovered. Some private letters, and material relating to his Army career have been retained by the family with a view to depositing them in some suitable repository; documents relating to the Colchester Corporation Museum and Muniments Committee, the Colchester Excavation Committee and the CBA have been passed to the Colchester and Essex Museum; whilst papers relating to the EAS and certain miscellaneous papers have come to the Society.  We are most grateful to Tony Doncaster for his assistance in the transfer of this important archive which is of vital significance for students of the Society’s history during the 1950s.


EAS Circulars Lists of lectures, excursions, Annual Reports, notices of Annual General Meetings, 1947-1974. , List of Members, 1955.  Newsletter #3, #10, #12, #13 #14, #21, #24, #25, #27, #30, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35.  The Colchester and Essex Museum, 1960.  Ticket to the Annual Meeting at Ingatestone 12 Aug 1886, TS and MS drafts of notices etc. 1956-1959. Copies of rules, applications for membership, memoranda including a list of scheduled Ancient Monuments in Essex (c1953). 1927-1956. Colchester Excavation Committee Accounts 1967-70 and short report on excavations, 1969.



Roman Essex Society Letters from Major J G S Brinson, press cuttings, and lists of members, chiefly relating to the amalgamation of the EAS and the RES; Jul 1948 - Oct 1955, 9 items.



Press Cuttings. 16 cuttings from the local press of Aug 1952 – Oct 1957', reporting upon local excavations and EAS activities.



EAS Correspondence 1367 items; chiefly in-letters and copies of out-letters (to mid-1955 only) of Nov 1953 - Jun 1962, regarding the day-to-day running of the EAS - sales of publications, new members, excursions, inter-officer correspondence etc, The quantity of letters per annum tends to decrease with time, and some years (e.g. 1957) seem to have been weeded by Appleby.  Includes letters: Proposed Nuclear Power Station, Bradwell-on-Sea, 17.12.1955; commemorative display to coincide with ‘the electric trains reach Chelmsford’, 2.3.1956; P Marlow discovery in garden at South Benfleet, 28.10.1956; Greenwood family ancestry, Colchester, 24.7.1956, 8.12.1956; History of Parliament Trust “drawn blank with regard to Charles Gray’s parliamentary notebook”, 24.7.1956; request on behalf of Pevsner regarding Charles Bridg(e)man d.1738, 9.7.1957; projected excavation at Thorndon Hall with historical note, from John Brinson, 27.6.1957; ERO “catalogue of the EAS is in its final stages”, 26.11.1956; history of Great Braxted, 13.11.1957; 2nd meeting of Pleshey Excavation sub-committee on 9 March, 24.2.1959 (see also S/SEC/7/8); ERO increasing number of genealogical enquiries, 5.3.1958; ERO completion of catalogue, 6.2.1957; note on history of EAS Library; PRO request for information on Manor of Fingrith Hall, Blackmore 1327-1353 court roll, 16.6.1954; excursion to Thetford, 19.8.1954; naming of State Forests, 29.9.1953; excavations at Shalford Church, 27.11.1953; letter from Appleby to Benton re early history of EAS, 14.1.1954; newspaper cutting of Morant Dinner 1956.



EAS Membership Lists of members elected, deleted, changed addresses etc,. TS and MS, pp45, Jan 1954 - Mar 1960. Lists of members who attended the Morant Dinners of 1956 and 1957, pp2.



EAS Council. Agenda, minutes, notes and lists of members present at Council meetings, Dec 1954 - Jan 1964, 58. TS draft agreement with Chelmsford Corporation, 1956.



Colchester. Camulodunum. 1900th Anniversary of the Colonia. Held 4th to 7th July 1950.  Not specifically an EAS event but many officers involved.  (A) R J Appleby papers.  Four letters of Jan 1950 and. two copies of the information sheet/ programme with TS draft of it.  (B)  Mabbitt Papers. Folder labelled ‘Colchester Centenary. Ken was the Treasurer. Guess who did the work!’ containing bank statements, bills from Colchester firms, programme.



Excavations at Pleshey Castle 1959-63.  Interim report 1959 pp4 and Memoranda to EAS; Interim report, 1962; excavations, 1963.  Report of Pleshey Excavation Committee, held 9.3.1959. Invoice for Motte and Bailey Mobile Exhibition, 1963. Pleshey Castle Exhibition slides 1963



Folder of notes, letters, and press cuttings (not present) relating to research of various kinds - chiefly Roman Britain and recent military history.



Personal papers of 1916-1975, including part of a diary kept during World War I (not present), press cuttings reporting on speeches made by Appleby whilst employed by the Central Office of Information, 1949-50 (not present), newspaper cuttings of letters regarding Roman wall at Colchester; list of personal effects on his death in Colchester Military Hospital. 16 items.

Deposit ERO


51 personal letters and post cards (none present) of Jun 1946 - Oct 1971, including several from Appleby to his brother Charles.

Deposit ERO


Correspondence, Income Tax demands, bank statements and other papers relating to Appleby's private finances May 1948- Nov 1970, 52 items.

Deposit ERO


Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015): White folder containing papers EAS AGM 1972 held at Porters, Southend-on-Sea. Lecturer: Sir Nikolas Pevsner.: KRM as I[mmediate] P[ast] P[resident] takes Chair.



Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015). White folder containing correspondence mainly to ‘The Times’ relating to Stansted Airport proposals, 1967/68. Newspaper cutting: ‘The Times’, 27.1.1968.  Includes plan and threatened buildings.   Sellers Papers (received September 2015): Stansted Airport expansion, 1968, 1980;



Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015).  Folder. ‘KRM President 1967-70’. File of papers which include agenda and minutes of Council meetings; Benton memorial at Fingringhoe church; incomplete agreement between Chelmsford Museum and EAS on deposit of Roman Essex Society’s finds; letter to ‘The Times’, 19.2.1968, re. possibility of closure and eventual destruction of ancient churches; similar letter to Bishop of Chelmsford, 4.4.1968; letter to Essex County Standard, 8.10.1968, re Colchester Town Centre Proposals – dual carriageway, six multi storey car parks, building development in town centre and to the south of it; Dedication of the Memorial to the late Gerald Montagu Benton, with Order of Service, 25.3.1969; report of Rayleigh Castle Excavations 1959-61; Library and Records Committee minutes 14.11.1969 “the Library should be preserved intact; this was regarded as of the greatest importance”; Morant bi-centenary.



Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015).  Folder. ‘EAS New Look’. Papers relating to the discussion of the future of the Society, 1968, includes “failed to reach conclusions”, dated 9.7.1968.

Sellers Papers added (received September 2015). (1) Future of the Society; (2) Publication and Membership Policy; (3) Handwritten notes by Sellers re. ‘Future of the Society’.



Sellers Papers (received September 2015).  Papers relating to Research and Fieldwork Committee, c.1967-1981.







ESAH printed annual reports 1955-2000 in ring binder.  Printed notices of Annual General Meetings, with Reports for the previous years, for 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1969.



Booklet. Information for Members of Council, Committees and Society Representatives.



Brown envelope file on proposed closure of Public Record Office, Chancery Lane, 1980



Lever arch folder, Yellow.  Secretary’s file of AGM, Council Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1987-89



Lever arch folder.  Secretary’s file of AGM, Council Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1989-90



Lever arch folder.  Secretary’s file of AGM, Council Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1991-93



Lever arch folder, beige. Sellers papers (received September 2015), being a personal record of the Society collated until c2007. These papers have been weeded with some amalgamated with other archive references.  File organised by topic.

Part 1. Administration. Rules and Constitution (superseded in 2015). (1) Rules 1858 and revision 1894; (2) Rules 1894 and Library Rules 1920; (3) Rules 1963/64 (4) [as (3)]; Rule 1980 [NL72]; (5) Constitution 1985/86; (6) [as (5)]; (7) Constitution 1986; (8) Constitution 2003; (9) letter re amended Constitution 1.5.2003, Leach; (10) miscellaneous notes by Sellers on rules and constitution.

Part 2. Chronology. (1) Notes of decisions recorded in Newsletter. Compiler’s note: Relevant after NL130 and extracts from NL131, Data Protection Act, and NL137, Why does the Society need a new Constitution? (2) A note of Essex Standard report, 22.6.1864.

Part 3. Membership. (1) List of Members 1861; (2) List of Members 1920. [duplicates S/SEC/9/1]

Part 4. Membership Admin. (1) Application forms; (2) Computer Listing – authorised users, 1980s; (3) Proposed new subscription rates, from 1.1.1984.

Part 5. Membership People. (1) Miller Christy (1861-1928), from Addison, Essex Worthies, p47. Albert Charles Sparrow (b.1925), Sir Andrew Mackenzie Lewis (b. 1928), from Who’s Who 1978. (2) Membership receipts for JES and ES, 1959/60. (3) Guy Wilson. Essex Chronicle 28.6.1985; (4) ESAH Scope of members’ other interests, survey 1986; (5) Student members, 1982-84; (6) Application for membership from Students, 1980s; (7) TS Membership List c.1972; (8) TS Membership List 1980; (9) Council Members 1985/86.

Part 6. Publicity (1) Objectives of Society, publicity associated with the [Essex?] Show [1963?] [at which EAS had a joint exhibition with Colchester Museum]”

Part 7. Committees. Stray items (1) Public Relations Committee 1969-75, (2) Finance and Management Services Committee, 1988; Publications 1959-1986.

Part 8. Fundraising. Campaigns. (1) Potential demolition of St Michael’s, Berechurch 1980-81; (2) Pleshey Castle. Letter Brinson to Chief Inspector of Monuments, 24.10.1972; (3) Essex Churchyards Conservation Group. Essex Chronicle. 15.5.1987.

Part 9. Officers. (1) Vice-Presidents, 25.9.1977 and in letters from continued officers; (2) Membership Secretary responsibilities; Officers and Council 1986/87, 1969. Committee members (Research and Fieldwork, Library and Records, Public Relations, Publications) 1978, 1980, updated to 1982; (3) Honorary Officers and Life Members, 10.7.1982; (4) Letter to ES, 13.12.1989 on change of Secretary.

Part 10. Finance. (1) Letter from Emmison re Essex Archaeological Trust, 1971; (2) EAS Draft Financial Report, 1976 (3) The Society’s subscriptions to other societies, c.1988; (3) “Money Go Round” Circular from Standing Committee for Local History; (4) Charity Commission papers.

Part 11. Library. (1) “the collection of negatives is being incorporated with that of the Castle, and the interesting contents will be reported in the Newsletter”, 1981 [see NL77 p21: “The museum collection is already substantial, and there are now some eight to ten thousand negatives. As a catalogue is currently impracticable, Colchester is stored by streets and Essex by places, with additional sections for museum objects and various special subjects.”]; (2) Notes for Users and Library Rules, various dates; (3) Library Finances, August 1975. PBB; (4) Library Appeal, November 1929; (5) Important message about Hollytrees Library, 14.5.2000, Leach; (5) Periodicals in the Society’s Library, reprinted from NL54, 61, 63, 64, 66 & 68; (6) location of manuscripts in Hollytrees library, undated, TS,4pp. Aide memoir of problems for the Library and Records Committee, c.1978/79; (7) Cataloguing the Library, c1980; (8) Library Staffing, 6.11.1979, PBB.

Part 12. Publications. (1) ISSN etc; (2) Members represent the Society on Other Bodies, undated; (3) Local associations: conditions of their affiliation to the EAS; (4) Issue of latest volume of transactions to newly joined members; Printing Costs and Publications, 2.3.1979, JES; General Index, Dec. 1925, Galpin et al; (5) “thank you” letter to JES, 29.6.1982, Liddell; (6) Publications Development Fund launch letter; (7) Trust Fund / Publications Development Fund correspondence; (8) Trust Fund, Treasurer’s Report, 31.5.1983; (9) Round papers unpublished, 1979; (10) Feet of Fines – difficulties encountered by EAS; (11) distribution of publications; (12) Membership and Circulation, 1981.

Part 13. Activities. (1) Photographs of Whitechapel Road Bell foundry visit; (2) letter to Brinson, 14.6.1973, re. AGM talk Wheeler; (3) flyers for Morant Lecture, 1989, 1990; Recent Archaeological Excavations and Research in Chelmsford and district, 1981, An evening with David Clarke, 9.9.1988, Pottery in Essex exhibition, 1978; (4) Essex History Day programme, Saffron Walden, 12.5.1984; (5) ‘A Footprint In Time’ pamphlet about the Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress, 1964-1989. The Society was actively involved in its fornation.

Part 14. Future. [Papers merged into S/SEC/7/16]



Blue folder containing T Doncaster memorial event





Red file box. Contents: (1) Officers and Council 1852-53. (2) Notice of AGM 1859. (3) Officers and Council with list of subscribing members for 1861, 1905-06, 1907-08, 1909-10, 1910-11, 1913, 1919-20, 1923-24, 1935-36. (3) Essex Archaeological Transactions Special Offer. (4) List of Members 1955. (5) Colchester Excavation Committee papers. (6) AGM notices and reports for previous year: 1907 (no report), 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937 (being reprint from n.s. xxii part 2), 1939, 1941, 1956. [AGM papers continued in S/SEC/8/1] (7) Cards giving notice of meetings / lectures: 15.1.19??, 19.3.1930, 14.1.1931, 18.3.1931, 6.4.1932, 23.2.1933, 31.1.1934, 30.1.1935 (8) Notices of AGM 10.3.1897; Quarterly Meeting and Excursion, 25.3.1900; Notice of AGM 3.4.1901, 2.4.1915; Quarterly Meeting and Excursions 23.5.1901, 30.7.1901, 30.5.1907, 19.9.1907, 29.5.1911, 15.9.1927, 7.6.1928, 19.7.1928, 27.9.1928, 26.6.1929, 25.7.1929, 19.9.1929, 28.6.1930, 17.7.1930, 18.9.1930, 27.6.1931, 22.7.1931, 10.9.1931, 15.6.1932, 21.7.1932, 14.7.1932, 15.6.1933, 19.7.1933, 20.9.1933, 21.6.1934, 18.7.1934, 20.9.1934, 19.6.1935, 31.7.1935.



Envelope file (green) containing AGM and Executive Committee papers of SCOLA (The Standing Conference on London Archaeology), 2003-2008



ESAH Library Move from Hollytrees to University of Essex (2000), including signed agreements



Box file of photographs, some re excursions (now scanned on blog)



Annual Morant Lecture poster, 1987



White A4 document wallet containing: (1) Election of A Cunnington, Esq., 10.8.1882. (2) TS paper to Council Meeting, pp2, 23.10.1913, “best method of rendering Transactions more useful”. (3) Request for response to unnamed report, 17.3.1914. (4) Local Associations: conditions of their affiliation to the EAS, undated.  (5) Library Appeal. November 1929.  (6) Newspaper cutting “East Anglian Daily Times, May 16, 1933. EAS in Ipswich.  (7) Newspaper cutting “Lecture in Armour at Colchester”, from Essex Standard, 22.2.1936.  (8) Newspaper cutting “Funeral of Mr H W King of Leigh.”  (9) Notice of Morant Dinner 1977. (10) Agenda for Council Meeting, 23.10.1913.  (11) EAS News Reports of Meetings. (i) Diamond Jubilee Dinner, 20.11.1912. (ii) From Shenfield to Billericay, 17.5.1895. (iii) The Destruction of Church Monuments in Essex, 15.3.1890.  (iv) Some interesting and intriguing bench-ends, 12.3.1932.  (v) Annual Meeting at Colchester, 21.3.1896.  (vi) Meeting of archaeologists at Chelmsford, 20.11.1884.  (vii) Offprint from Transactions: General Meeting held at Colchester on 14.4.1898.



Booklet 1985-6 ESAH committee members



Miscellaneous items (1) Order of Service: Cathedral Church of S. Mary, Chelmsford. The Laying to Rest of Frederic Chancellor on Tuesday 8 January 1918; (2) St John Baptist, Loughton. 1 August. In Memoriam W.C.W. 1850-1917 – William Chapman Waller.




The Honorary Treasurer has charge not only of the Society's finance, but also the oversight of the membership records. Initially 'members' subscriptions were collected by a Collector, who took a percentage of the receipts for his labours. The present Honorary Membership Secretary is the lineal descendant of the former Collector, revived to relieve the Honorary Treasurer of the routine of maintaining membership records.


Honorary Treasurer


Charles Gray Round



Rt. Hon. James Round

(O. & P. xiv pt 3)


William Chapman Waller

(O. xiv pt 4, 356)


Christopher William Parker

(O. & P. xx pt 1)


Henry William Lewer

(O. & P. xxv pt 1, 120)


Isobel L Gould (Acting)



Rev Oswald Edwin Robert Alexander



Capt C W Nunn



James Williams



M Bennett



John Brightman Bennett

(O. 16)


Kenneth V A Oxborrow



Michael S Crellin



M D O’Connor



Richard Fuller



D Anthony Davies



W A Hewitt (Hon. Acting Treasurer)



Richard Fuller



William M Abbott


Honorary Financial Secretary


Rev F Spurrell


Honorary Vice Treasurer


W C Waller



H W Lewer




Josiah Parish



Sarah Parish

(widow of Josiah)

Honorary Receiver of Subscriptions


W C Waller


Honorary Membership Secretary


Patricia Monk



Olive Daynes



Richard Coleman



W Raymond Powell

(O. 39)


Paul W J Buxton

(O. 40)


James Kemble



Ann Turner



Bruno Giordan



Tracey Hunter



Classes of Records


Balance Sheets and Statements of Accounts


Bank Books and Statements


Account Books


Special Funds


Membership Records


Treasurers’ Correspondence





MS draft with printed version of the balance sheet for the year ending 31 Dec 1913.



Balance Sheets and. Statements of accounts for the calendar years 1961-65, 1968-57 and 1959-70.




Bank pass book, pp36, Round Green & Co., Jan 1876 - Oct 1893.



Bank pass book, pp43, Gurneys, Round, Green & Co. (later. Barclays), Nov 1893 - Jun 1901.



Bank pass book, pp8 used, Barclays Bank, referring to Library Fund., Apr 1938 - Nov 1949.



Deposit pass book, pp3 used, Barclays Bank Colchester, May 1960 - Mar 1962.



TS lists of securities held by the Society at Barclays Bank. West Mersea, Dec 1960 - Dec 1969.



Barclays Bank Statements of EAS accounts 1962, 1964-68.




MS cash book, p162 used, used by Josiah Parrish whilst Collector for the Society Jul 1870-Dec 1892.



MS account book, pp38 used, Jan 1921-Dec 1927.



MS cash book, pp35 used, details of day to day income and expenditure 1934-40, details for the last year are incomplete.



MS ledger, pp36 used, General Fund account Jan 1949-Jan 1961.



MS account ledger, pp46, details of financial transactions Jan 1961-Dec 1965.



MS ledger, pp52, details of financial transactions Jan 1966- Dec 1969.





MS notebook in the hand of H Lewer containing:

pp3, list of subscribers to the Chancellor Memorial Screen Fund, closed 14 Dec 1918.

pp12, list of subscribers for, and details of expenditure on, 1923 Library Catalogue, with 3 related letters (loose), Jul 1922-Oct 1923.

pp1 minutes of the Library Catalogue Committee, Jul 17 and Oct 2 1922.



MS ledger, pp36 used, containing names of subscribers to:

Church Plate of Essex Oct 1923-May 1925.

General Index to Vols vi-xv of the Transactions Jan 1926- May 1927

A G Wright Testimonial Fund Jan-Mar 1927

Hollytrees Excavation Fund Nov 1927-Aug 1928

Library Appeal Fund Dec 1929-Mar 1930

Hollytrees Excavation Report Fund Mar-Nov 1931

Library Fund 1937

Colne Cartulary, not dated

Essex Record Society Jul-Sept 1931

Witham Excavation Fund May 1935.

Curling Testimonial, not dated



Part of MS cash book, pp22, Library Endowment Fund Accounts Jul 1938-Dec 1961; Trust Fund May 1938-Jun 1939.



Correspondence and other papers relating to the investment of money for the Library Endowment Fund in Solihull County Borough Council Mortgage Fund Jul 1961-Sep 1970



Correspondence, balance sheets and bank pass book relating to the finances of the 'Elizabethan Feast' held with the Friends of Historic Essex, May-Dec 1961



Balance Sheet, correspondence, bank pass book and other papers relating; to the Benton Memorial Fund, and the erection of an oak door in the South Chapel of Fingringhoe Church. Mar 1962 - Mar 1969.



Correspondence and papers relating to a grant to the Archaeological Research Group Colchester towards the cost of the excavation of the Roman villa at Great Tey. May - Sept 1966.



Receipt book, partly used; 105 receipts issued Feb 1960 – Apr 1971 for donations to the Library, income from of publications, etc. 57 receipts for donations to Benton Memorial Fund, Mar 1962 – Apr 1968.




MS book, pp75 used, lists of members' names and addresses arranged alphabetically, with details of subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1866-83.



MS book, pp65 used, containing alphabetically arranged lists of members of the Society, with details of Subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1884-97.



MS notebook, pp36, containing printed lists of members as on 31 Dec 1891, 1892, 1893 and 1895, with MS and TS amendments and additions to 1896.



Bound MS ledger, pp95 used, containing lists of members' names and addresses arranged alphabetically, with dates of election, subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1905-1927.



MS exercise book, pp7, containing notes on changes in the membership, diary of Society activities, and copies of letters written by Rev T H Curling as Honorary Secretary, 1902-15.



MS book, pp56 used, containing lists of members arranged by year by election, and losses through resignation and death 1925-54.



Large MS ledger, pp269, labelled 'Essex Archaeological Society Register of Members'. Contains names and addresses of members arranged alphabetically with details of subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1927-41.



Bound TS, pp40, list of members revised to Oct 1932.



MS ledger, labelled 'Essex Archaeological Society Register of Members', pp410, containing details of members (arranged alphabetically) - subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1941-9, and including related loose letters.



MS cash book, pp143, listing members in order of paying subscriptions 1942-52, including notes on amounts paid etc.



Deeds of covenant, claim forms and other papers relating to the claiming of Income Tax paid on members' subscriptions, Jan 1961-Dec 1968.



Bound book of stubs of c200 receipts for members' subscription:. Jan 1964-Feb 1968.



41 cards recording details of memberships, superseded Nov 1969.




74 MS letters of Nov 1909.-Jan 1917 addressed to W C Waller, Vice Treasurer, by various correspondents on aspects of the Society's business and its financial implications, The majority are from Rev T C Curling, Honorary Secretary. Together with copies of 5 out-letters and 1 in-letter, Jan-May 1910, correspondence between R Miller Christy and Fred Spalding &. Son Photographers, regarding the photographs of Killegrews for the illustration of a Transactions paper.




When the Museum in the Castle was first established it included both books and three-dimensional artefacts which were together. The problem of finding a suitable home for the Society's books, acknowledged at the beginning of the century, was only solved in the late 1920s when it was possible to move them to Hollytrees. This move coincided with the election of Philip Laver as Honorary Librarian. Although the 'paid' Curator was styled 'Curator and Librarian' to 1946, he ceased to have responsibility for the Society's books in 1928. The Society's collection of manuscripts was cared for by the Hon Librarian until the late 1940s, when an Honorary Archivist was appointed. Since 1972 the Hon Librarian has had care of the documents remaining in Hollytrees.  The Society’s Library was transferred to the University of Essex in 2000.


Curator and Librarian


Arthur George Wright

(O. xix pt. 1)


Mark Reginald Hull

(O. 14)

Honorary Librarian


P G Laver



Rev G M Benton



Rev William Rolleston Saunders



Rev James Ramsey McCallum



J B Bennett



John Merriman Sims



Peter Bruce Boyden



John Mead



John Bensusan-Butt



Andrew B Phillips



Jane Pearson





Honorary Deputy Librarian


Mrs R C Fowler



Arthur W Lee



John Mead



Mr J Scudder & Mrs Jean Blowers



Andrew Smith


Honorary Archivist

? – 1955

Canon John Lionel Fisher



J S Appleby


Honorary Assistant Archivist


J S Appleby



Classes of Records


Accession Registers


Book Catalogues


Catalogues of Manuscripts etc


Library Equipment, Binding


Library Users


Book borrowing


Librarian’s Correspondence


Library Policy






Archive Registers


Essex Society for Archaeology and History: historical material




‘Stubs’ of official receipts for items given to the Society Jan 1894 - May 1897, 102 in all. Mainly for the Library, but other items as well.



'Stubs' of official receipts for items given to the Society Jun 1897 – Mar 1900, 101 in all. Mainly for the Library, but other items as well.



Book of 105 'stubs’ of official receipts for items donated to the Society, mainly to the Library, Mar 1917 - Jan 1921..



‘Stubs’ of 197 official receipts for books and manuscripts donated to the Society, 6 Feb 1921 - Oct. 1924.



'Stubs' of 196 official receipts for books and manuscripts donated to the Society, Oct 1924 - Feb 1927.



'Stubs' of 202 official receipts for books and manuscripts given to the Society, Mar 1927 - Jun 1934.



‘Stubs' of c190 receipts for books and manuscripts donated to the Society, with notes of further donations on the last 11 pages, Apr 1934 - Mar 1947.



Bound book of printed forms of acknowledgement for items presented to the Society, ordered at the Council Meeting at Thaxted 28 Jul 1864. Extant 30 copies of receipts for items donated to the Library 8 Apr 1965 - 15 Nov 1971.



MS accession book, pp200, containing details of exchange periodicals, arranged in alphabetical sections, in use Oct 1923 - Dec 1940.



MS exercise book, pp16, accession register, chiefly of exchange publications, Feb 1941 - Jun 1954.



MS exercise book, pp20, Library book accession register Jul 1954 - Jan 1965.



Index of library acquisitions 1963-1994



Index of library acquisitions (Journals) 1994-2000



Library accessions & cash book 1972-2000




MS book pp58 used containing 'List of Donations to the Essex Archaeological Society as recorded in Vols. 1 to 5 First Series and Vols. 1 to 9 Second Series of the Transactions (Apr 1853 - May 1905). Extracted by Henry Laver FSA. December 1st 1908'.



Three MS lists of books compiled from old accession books, comprising donations to the Society Mar 1855 – Mar 1893, and books presented to the Corporation Museum, Aug 1846-Feb 1898, compiled by A G Wright, the latter in Nov 1908.



Printed book accession register, pp5 used, containing details of books donated to the Society Mar 1853 – Mar 1890, copied from issues of the Transactions to Vol V New Series by P G Laver, c-1930. Included loose are stubs of 22 receipts for books and other items donated to the Society Jun 1865- Aug 1886.



Printed Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, MSS and Scraps Collection in the Library of The Essex Archaeological Society, compiled by W H Dalton 1895. Colchester:



Bound, indexed book, containing the 1895 Library Catalogue, cut into slips and pasted in on relevant pages, with gaps for expansion.  One or two marginal pencil notes only.



MS list of ‘Books, papers & c. handed to Mr G F Beaumont to the Curator of the Society’s Museum’, Apr 1905 (? or 3).



Bound MS notebook, pp29 plus index, pp27, containing a list of all books and manuscripts given to the Society’s Library, and recorded in the Transactions, New Series Vol. XIII to XIX, compiled by C R Smallwood, no date.



Two interleaved copies of the printed Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Manuscripts & Scrap Collections in the Library of the Essex Archaeological Society, 1923, pp32.  Also (2) Archives added to EAS collection after publication of 1923 catalogue: compiled from Transactions lists (1923-1945), pp4.



MS list, pp6, in P G Laver’s handwriting, of accessions to the Library - to an unspecified date after the publication of the 1923 Catalogue. MS list, pp1, of books sent, to the Society by Miss King, 8 Feb 1894.



Folder of select lists of books in the Library, mostly compiled by P G Laver, including the Christy Memorial Gift, the Glascock Bequest, the Sperling Collection which includes manuscripts (see S/LIB/9), and books accessioned subsequent to the publication of the 1923 Catalogue.



9 MS letters of Feb 1932-Sep 1933 to Rev G M Benton regarding the acquisition of James Joseph Holdsworth's (d.1933) collection of Essex books, together with pp38 TS list of the same.



Bound MS book, pp11 used, listing the contents of 112 parcels of books from the Library stored at a house in West Mersea, and removed to Colchester in Mar 1941, after the death of P G Laver,



MS exercise book, pp40, containing a list by Rev M Benton of MSS, books, and engravings from the estate of Wykeham Chancellor, removed to Holly Trees Apr 1946.



2 bound MS notebooks, one pp52, the other pp87 used, containing lists of books as arranged on the shelves in the EAS Library prior to its removal to the upper floors of Hollytrees 1963-4. One volume covers bays 10 to 18, the other, bays 19 to 24. The first compiled by W Rollerton Sanders; the second, compiler unknown.



Collection of MS and TS slips and lists representing various catalogues or partial catalogues of the EAS Library and manuscripts, many (but not all) in the handwriting of P G Laver. 6 bundles and folders.



MS exercise book, used, containing two lists of antiquarian books, one the property of the EAS, and the other the Corporation of Colchester. Not dated; presumably relates to the Library in the Castle, c1880.



Collection of MS and TS slips, 1980s.



S/LIB/3/1A – C

3 spring-book binders containing a TS calendar of the Society's collection of deeds and other documents, arranged alphabetically by parish after a list of 95 early and miscellaneous items. These documents are now on loan to the Essex Record Office.



“Catalogue of Documents deposited by E.A.S. at E.R.O. 1944”. Descriptions on slips of documents deposited by the Society on Loan with the Essex Record Office, 18.7.1944, prior to cataloguing (see S/LIB/3/3). Items include “Estates of the Honywood family of Markshall. This heading applies to the entries in the DEEDS section as far as Totham, but it is probable that the remainder of the deeds are from another source, except the final entry (marriage settlement, etc). The documents in the other sections of this accession are mostly, if not wholly, Honywood muniments. The last sheet of this accession relates to the Bentall documents. Whether the latter are a separate archive group is not clear at this preliminary stage: the Bentalls lived at Stansted Hall at Halstead, which was owned by the Honywoods. It seemed better to treat this group as independent.”  Note: “ERO D/DE. List of documents deposited 1944-49, 1953, 1956, 1957. Primary Copy with Hon Secretary. 1966.”



Bound photocopied TS, pp235 Arranged by type of document, and not indexed.  Title. D/DE: 'Catalogue of Miscellaneous Essex documents and papers, 1544-1917 deposited by the Essex Archaeological Society at the Essex Record Office 1944-49'.  p1. “This catalogue was deposited by the Society between 1944 and 1949. The catalogue was revised in 1957, and cross-references were made to the Society’s later deposits, catalogued as D/DHt. Title. Acc 2501, 2822, 2972. D/DHt. ‘Manorial documents, deeds, and other Essex papers (including antiquaries’ collections) c1210-c1940. Deposited by the EAS, Hollytrees, Colchester, 1953-1957.’



TS list, pp10, compiled Nov 1965, of the deeds of the Bocking United Charities, on permanent loan to the Society from Trustees of Mr Alfred Hills FSA to the Society. Deeds deposited at ERO, Accession A11884 (part)



Correspondence, index and TS catalogue (pp150) of the Bramston papers given to the Society 1927, and loaned to the Essex Record Office Dec 1967.



Collection of letters and forms relating to the deposit of the deposit of the Manor court rolls of Copford Hall with the Society at Hollytrees, 1939.



MS list, pp4, of 'Coloured Drawings of Stained Glass Windows or Frescoes in Norfolk and Suffolk Churches, the property of the Essex Archaeological Society', with list of selected Essex examples added, c1925.



MS list, pp3, with covering letter of Feb 1931, of photographs of Essex Dove Houses given to the Society by Donald Smith and J H Bullock.  Note added “Negatives in Colchester Museum. 1986. D[avid] C[larke]”.  ‘Pigeon Cotes and Dove Houses in Essex’ by Donald Smith was published in 1931. A limited edition of 100, 176 pages, 58 drawings, ESAH Library has #36. 



Bound MS ledger, pp10 used, containing a list of the first 210 slides in the Society's collection, donated by “representatives of the late Miller Christy” (Nos. 1-32), unnamed (Nos. 33-70), Harrington Lazell (Nos. 71-170) and Philip Laver (Nos. 171-210), compiled by P G Laver, not dated.  (See also S/LIB/3/10)



MS index on c100 loose sheets comprising over 1300 almost exclusively Essex related [glass?] slides, forming a catalogue of the Society's slide collection, taken presumably by Harrington Lazell (HL), George Biddell (GB), and Philip Laver (PL), compiled by P G Laver and arranged topographical and by subject. Additional list pp4 of “The Revd J W Mitchell’s slides” and “Plates (G Biddell)”, Not dated.



MS list, pp4, of slides of St Osyth Priory. Compiler, probably P G Laver, but date unknown.









Handlist ms of deeds related to unknown places




List of Library furniture and related items, with notes of its source and value to Feb 1963; TS, pp3, 'Specification for internal painting walls and repairs' Jan 1963, with 2 plans of EAS Library and other rooms as existing Feb 1963, with proposed arrangement of bookshelves on 2nd floor of Hollytrees, and elevations of bookshelves in Library 1.



Invoice for supply of steel shelving and cabinet, Sept 1963 and Nov 1964.



Bound MS notebook, pp9 used, containing details of volumes of exchange periodicals bound 1927-Jul 1935, including (loose) 10 items of related correspondence, and details of prices charged for the work.



Duplicate book, pp19 used, record of books sent for binding Nov 1966-Oct 1970.



Now obsolete.  Folders containing Shelf Workings. Notes on contents of Hollytrees Library locked and open shelves; Plastic wallet of library shelf slips



Now obsolete.  Small ring binder entitled ‘ESAH Library Resource Centre (2) ABD’









Now obsolete.  Binder. Blue. ESAH Library.  Location of books by ‘Bay’



Now obsolete.  Folder EAH library JBB’s notes etc (prelim checklist of material not on open shelves 1986) 



Folder ESAH library earlier sales & holdings



Bibliographic extract report 1993 (Computer alphabetical printout)






Now obsolete.  Blue folder Hollytree library book placement



White A4 folder. Boyden Librarian Lists.  (1) Essex Property Sale Catalogues. 1977. (2) A.H. Brown’s Collection of Brass Rubbings. 1977.  (3) Holdings of Essex Periodical Titles, Nov. 1979.  (4) A Catalogue of the Minute Books and Other Records of the Society. 1980.  (5) A Catalogue of Transcripts of Essex Parish Registers and Monumental Inscriptions. 1980.




Society Visitor's Book, pp1 only used, containing 10 names, Sept 1929-Sept 1931.



Bound volume of application forms for the use of books in the Society's Library, 27 used, May 1931-Mar 1934. Both stubs and submitted slips retained.



MS register, pp25 used, of admissions to the Library Mar 1965-Dec 1974.




Bound MS book, pp21 used, containing a record of books borrowed from the Library Apr 1908 – Apr 1930.



Bound MS book, pp88 used, containing a record of books borrowed from the Library Oct 1929 - Jun 1956.



MS exercise book, p120, Library Borrowing Register Apr 1956 - Feb 1961.



MS book, pp46, Library Borrowing Register Jun 1960 - Jan 1970.



Exercise book; lending list of library books 1970-1986



Borrowers’ register 1986-2000




Folder of correspondence, list, and notes handed over by John Sims on relinquishing the Honorary Librarianship in 1974.



7 folders of correspondence and notes, of Peter Boyden as Honorary Librarian May 1974 - Jun 1980, c250 items. Accessions to ERO removed.  Folder A.  May to Dec 1974. Includes a letter from the Museum, 29.8.74, acknowledging receipt to the Girling collection; letters from Stephen Freeth regarding the EAS collection of brass rubbings.  Folder B. 1975.  Includes letter from K Newton, County Archivist, 12.2.1975, “The Ellis Armorial (temp acc. 959) … I should … be happy to retain it on a more permanent basis.  It would seem sensible that the Chancellor papers should come here … The Laver papers would seem an appropriate deposit in our Colchester branch.”  Letter K Newton, 16.7.1975, “microfilming ERO [parish register] transcripts.” Numerous strongly worded letters from Mr Whitehead objecting to making copies of same, and responses.  Folder C. 1976. Includes letter from Stephen Freeth, 24.1.1976, re exhibition of EAS brasses at Harlow Museum.  Folder D. 1977.  Includes letters re Bocking United Charities – Holmes & Hill, 21.3.1977, “to ascertain whereabouts of old deeds”.  Folder E. 1978. Includes TS sheet on EAS Library contents by PBB, 21.8.1978.  “Manuscripts. Most of the Society’s collection is on loan at ERO. … Brass Rubbings. … Photographs. “A collection of prints, lantern slides and negatives covering churches, historic buildings, artefacts, and excavations chiefly in Essex”.  Folder F. 1979.  Includes letter from Chelmsford Excavation Committee, undated, re Morant Club Papers on “castle bailey ditch, on the site of the War Memorial in Colchester” in 1922.  Letter from Stan Newens, House of Commons, 21.9.1979, acknowledging receipt of Vol. 8 of Transactions.  Programme for ‘Seminar on the life and work of John Horace Round (1854-1928). Saturday 29 September 1979’. Folder G. Jan to May 1980.  



Buff folder. Librarian’s correspondence – Andrew Phillips.  Accessions to ERO removed. Comprises (1) valuation of library stock for insurance 1995; (2) photocopy NL April 1990 p10-11; (3) letters regarding exchange publications – several; (4) Millatt Gift; (5) Annual Report for 1995; (6) Exchange Publications addresses 1985; (7) and 1.1.04; (8) and 31.12.04; (9) Colchester BC re. Hereford Mappa Mundi, 29.1.2000; (10) Oxford University Archives re Botanic Garden plan c1834, 14.3.03; (11) Periodicals in the Colchester and Essex Museum Roman History Library; (12) Chester Archaeological Society, 7.12.01; (13) Letter to Mrs Brittain re books donated, 18.12.02; (14) Essex Field Club re illustrations in Field Systems, 31.8.05; (15) Notes for explorers of family trees, especially C18 and later, compiled by John Bensusan-Butt; (16) photocopy of ‘A Catalogue of Books on Archaeology and Natural History presented to the Colchester Museum, by the Rev Henry Jenkins, B.D., F.G.S., Rector of Stanway, A.D. 1870’; (17) Note on Probert MSS; (18)  correspondence with Castle Bookshop, 8.1.86; (19) correspondence re the sale of antiquarian books by the public library, 10.7.84; (20) leak in Hollytrees Museum roof; (21) Report on co-operation between the Libraries of the Colchester Museum and ESAH, Dr Paul R Sealey, 16.6.94; (22) Sale of transactions and EAH, 31.7.99 – now superseded; (23) Essex Union List of Serials (EULOS): holdings for ESAH, 10.2.05; (24) yellow card; (25) Letter from Ken Neale re Milbournes; (26) label: G Ryder & Co Ltd; (27) Letter regarding Appleby MSS (28) list of maps etc; (29) papers relating to ‘EAS Library Water Damage’, 1985; (30) Library Fund, 1998; (31) EULOS January 1995, with print out; (32) black plastic folder relating to A.B.D. Doncaster valuation of Library; (33) envelope re. King and Pitsea Church; (34) two ESAH car stickers. (B) Spiral bound book. EULOS Essex Union List of Serials. No 34 Autumn 1988. Essex Libraries.



Correspondence between Librarian and Tony Doncaster (Castle bookshop), 1980s. Includes ‘Valuation by the late Tony Doncaster, March 1985. Books and sundry comments’



Sale catalogue Bloomsbury book auction 1995 + invoice + correspondence; ? relates to T Doncaster not ESAH



Blue folder. Librarian’s correspondence – Andrew Phillips.  Accessions to ERO removed.  Comprises (1) Computer print out of Exchange Publications, 21.9.99; (2) Association of Industrial Archaeologists, price list; (3) Note: Jane Wilson, bookbinder; (4) Items placed in storeroom by “Ray”, 23.1.96; (5) East of London Family History Society: permission to transcribe Frogleys manuscript, 28.2.99; (6) Letter Paul Buxton about Castle House, Ongar, 6.2.94; (7) Victoria County History: permission to use photographs, 26.8.93; (8) Harsnett Brass Rubbing: confirmation from ERO that it holds copy loaned by Society, 21.10.92; (9) Books offered to Library, 28.2.91; (10)  also, 24.7.90; (11) regarding photograph taken at Castle in 1907, 5.2.89; (12) Braintree DC re Britannia vol 15, 18.8.87; (13) VCH loan of material, 1.8.88; (14) Abberton and Langenhoe Parish Council on unknown whereabouts of Vestry Minutes to 1893 for the parish, 25.8.87; (15) Landesamt fur Archaologie, re exchange publications, undated; (16) Contents lists from Transactions; (17) Colchester Archaeological Reports: scheme of publication as envisaged in early 1985; (18) Sale of surplus publications.



Buff folder. Librarian’s correspondence – Andrew Phillips. Includes: (1) list of books pp8 for sale; (2) sale of old stock, EAS Newsletter April 1990; (3) correspondence with kindred organisations, particularly exchange publications; (4) Millatt Gift; (5) Hereford Mappa Mundi photograph, 26.1.2000; (6) photocopy: “A Catalogue of Books on Archaeology and Natural History presented to the Colchester Museum by the Rev. Henry Jenkins, B.D., F.G.S., Rector of Stanway, A.D. 1870; (7) Report on cooperation between the Libraries of the Colchester Museum and the ESAH; (8) EULOS 10.2.2005; (9) List of maps etc.



Orange folder.  Items curated by Boyden.  Accessions to ERO removed.  Comprises: (1) Preliminary checklists of material not on open shelves, 1986 – now obsolete; (2) Publicity for the Society through Essex Libraries; (3)  Issue of the latest volume of Transactions to Newly Joined Members; (4) Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress; (5) Library and Records Committee responsibilities, September 1984; (6) List of early books removed to the stock room with temporary shelf numbers – now obsolete; (7) EAS Library Notes for users; (8) EAS Student Members 1984, and Members Interests; (9) Important list of Deposits at Stanwell House, as reported to Council, 26.10.85; (10) As S/ARC/1/2; (11) Exchange Memberships, August 1985; (12) Photocopying of archaeological material for research and educational purposes, CBA; (13) brown envelope: stock of EAS transactions and sale of same, Sellers; (14) brown envelope: List finalises cataloguing of Colchester Gas Books – now at Essex Record Office; (15) Parish Register transcripts and allied material; (16) EAS Catalogue of Acts of Parliament and Bills (17) Boyden Lists Nos 2, 3, 4., as S/ARC/1/1.




MS report, pp5, with covering letter, on the Society's Library by Vincent B Redstone, compiled Nov 1918.



MS notice advising of the opening of Library 2 on 8 Mar 1965, with brief notes on the arrangement and accessibility of the collection.



Photocopies TS list, pp9, of books considered for disposal from the Library, Spring 1974.



Binder.  MS. Disposals List.  Books considered for disposal c1994



This class contains the independent research of members which is unrelated to the Society. Details of contents are given in a separate document.


Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. “Notabilia Quadam” I (1892). Note: 8 foolscap MSS books Notabilia Quadam formed one item of Sperling bequest (see S/LIB/2/10)

Deposit ERO in 2016


(Missing volume)



Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. “Notabilia Quadam” III (1894 – 1895)

Deposit ERO in 2016


Hardback MSS Book. CFD Sperling. Volume IV (1895 - 1898).

Deposit ERO in 2016


Hardback MSS Book. CFD Sperling. Volume V (1898 – 1902)

Deposit ERO in 2016


Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. “Notes on Essex Churches”. VI (1902-10)

Deposit ERO in 2016


Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. VII (1910-37)

Deposit ERO in 2016


Papers read by CFD Sperling: Gainsborough’s Countryside, Hedingham Castle (20 pages), Church of the Holy Trinity, Long Melford

Deposit ERO in 2016


CFD Sperling Correspondence

Deposit ERO in 2016


CFD Sperling. Reporter’s Notebook – no cover. Sudbury. Note: “5 Reporters Note Books. MS notes. Rough drafts” formed one item of Sperling bequest (see S/LIB/2/10)

Deposit ERO in 2016


CFD Sperling. “Reporter’s Note Book for Pen or Pencil. 120 Pages. ‘Essex 1910-1919’”

Deposit ERO in 2016


CFD Sperling. “Reporter’s Note Book for Pen or Pencil. 128 Pages. ‘Essex 1920-1921’”

Deposit ERO in 2016


CFD Sperling. “Reporter’s Note Book. ‘Essex III’”

Deposit ERO in 2016


CFD Sperling. “Empire Reporting Book. ‘Essex’”

Deposit ERO in 2016


CFD Sperling. “Note Book. ‘Parish Register Notes’”

Deposit ERO in 2016


CFD Sperling.  Pedigrees & c. by Chas Partridge (1927)

Deposit ERO in 2016


CFD Sperling. Index of Essex Churches (ref to Morant).  An A-Z of churches, bells, brasses and monuments.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Envelope titled “SPERLING MSS – To be preserved.  Heraldic Correspondence between the Rev H L Elliot and CFDS, 1907 – 1918.  Note: “1 bundle letters from H L Elliot” formed one item of Sperling bequest (see S/LIB/2/10)

Deposit ERO in 2016


Cannon Exercise Book. “Not identified”.  Probably by Sperling. Notes from Parish Book, Holy Trinity Church, Colchester.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Black binder.  Loose leaves comprising Family Pedigrees – Sperling’s handwriting

Deposit ERO in 2016


Commonplace book of Susan Dowson (1/2)



Commonplace book of Susan Dowson (2/2)



Rules of Navigation. Student MS volume.



Rules of Navigation. Student MS volume.



(Sellers papers) Notes on the study of E.A.S. members and membership.



Will of Christopher Urswick, d.1522. Transcript pp12.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Bound volume.  ‘AC Edwards. Development of Armour and Costume from the 14th to 17th Century as illustrated in the memorial brasses of Essex’ – Thesis.

Deposit ERO in 2016


MSS Book.  Notes and gleanings from various places in Herts and Essex. Author: J L Glasscock Jnr (covers 1882 – 1925), formed one item in Glasscock bequest (see S/LIB/2/10)

Deposit ERO in 2016


White A4 folder.  Miscellaneous unrelated items. (1) Junior and Senior Teachers World and Schoolmistress. 22.5.1940. (2) ‘The Up-to-date Time Table. Incorporating Colchester A.B.C. Rail and Bus Time Table’. From Sept 28 1936. (3) Notice: ‘Official Scrap Iron Dumps’.  (4) Booklet. ‘Sunday Gas Work. Carbonizing on the Lord’s Day. Can it be diminished? A Question and its Answer. 1879’. (5) ‘Essex Parliamentary Elections. Harwich Division’.  Use of Frating Memorial Hall, 9.1.1939.  (6) Letter ‘Commons, Open Spaces, and Footpaths Preservation Society’ re. Thorrington Right of Way, 20.4.1939.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Unidentified photograph album

Deposit ERO in 2016


Envelope: “P. LAVER. Misc Papers & Notes”

Deposit ERO in 2016


Stitched Papers.  Index to list of Essex entries in the De Banco Rolls

Deposit ERO in 2016


Red Hardback Book.  MSS student’s notebook on archaeology entitled ‘Settlements and Societies’

Deposit ERO in 2016


File.  Cambridge University Library Add MS6149.  Land holdings.

Deposit ERO in 2016


“Montagu Benton’s papers. Donated by British Museum on behalf of Mr Percy Thompson whose [brass] rubbings they are’.  Handwritten on the reverse of computer printout dated 31.12.1974.  Comprises a list of brasses in Essex, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Parish Records of Little Parndon: extracts from early Parish Registers, Briefs, Overseers Account Book (1759-1800), “matters relating to [th]e manner and Parish” 1688.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Session Rolls. TS 40 pages. Extracts covering 1536 to 1565

Deposit ERO in 2016


Glasscock Papers.  Minchen’s Farm, Pharisee Green, Great Dunmow.  Includes correspondence c1918 and Pedigree of Glasscok identifying ancestor with property.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Extracts from ‘Guide to Heraldry and Genealogy’ by George Gatfield. 1892.  Handwritten notes on Exercise Book pages

Deposit ERO in 2016


Folder. Transcription of ‘Book of the Half-Yearly Visitations of the Archdeaconry of Colchester in the years 1587 & 1588.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Essex Bookplates, collected for the Essex Archaeological Society by P G Laver, 1920s and 1930s, presujmably the gift of J J Holdsworth (d.1933) (see S/LIB/2/11)

Deposit ERO in 2016


Wax Seals, collected for the Essex Archaeological Society

Deposit ERO in 2016


Folder. ‘Fowler’s Mosaic Pavements. Arch Cat 1960.Num 89.’

Deposit ERO in 2016


Red Bound Book. Manor of Dedham Hall, Essex. Rental Lady Day. 1762. MSS.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Research TS pp 246, of unpublished book entitled 'King Coel and His Kingdom’ by R J Appleby. “From the Appleby Family, January 1976”.

Deposit ERO in 2016


Particulars of Sale of Property, 9 items

Deposit ERO in 2016


Information regarding deformed children, 2pp

Deposit ERO in 2016


Essex Churches Volume I.  Photographs, and some postcards and prints, of Essex churches taken between c.1870 to c.1910, many pre Victorian restoration plus some of 1884 earthquake damage.

Research then deposit ERO


Essex Churches Volume II.  As above.

Research then deposit ERO


Box. Parish Register Transcripts and Indexes

Deposit ERO in 2016



The Hon Librarian has responsibility for the archive records of the Society.


This class contains documents associated with the archiving and deposit of the Society’s records.


Set of Library Lists and Catalogues compiled by Peter Boyden, Nos 1-5; 1980 library & records committee catalogue of minute books & other records compiled by Peter Boyden



Boyden and Sellers Catalogue of Papers, TS 15pp “prepared by PBB from slips mainly prepared by JS”.  (1) Papers of Rev W J Pressey (a) Essex Church Plate, (b) Archdeaconry Records, (c) Local History; (2) Manuscripts; (3) Antiquarian Manuscripts




ESAH Historical Material. Yellow ringbinder. Compiled mainly by Michael Leach whilst Secretary.  Contains: (1) ‘Our Triple Jubilee’: a talk given by W Raymond Powell at the Society’s lunch at Spains Hall, Finchingfield, on Saturday 20 July 2002.  WRP was the Society’s historian; (2) Membership Application form c.2005; (3) Rev Edward Lewes Cutts: biographical material; (4) Notes on EAS Honorary Curator of Colchester Museum by W Raymond Powell, and ‘The Independent’ obituary to Margaret Jones; (5) Publication and Research Fund: notes created by William A Hewitt; (6) Notes on Society members:   William A Hewitt - autobiographical; William Chapman Waller – correspondence between Michael Leach and Richard S Morris OBE; Dr John Disney and Rev J H Marsden – correspondence between Michael Leach and Dr David W J Gill; (7) ‘Our Diamond Jubilee’, taken from Transactions;    (8) Report of AGM of Essex Archaeological Society, September 1858: copied from Essex Standard 17 September 1858; (9) Essex Society for Archaeology and History and Colchester Borough Council: a discussion paper; (10) ESAH. The accommodation of the Society’s Library (11) Final TS version ‘A Catalogue of the Minute Books and Other Records of the Society’ by Peter Boyden (1980) (aka Boyden’s Library List No 4); (12) (Sellers papers) ‘The Second Hundred Years’ by Major J G Brinson: “this must be a proof copy – see TEAS 1961..



Envelope containing Peter Boyden notes on EAS History, compiled late 1970s.  Comprises: (1) Notes collected in preparation of original version (1980) of this document, pp10.  (2) ‘The Society’s tenancy of rooms in Hollytrees’. TS & MS versions, pp2. PBB 17.8.1978.  (3) ‘Colchester Archaeological Association’, being 7pp, MS, of extracts from minutes pre-1852 to 1949.



(Sellers Papers, 2015). Blue File. Ring binder compiled by Mrs Elizabeth Sellers being an attempt to provide a collective memory of the Society.  Contents (1) List of topics covered. Introduction to Files of Council Minutes 1967-90 and AGM 1956-2007 plus notes on meeting frequency; AGM Selected topics: Administration and officers, Committees, Finance, Membership Rules Objects, Museums, Library, Publications, Research, Sites & Excavations, Members Meetings, Other activities, People, Other Bodies / Institutions; (2) List of topics covered. Introduction to Files of Council Minutes 1967-90 and AGM 1956-2007 plus notes on meeting frequency; Council Minutes 1956-89 covers Earliest and Subsequent References, includes recruitment change of title & charity commissioners, covers subscription changes, membership, library, museums, research fieldwork & excavation, events & meetings, people, other societies & local authorities etc, chronology of surviving council minutes, topics, money given to EAS, grants by EAS, miscellaneous finance; (3) [this] Blue Book; (4) John Ezra Sellers 1923-1994 – copy from September 1994 Newsletter; (5) Essex Chronicle, 25.6.1948: “Cat among the pigeons at Archaeologists’ Meeting” – criticism by Appleby of administration of AGM; (6) Letter from Brinson to Benton, 23.8.1958 re. Ancient Monuments Department; (7) Letter from Brinson to Buxton, 5.2.1959, re. Society administration “the officers of the Society are not doing their jobs”; Letter Brinson to editor of Essex Countryside, 31.12.1958, and response 2.1.1959; (8) copy of Essex County Standard 15.1.1960 “Will Colchester keep its links with the EAS?” (9) agreement between Roman Essex Society and Chelmsford Museum; (10) “The Society’s tenure of rooms in Hollytrees” P B B[oyton] 17.8.1978; (11) extract of minutes, 3.3.1979, re. student membership; (12) EAS Members Interests Summer 1984; (13) Publication Development Fund and previous proposal for an Essex Archaeological Trust; (14) various letters appealing for funds; (15) Letter, 9.4.1981, re Society representation on Essex County Council Library, Museum and Records Committee; (16) Note on Publications format; (17) Letter to ES from Michael Leach, Secretary, 18.3.2008, regarding donation of missing minutes; (18) Archives Sub-Committee, 12.11.1966 – retention or transfer of records.


















See also S/LIB/3/1, S/LIB/3/2, S/LIB/3/3, S/LIB/3/5.


Red Ring Binder. ESAH assets deposited on loan at Essex Record Office.  Please note contents are filed with most recent item on top. Comprises:

(1) Catalogued Deposits (D/DE, D/DHt). Page 1 of 2: D/DE. Miscellaneous Essex documents and papers, 1544-1917 deposited by EAS, 1944-49. Acc. 847, 889 (Mar 1944, June 1944), Acc. 909 (Oct 1944) (see S/LIB/3/2), Acc. 1717 (Jun 1949). (see S/LIB/3/3).  Page 2 of 2. D/DHt. Acc. 2501 & 2822 (Nov 1953 & Jan 1956) (see S/LIB/3/3), Acc. 2971 (Apr 1957), Acc. 2972 (Apr 1957) (see S/LIB/3/3), Acc. 3184 (Jan 1958), Acc. 4194 (Dec 1966), Acc. 4204 (Jan 1967) – presumably Morant MSS, “Lordship of Walden” MS, the Clark collection, per Council 9.3.1968, Acc. 4351 (Mar 1968), Acc. 4353 (Mar 1968), Acc. 4410 (Nov 1968), Acc. 4430 (Jan 1969), Acc. 4511 (Nov 1969), Acc. 4612 (July 1970);

(1A) Holman MSS. pp4. (Removed from Mabbitt papers). Note: the Minutes of Council, 25.2.1967, refer to “Holman and King MSS and certain maps had been deposited on recoverable loan with ERO”.

(2)  Letter from Ken Newton to Peter Boyden, 2pp, 4.3.1975 referring to Elliott Armorial, on loan, Acc. 5205.

(3) Letter from Nancy Briggs to Peter Boyden, 19.5.1975, referring to deposit of Strutt MS, “Chronicle of a Revolution of the land of the Lilies”, Acc. 5033.

(4) MS A5 Letter from Ken Newton, 2.8.1976, referring to deposit of Parish records of St Leonard, Colchester, Acc. 5313; Deeds of Bocking Charity, Acc. 5314.

(5) MS A5 letter from Ken Newton, 2.8.1976, referring to the deposit of “following classes of archive: Estate and family records, Parish records, Rural Deanery records, Roman Catholic records, Baptist records, Antiquarian MSS, Transcripts and genealogical, Acc. 5033.

(6) MS A5 Letter from Ken Newton, 31.8.1976, referring to the deposit of “’MS Memoirs and Diary of John Crosier, 1753-88’ for microfilming and return”. Temp acc. 1200. – and return, 6.10.1976.

(7) Letter from Ken Newton to Peter Boyden, 13.12.1976, clarifying Elliot notebooks (Acc. 5447), Armorial and Ordinary of British Crests (Acc. 5205); Harold Smith’s papers etc (Acc. 4611 catalogued as T/P 237): “the Society retained ‘Sequence of Clergy’.

(8) Letter from Ken Newton to Peter Boyden, 16.2.1977 referring to 3 lists, viz.  Miscellaneous Catalogued Deposits, 2pp.  Acc. 4192. King Collections (EAS Library Catalogue 1923, pp26-27), Acc. 4352. Visitation notes by Revd. Andrew Clark. Arch. Essex, Arch Colchester, Acc. 4372. Morant MSS (EAS Library Catalogue, pp28-53), Morant’s remarks on Selden. Acc. 4611. Harold Smith papers including Havering Petty Session records. Acc. 4612 (part). Havering Quarter Session Records. Acc. 5033 (part) (Jan 1973) Morant draft, Chelmsford Hundred.  Uncatalogued Deposits. Acc. 4316. Bramston MSS (see S/LIB/1/5). Acc. 4496. Patchett MSS, Gestingthorpe (EAS Library Catalogue 1923, p54), Acc. 5033 (Jan 1973 - ?Jan 1974). Estate and family records. Parish records, Rural Deanery records, Roman Catholic records, Antiquarian MSS, Transcripts and genealogical material (see item below). Acc. 5205 (Mar 1974 & Jun 1975). Elliott Armorial, Ordinary and Heraldic Rubbings. Acc. 5313. (Jan 1975) St Leonard, Colchester parish records “census return sent Apr 1978”.  Acc. 5314 (Jan 1975). Bocking Charity deeds “returned Feb 1977”.  Acc. 5447 (Dec 1976). Notebooks of Revd. H L Elliott “offprints and map sent Apr 1978”. Receipt. Acc. 4611 (addl). Harold Smith papers (notebook and illustrations). Acc. 5313 (addl) St Leonard’s Colchester (Census 1831). Acc. 5447 (addl). Elliott papers (plan of Peterborough and offprints).

(9) Elliott Collections. A MSS list pp2, compiled by P G Laver?.

(10) Deposits by EAS (1968-76). A5 sheet.  Gives more information on items deposited in Jan 1974 (as Acc. 5033): Leake Collections (2 volumes listed as Nos 714 and 717 in Catalogue, 1869; EAS Library Catalogue 1923, p27); H W Lewer notes; S A Warner (notes on history of Braintree); R H Browne (notes on history of Stapleford Abbotts); Katherine Fry’s commonplace book (East and West Ham); Philip Laver papers, Transcripts of Essex visitations; Colchester, St Leonard parish records and settlement papers; Coggeshall Rural Deanery Minutes, 1844-1886, 1886-1933; Ingatestone Hall R.C. chapel, notice books; Stanwell Street, Colchester, Baptist Church church book, 1826-1863; Joseph Strutt MSS; Astle / Hills MSS (7 volumes).

(11) One sheet.  Temporary Accession 1400.  Archdeaconry of Colchester terrier, 1891. (Apr 1978)

(12) Correspondence relating to the records of Gas Company, 22.7.1985-27.10.1986. Includes Catalogue and two Agreement for the Custody of Records (i) Acc. C146. Records of Colchester Gas Company, 1831-1950; (ii) A7390. Halstead Gas Company ledgers etc 1880-1942; Hedingham Gas Light and Coke Company, 1928-35; Earls Colne Gas Company 1915-41; Kelvedon Gas Company ledger 1948-58. 14pp.

(13) Correspondence relating to the Wire Collection MSS (EAS Library Catalogue 1923, pp55-65), 8.10.1986 to 1.11.1988, pp5.

(14) Acknowledgement of deposit, dated 10.9.1991, of (i) collection of brass rubbings, (ii) Further Laver papers, (iii) Collection of prints, drawings, plans etc, (iv) W H Dalrymple commonplace books, (v) Misc. records (incl deeds) for sorting.

(15) Correspondence relating to the deposit of the Society’s brass rubbings, Acc. 9163, D/Y13, 15.4.1994-26.4.1995 with ‘Agreement for the custody of records’ document, 4pp

(16) Agreement for the custody of records: A10778. “Record of Diocese of St Albans, being terrier of church property in the Arch. of Essex & Col’r (previously filmed as T/A645) with loose sheets in volume”.

(17) Temporary Accession C340, being items transferred from Museum Resources Centre. Letter dated 3.4.2002. pp3. “Boxing List: 1-15. Holdsworth Collection arranged topographically A-Z; 16-20. More Holdsworth needing to be sorted; 21-26 Laver papers; 27, 28. Wykeham Chancellor; 29 Colchester Poll Books and Burgess Rolls; 30. Miller Christy news-cuttings and other MC papers; 31-33. Hervey Benham Papers; 34. 3 vols news-cuttings unidentified but possibly related c1865-c1912; 35. 7 vols of 20th century news-cuttings unidentified; 36. Walden Abbey Cartulary / Fisher; Rev. F. L. Bridges transcripts of PRO docs re: Mistley etc; Chas. Probert transcripts of MI’s and Alms in Essex Churches; 37-38. Identifiable items needing decision e.g. transcripts of records and N.E. Essex Regional Planning Committee 1930; 39. Glascock bequest re genealogy (see also pedigrees in bag 1); 40. Documentary re. brass rubbings: Miller Christy / A. H. Brown / Ann Dowden and 1970s; 41. Album of prints, postcards and photos labelled Essex 4 (see also box 42); 42. Album ditto labelled Various 5; album of Essex prints collected by C F D Sperling; 43. Pictorial / Edgar Pask; 44. Music books (Twinning, Algar); cutting from Country Life via Miller Christy; 45. Brass rubbings: Chas Probert album, also Miller Christy; 46-48. Misc. material, mostly pictorial, to be sorted including (in box 47) b/w photos of Essex churches possibly for exhibition; Bag 1. Glascock pedigrees and material to be sorted; Bag 2. Brass rubbings, 4 rolls. Portfolio of large prints to be sorted. Box 48A. Leonard H Grant. History of Berechurch MS1941.  + 1 index cabinet, cards in drawers thought to have been compiled by Henry and / or Philip Laver as an index to some or all of their papers.”  Letter, 12.12.2005, from Paul Coverley, ERO Colchester, acknowledging completion of accession project. “I have been asked if the Society would seriously consider depositing its own internal archives.”

(18) Letter regarding ‘Election ephemera’ dated 18.5.2004, pp3

(19) Minutes and notes, late 1960s, including the deposit of finds by the former Roman Essex Society at Chelmsford and Essex Museum.

(20) Agreement for the Custody for Records. A11126. Ref ERO D/Z 418. “Records of Essex Place-names Committee comprising Essex Place-names Project recording forms for 23 parishes.

(21) Agreement for the Custody of Records. A11884 – Catalogue Ref: D/Z 183 addl. D/P 26, 20.5.2006. “Records collected by members of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History relating to parts of the county other than Colchester and Tendring, including items from the S A Warner bequest, the Chancellor papers, Pressey papers, deeds of Bocking charities, the Benton papers, the Morant Club papers and the Bullock papers. Previously held at Colchester Branch Office under the references Accession C32, Temporary Accession C158 and Temporary Accession C340.”

(22) Papers of John Horace Round, deposited March 2010, “previously belonging to Ray Powell”. List 5pp.

(23) ‘Thomas Ladmore’s 1868 photograph of the Mappa Mundi’.  Correspondence relating to the donation of to The Cathedral Library, Hereford, 9-17.4.2010.

(24) Temporary Accession receipt, dated 19.11.2011, for Genealogy of the Smyth family of Cressing Temple; Box file containing records of NE Essex Regional Planning Committee (1930); Box file containing town and country planning records re NW Essex (1960s); 4 lever arch files containing Acts of Parliament dealing with canals, roads, railways, Great Bromley enclosure etc.; large box of prints, drawings, photographs, Jaywick development plans; Colchester Benevolent Society bank book; box containing vols 1-5 of Colchester place names in manuscript; box containing volume of subject index and volume of cross references for out of Colchester place names; Essex Harmony – bound collection of songs, probably 18th century; Church tax c1291 (1802) national including Essex.

(25) Agreement for the Custody of Records. A13366. 20.4.2012.  “Album of cuttings, prints, photos and drawings relating to Essex churches, and especially to their restoration, compiled from the 1850s perhaps by Rev T J Griffin Hoofe and formerly in the possession of Charles K Probert of Newport”.

(26) Agreement for the Custody of Records. A13271. Ref ERO D/Y 37. 20.2.2013. “Manuscript and papers of William Wire of Colchester. Comprising items in the listing of the collection in the ‘Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Manuscripts and Scrap Collections in the Library of the Essex Archaeological Society, 1923’. Except for W1/42, W1/52, W1/66, W3/5, W3/6 (part: registers for 1830, 1835, 1837, and 1847), W3/7, W5/3, W5/9. ‘Wire Collections Prints etc’, ‘Wire Pamphlets’, ‘Letters of C Roach Smith to William Wire, 1841-55’ re purchase of coins’, and ‘Act for repair of Road, Harlow to Woodford, 1769’ (stated to have been in Supplementary Parcel of Odd Volumes and Pamphlets), together with additional material not listed in the Catalogue.”



[Merged with S/ARC/3/1]



“Suffolk Record Office” 6pp. Documents deposited by the EAS per ERO, 28.12.1950.  “GC16 (Acc. 277, 498). A miscellaneous collection comprising some early manorial records, evidences and title mainly relating to Nayland and Stratford St Mary, and a few papers of the Green family of Nayland.”




The history of the Museum in Colchester Castle, run from its inception jointly by the Society and Colchester Corporation, is a long and complicated one. Originally the idea was for the establishment to be run by the two bodies on an equal footing, although the Corporation (for reasons which are unclear) soon assumed greater responsibility than the Society, whose influence has continued to diminish., In addition to the ‘paid' Curator, whose salary was met jointly by the two sponsoring bodies, the Society had its own Honorary Curator from 1876-1917. The trend to style the Curator of the Colchester and. Essex. Museum as the Society’s Honorary Curator was incorrect, as he was paid by the Society for his work on their behalf.  The Essex Society for Archaeology and History today, regrettably, has but a tenuous link with the Museum.



? 1869

Mr Hampton



Mr Gunner

(Styled Deputy Curator, 1873-85)


Mr Frederick Spalding

(Styled Sub Curator)


A G Wright

(Styled Curator and Librarian, 1918-26)


M R Hull

(Styled Curator and Librarian, 1927-46)


David Tyrwhitt-Drake Clarke

(O. 40)


G Mark R Davies



O Green



G Mark R Davies



Peter Berridge



Philip Wise


Honorary Curator


Rev C L Acland



H Laver



Rev T H Curling



H W Lewer



Rev T D S Bayley



Classes of Records


Museum catalogues and accessions


Museum visitors


Relations between the Society and Colchester Corporation



Printed Catalogue of the Antiquities in the Colchester Museum: being partly the property of the Corporation of Colchester, partly of the Essex Archaeological Society, and partly lent by the several owners for exhibition. Second edition with illustrations. Colchester: Benham & Harrison 1870, pp40, 6pl.



MS exercise book, pp55,being a catalogue of archaeological artefacts and manuscripts in Colchester Museum, with notes on ownership. At the back a list of 'offers for the Temporary Museum', with notes as to whether they were taken up or not. Not dated, c1870?



Printed Guide to the Collection of Antiquities the property of The Corporation of Colchester and The Essex Archaeological Society on Colchester Castle, by Henry Laver FSA Honorary Curator. Colchester, Wiles 1893. pp16. (Copy online: )



MS single sheet list of 'pictures in the Museum belonging to the EAS’, not dated, but late nineteenth century.




Large MS ledger, used as a Visitor's Book, presumably to Colchester Museum, Sep 1933 - Jun 1935



S/CUR/3/1A - D

Documents relating to the attempt to define and regularise the Society's relationship with Colchester Corporation, with especial reference to the Society's property housed in the Castle Museum. (A). Extracts from EAS Minutes 1852-93; (B).  Minutes of a special committee meeting of Jul 1914; and 49 letters (mostly addressed to W C Waller) and memoranda, period Feb 1912 - Jan 1915. (C) Two exercise books, ‘Museum Sub-Committee 1914’; ‘Extracts from Minute Books 1852-93’.  (D) White Folder. Papers relating to relationship with Colchester Museum.



TS letters and copies of minutes, pp7, of Oct 1928 - Nov 1929 relating to the agreement between the Society and the Corporation to increase the Society's contribution to the cost of the Museum to 60, and agreement regarding the use of rooms in Hollytrees.



Formal votes of thanks to the Society from the Corporation of Colchester, given under the Borough Seal, for the gift of two silver spoons to the Borough Regalia in Jun 1928 and Sep 1943.




The Honorary Editor has responsibility for the production of the Society's Transactions, and oversight of other publications although the detailed editing is usually delegated to others. As explained earlier, the Honorary Secretary acted as Editor until 1907 when Rickword was appointed as Editorial Secretary.


Editorial Secretary


George Rickword

(O. & P. xxi pt 2)

Honorary Editor


Robert Copp Fowler

(O. & P. xix pt 4)


Rev G M Benton & H W Lewer



Rev G M Benton



Leonard H Gant

(O. NL 65)


D T-D Clarke



Owen Bedwin



David Andrews



Christopher Thompson



Christopher Starr



“Guest editors”



Classes of Records


Invoices for publication printing; stocks and sales of publications.



Correspondence etc.




7 invoices from Wiles for printing and binding, Feb 1894 - Feb 1902; 3 invoices from C Fell Smith for indexing, Dec 1898 - Oct 1900.



7 invoices from Watford Engraving Co. Ltd for plates to illustrate Morant Club Reports, Mar 1913 and Feb 1914.



Statements from Wiles for printing, postage, etc., May - Oct 1923, Jan - Sep 1930, Sep 1930 - Mar 1931.



Invoice for printing Vol. xxv part 3 of the Transactions, from Wiles, Sep 1960



MS publications stock book, pp8 used, Mar 1964 - May 1970




17 MS letters of Mar - Jun 1899 from J H Round and R E G Kirk to G F Beaumont, relating to the publication of the Feet of Fines for Essex. (Acquired from Canon T H Curling Nov 1941)



67 MS letters of Mar 1929 - Dec 1934, correspondence between Rev G M Benton and Mr S C Ratcliffe of the Public Record Office, regarding the publication of the Feet of Fines for Essex.



Offprint from the University of Pennsylvania Law Review Vol. 102 No. 5, Jan 1954, pp425-6, being a review of Essex Sessions of the Peace.





The post was created after the amalgamation of the Roman Essex Society and the EAS. There are no records relating to this Office, which has only been held by one person.

? – 1973

Major J G S Brinson (Earlier styled Honorary Excavations Organiser)


Like the last, there has only been one Honorary Legal Advisor and there are no records in the Library relating to this aspect of the Society's affairs.


A C Sparrow




The following statistics have been compiled from Annual Reports, There are few figures for the early years as membership lists were regularly published, and figures not produced. All figures are as at 31 December unless otherwise stated.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Subscription Rates

The rate for individual members has increased as follows:






(xxiv, 250)



(xxv, 278)




















[1] 2 Honorary, 63 Institutional, 382 members, 47 associate mambers


Essex Society for Archaeology and History




Research Papers


This class of books and papers do not relate directly to the history of the Society but have been deposited by members or their beneficiaries.  The index is being made publicly available for the first time.  We welcome enquiries from members of the Society.




Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. “Notabilia Quadam” I (1892)


Missing volume


Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. “Notabilia Quadam” III (1894 – 1895)


Hardback MSS Book. CFD Sperling. Volume IV (1895 - 1898).


Hardback MSS Book. CFD Sperling. Volume V (1898 – 1902)


Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. “Notes on Essex Churches”. VI (1902-10)


Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. VII (1910-37)


Papers read by CFD Sperling: Gainsborough’s Countryside, Hedingham Castle (20 pages), Church of the Holy Trinity, Long Melford


CFD Sperling Correspondence


CFD Sperling. Reporter’s Notebook – no cover. Sudbury


CFD Sperling. “Reporter’s Note Book for Pen or Pencil. 120 Pages. ‘Essex 1910-1919’”


CFD Sperling. “Reporter’s Note Book for Pen or Pencil. 128 Pages. ‘Essex 1920-1921’”


CFD Sperling. “Reporter’s Note Book. ‘Essex III’”


CFD Sperling. “Empire Reporting Book. ‘Essex’”


CFD Sperling. “Note Book. ‘Parish Register Notes’”


CFD Sperling.  Pedigrees & c. by Chas Partridge (1927)


CFD Sperling. Index of Essex Churches (ref to Morant).  An A-Z of churches, bells, brasses and monuments.  (provisionally S/LIB/9/6)


Envelope titled “SPERLING MSS – To be preserved.  Heraldic Correspondence between the Rev H L Elliot and CFDS, 1907 – 1918  (provisionally S/LIB/9/7)


Cannon Exercise Book. “Not identified”.  Probably by Sperling. Notes from Parish Book, Holy Trinity Church, Colchester.


Black binder.  Loose leafs comprising Family Pedigrees












Will of Christopher Urswick, d.1522. Transcript pp12.


Bound volume.  ‘AC Edwards. Development of Armour and Costume from the 14th to 17th Century as illustrated in the memorial brasses of Essex’ – Thesis.


MSS Book.  Notes and gleanings from various places in Herts and Essex. Author: J L Glasscock Jnr (covers 1882 – 1925)


White A4 folder.  Miscellaneous unrelated items.


Unidentified photograph album


Envelope: “P. LAVER. Misc Papers & Notes”


Stitched Papers.  Index to list of Essex entries in the De Banco Rolls


Red Hardback Book.  MSS student’s notebook on archaeology entitled ‘Settlements and Societies’


File.  Cambridge University Library Add MS6149.  Land holdings.


“Montagu Benton’s papers. Donated by British Museum on behalf of Mr Percy Thompson whose [brass] rubbings they are’.  Handwritten on the reverse of computer printout dated 31.12.1974.  Comprises a list of brasses in Essex, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Norfolk and Suffolk.


Parish Records of Little Parndon: extracts from early Parish Registers, Briefs, Overseers Account Book (1759-1800), “matters relating to [th]e manner and Parish” 1688.


Session Rolls. TS 40 pages. Extracts covering 1536 to 1565


Glasscock Papers.  Minchen’s Farm, Pharisee Green, Great Dunmow.  Includes correspondence c1918 and Pedigree of Glasscok identifying ancestor with property.


Extracts from ‘Guide to Heraldry and Genealogy’ by George Gatfield. 1892.  Handwritten notes on Exercise Book pages


Folder. Transcription of ‘Book of the Half-Yearly Visitations of the Archdeaconry of Colchester in the years 1587 & 1588.


Essex Bookplates, collected for the Essex Archaeological Society by P G Laver, 1920s and 1930s


Wax Seals, collected for the Essex Archaeological Society


Folder. ‘Fowler’s Mosaic Pavements. Arch Cat 1960.Num 89.’


Red Bound Book. Manor of Dedham Hall, Essex. Rental Lady Day. 1762. MSS.


Research TS pp 246, of unpublished book entitled 'King Coel and His Kingdom’ by R J Appleby. “From the Appleby Family, January 1976”.


Sale of Property by Auction


Information on deformed children


Essex Churches Volume I


Essex Churches Volume II


Box. Parish Register Transcripts and Indexes




S/LIB/9/1-25: Sperling Papers


A series of book MSS in which C F D Sperling makes notes of churches observing, in particular, monuments and memorials.



Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. “Notabilia Quadam[1]” I (1892)


With bookplate EAS. Presented by J J Holdsworth



Alphamstone, Essex … 24

    Loose sheets between f24: (1) three rubbings ‘This Chancel was repaired with new timber work by one Nicholas de Gryne parson anno 1578’ (2) Alphamstone Restoration Fund List of Subscribers up to August 1st (3) newspaper announcement of death of Revd H K Anketell, 1909 (4) ‘Lines on the restoration of the chancel &c of Alphamstone Church, Bures, Colchester’ poetry piece by W M Earee, Rector (5) ‘Thoughts on the Re-opening of the Chancel, November 4 1903’ by the late Rev W Earee (6) letter Oct 1902 from Alphamstone Rectory: “I write to you, a member of EAS, to ask [for help in restoration] (7) appeal letter Mar 1903 from Rectory (8) appeal letter dated 9 June 1905 from Rector (9) sheets from Hedingham Ruridecanal Magazine Aug 1905, Oct 1905, Dec 1905 mainly concerning Rectors of Alphamstone

Ashen, Essex … 50

    Includes two sketches of ‘c1440. Brass in Ashen Church’ and, f51, same from Essex Review.

Barringtons Fee [Pebmarsh] … 38

Bigg Pedigree … 44

Burton Hall, Loughborough, Leics … 14

    Includes f14 five sketches of glass decoration, f15 sketch of glass ‘The Descent from the Cross’, f16 three sketches of glass decoration

Brighton (St Nicholas ch), Sussex … 13

    Includes photograph of interior

Churchyards … 10

Church way … 12

Canterbury (St Martins), Kent … 23

    Includes picture of font

Castle Hedingham, Essex … 56, 60

Coggeshall Family … 62

Crewkerne, Somerset … 81

    Includes sketch ‘Thomas Golde Esq. 1526 Crewkerne’

Chillington, Somerset … 84

Childerditch, Essex … 89

Chichester Cathedral, Sussex … 11

    Includes three photographs of interior

Colne Engaine Brass, Essex … 89

Dynes Hall, Great Maplestead, Essex … 19

   Includes f19 six watercolour sketches of ‘In the Bathing-house window XVIth century painted glass; sketch of ‘tobacco pipe of white clay [1620-1640] found at Dynes Hall. Feb 1891’; sketch of ‘carved oak mantelpiece in Library’; f20, rubbings of four ‘Nuremburg tokens found at Dynes Hall’.

Eden Pedigree … 39

    Loose sheets between f39 relating to Eden pedigree

Empshott, Hants … 3

Essex houses, dates of … 27

    Includes two photographs ‘Stansted Hall, Halstead (1893).  Loose photographs between f27 Four photographs of ‘Stanstead Hall, Halstead, Essex, 1909’

Essex monumental effigies … 42

Fonts … 42

Greatham, Hants … 1

Gosfield Hall, Essex … 18

Guyon Book plate … 21

Gestingthorpe, Essex … 32

Halstead, Essex … 25, 26, 40, 52, 63, 64, 66

    f25.  Arms on a house at Halstead.  Blue Bridge House

    f26. William Holman d.1730

    f40.  Halstead Parish Registers (temp Commonwealth)

    f64-68. Halstead Parish Registers

Hinton St George, Somerset … 74

    Includes sketch of altar tomb

Jekyll Pedigree … 49, 51

Lake dwellings … 21

Lamarsh, Essex … 26, 43

Lights in churches … 28, 29

Morant … 63

Morley … 63

    Between f63, two sheets Morley Pedigree

Pebmarsh, Essex … 33

Parish Registers … 40, 55, 85

    f40, f41. Halstead

    f41. All Saints, Sudbury

    f55. Cotton, Suffolk

    f56-59. Castle Hedingham

Parliamentarians … 90

Ridgewell, Essex … 22, 53, 70

    Between f54, loose sheet Nevile pedigree ‘from Ridgewell Parish Registers’

Selbourne, Hants … 5

Shoreham, New, Sussex … 6

    Includes at f6, two photos of church, exterior and font; and f7 ‘S Ambulatory of Choir (looking E)’, sketch of ‘Piscina, N transcept’

Shoreham, Old, Sussex … 8

    Includes photos of ‘Old Shoreham (from SW)’ and door of ‘Climping, Sussex’

Sible Hedingham, Essex … 30

Sheriffs of Essex … 34

Salisbury Cathedral, Wilts … 72

    Between f72, note on Seymour excutcheon

South Petherton, Somerset … 79

Stoke sub Hamden, Somerset … 82

    Includes, f82, three sketches, and f83, sketch

Stew ponds … 54

Tilbury & Ovington, Essex … 69

Toppesfield, Essex … 45

    Includes, f47, brass rubbing of ‘Four sons of John & Agnes Crachrode’ and sketch of ‘brass figures of John Crachrode & Agnes his wife, 1534’; f48, two sketches of ‘Stained glass c1500 in east window of south aisle’.

Warnsford Place, Sevenhampton near Highworth, Wilts … 67






Missing volume




Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. “Notabilia Quadam” III (1894 – 1895)



Alfriston, Sussex … 82

Alverscot, Oxon … 27

Arms, Royal, in churches … 3

    Includes, at f8, sketch of ‘Fordwick, Kent’

Battle, Sussex … 54

    Includes photographs of ‘Battle Abbey Gateway (exterior) 1330’ and ‘The parish church (S side)

Beckley, Sussex … 67

Berwick, Sussex … 81

Billericay, Essex … 76

Black Bourton, Oxon … 28

    Includes sketch of ‘S church door’

Bodiam, Sussex … 55

    Includes sketch of ‘Pedigree Arms from a brass in the church’

Bradwell, Oxon … 23

Brede, Sussex … 35

    Includes sketch of ‘Crest on oak chest. 1633. Brede Church (probably of German or Flemish manufacture)

Broughton Poggs, Oxon … 21

    Includes sketch of ‘Low side window, about 3’ from ground (S), Broughton Poggs Church’

Broxbourne, Herts … 78

Bumpstead, Helions … 75

Burford, Oxon … 30

   Includes, f30, photograph of church interior and sketch of ‘Burford Church Oxon. 15 cent wooden screen enclosing St Peters Chapel’; and f31, illustration of ‘The Font’

Chantries … 89, 91

Crowhurst, Sussex … 12

    Includes sketch of ‘W door, Crowshurst, Sussex’

Collar of SS … 9

Clanfield, Oxon … 29

Catsfield, Sussex … 43

Chappel, Essex … 71

Creffield Family … 68

Colne, Wakes, Essex … 72

Dean, East, Sussex … 57

    Includes sketch of ‘Font at East Dean’

Dean, West, Sussex … 84

Destruction of Images … 32

Eastbourne, Sussex … 56

East Leach Martin, Gloucestershire … 24

East Leach Turville, Gloucestershire … 25

    Includes sketches of ‘S door, East Leach church’ and oak desk.

Eaton Hastings, Berks … 18

Essex Arch. Soc. Excursion … 90

Ewhurst, Sussex … 63

    Includes sketch of ‘Window S of chancel, Ewhurst’

Faringdon, Little, Oxon … 13

    Includes sketch of ‘W window (clerestory), Little Farringdon, Oxon’

Fairford, Gloucestershire … 31

Folkington, Sussex … 53

Friston, Sussex … 58

Fryerning, Essex … 76

Halstead Church, Essex … 73

Halstead, History of, Essex … 91

Hampton Lovett, Worcestershire … 10

Harpenden, Herts … 79

Hawkshurst, Kent … 46

    Includes sketch of ‘E window chancel, Hawkhurst, Kent’

Haverhill, Suffolk … 74

    Inserted f74: (1) two sheets from ‘The Church Monthly. June 1897’; (2) Notice of Bazaaar and Fete at Town Hall, Haverhill, 12 & 13 November 1913.

Hooe, Sussex … 45

Hurstmoreaux, Sussex … 50

Iden, Sussex … 61

    Includes brass rubbing of ‘William Seller Rector of Iden, who d. March 8 1429’

Icklesham, Sussex … 51

…. Includes sketches of ‘Pillars of Norman arcade’: ‘north’ and ‘south’

Ingatestone, Essex … 77

Jevington, Sussex … 59

Kelmscot, Oxon … 16

   Includes sketch of ‘S window, Kelmscot’

Kencot, Oxon … 22

   Includes sketch of ‘tympanum of S door, Kencot church’

Langford, Oxon … 14

   Includes sketch of ‘N chancel wall’

Littlington, Sussex … 86

Lullington, Sussex … 86

Ninfield, Sussex … 44

    Includes sketch of ‘Jacobean Reredos, Ninfield Church’

Northiam, Sussex … 64

    Includes brass rubbings, ‘[head of] Robert Benford, Parson of Northiam who d. April 28 1518’ and ‘[head of] Nicholas Tufton Esq who d. Dec 31 1538’

Peasemarsh, Sussex … 60

    Includes sketches of ‘Jacobean Reredos, Peasemarsh’ and ‘carved stone panel over S chancel door’

Playden, Sussex … 62

Salehurst, Sussex … 48

    Includes sketches of ‘E window S aisle’, ‘East window, Salehurst’

Sedlescombe, Sussex … 41

Southrop, Gloucestershire … 19

   Includes, f19, photograph of ‘Font, Southrop Church, Gloucestershire’; f20, sketch of ‘S of chancel’

Udimore, Sussex … 38

    Includes, f38, three sketches: ‘Font’, ‘carved panel on Jacobean pew’, the only original window in nave’; f39, sketch of ‘text painted on a black board & hung in church, Udimore’

Wartling, Sussex … 49

Whatlington, Sussex … 40

    Includes two sketches, ‘low-side window. Whatlington Church’, ‘E window’

Wheathampstead, Herts … 80

Wilmington, Sussex … 87

    Includes, f88, sketch of Wilmington Long Man

Windows, Lowside … 1

    Includes sketches f1: ‘Interior and Anterior of low-side-window, SW of church, Elsfield, Oxford’; ‘low-side window, NW of chancel, Alvescot, Oxon; f2: ‘N aisle, low-side window, Doddington, Kent’.

Witchcraft in Essex … 90






Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. IV (1895 - 1898)


With bookplate EAS. Presented by J J Holdsworth



Ashow, Warwick … 132

Arms (Allusive) … 129

Arms, Grant of, to John Piper … 87

    Includes at f88, ‘Crest of Piper of Ashen, Essex, from a pewter plate penes C B Sperling, Dynes Hall’

Altar at St Bartholomews, Moor Lane … 140

    Note. Newspaper cutting

Burstead, Little, Essex … 11

Burstead, Great, Essex … 13

Brentwood, Essex … 16

Berry Pomeroy, Devon … 44

    Loose inserts: three sheets from ‘Berry Pomeroy Parish Magazine, Feb, June & Nov 1908: ‘Pomeroy Pedigree’, ‘List of Vicars’, ‘Extracts from Parochial Registers’ and sketch

    includes f44: watercolour sketch ‘N end of Rood Screen, Berry Pomeroy Ch’ and 4 small photographs; f45 shields ‘S window of N chapel, Berry Pomeroy’.

Belchamp Walter, Essex … 88

Bartholomew, St., Smithfield … 92

Belchamp St Pauls, Essex … 97

    Includes brass rubbing ‘[Head of] William Golding, 1591, Belchamp St Pauls Church’. Text sketches whole brass.

Belchamp Otten, Essex … 100

Blackmore, Essex … 102

    Includes at f103, brass rubbing of head of civilian

Baginton, Warwicks … 129

Chalk, Kent … 49

Clare, Suffolk … 95

Coventry, St Michaels, Warwicks … 124

    Note. The former Coventry Cathedral, destroyed in an air raid 1940.  Includes photograph

Doddinghurst, Essex … 17

Deal, Upper, Kent … 21

    Includes sketch of ‘Panel of Reading Desk, St Leonards, Upper Deal’

Deal, Lower, Kent … 23

Dover (St Mary), Kent … 41

Dover (St James), Kent … 42

Dartington, Devon … 50

Dartmouth (St Saviour), Devon … 54

    Includes photograph of wineglass font

Dartmouth (St Petrox), Devon … 55

Deeds, Ancient [in Latin] … 68-85

    f68. ‘Carta antiqua (Castle Hedingham) (I Hen VI) 1422 [Brevele]

    f69 ‘Carta antiqua’ (Honyden) (4 Jan 5 Hen 7) 1492 [Edmann]

    f70-72 ‘Carta per quam Robertus Rikedon[et al] … Berewikhall & Scoteyneys … 10 H 4 (1410)

    f73. ‘Carta antiqua (Finchingfield) (1 Hen 4) 1400 [Thomas Hokkele, vicar]

    f74-75. ‘Carta antiqua (Finchingfield) (1469) [Johnnes Bigges]

    f76. ‘Carta antiqua (Sible Hedingham & Toppesfield) 20.H.7 (1505) [John Berd, Toppesfield]

    f77-78. ‘Testament of John Panell, senr., of Redgewell, 1505’

    f79. ‘Carta antiqua (Cust Hal, Toppesfield) 6.H.5. (1428)

    f80. ‘Carta antiqua (Toppesfield) (11.H.6) 1433

    f81. ‘Carta antiqua (Toppesfield) (4.E.4) 1465

    f82 ‘Carta antiqua (Toppesfield) (8.Ed.4) (1469)

    f83. ‘Carta antiqua (Toppesfield) 49.H.6 (1471)

    f84. ‘Carta antiqua (Toppesfield) 20.E.4 (1481)

    f85. ‘Carta antiqua (Toppesfield) 9.H.7 (1494)

Dagnams [Priory], Romford, Essex … 91

   Includes brass rubbing ‘c1430. Dagnams Priory, Essex. 28/2/97’.  Note demolished 1950.

Dovercourt, Essex … 134

    Note.  A newspaper cutting from Daily Graphic, 24 Nov 1897.

Eastry, Kent … 37

Farringdon, Great, Berks … 57

   Otherwise Faringdon, now in Oxfordshire

Fonts … 136

    Note. Cutting from ‘The Church Monthly’

Field Names, Toppesfield, Essex … 137

Grant of Arms to John Piper … 87

Horndon, East, Essex … 9

   Includes ‘Brass of a Tyrell in [N chancel chapel] East Horndon Church [head]’

Halstead, Essex … 32, 133

    f32  Bell ringers jar

    f133. Newspaper cutting: ‘Old Halstead’.  Loose newspaper cutting, 25.9.1912: ‘The New Vicar of St Andrew’s Halstead. Institution of the Rev T H Curling’

Ham, Kent … 36

Hempston, Little, Devon … 52

Hannington, Wilts … 61

Hempston, Broad, Devon … 110

    Includes sketch of ledger stone to the memory of Warreyne, 1656

Harberton, Devon … 117

Holman, Rev William … 122

Ipplepen, Devon … 107

    Loose sheet between f107 ‘Ipplepen’

Ingrave, Essex … 7

    Includes brass ‘Head of Sir Richard FitzLewis, 1529, in Ingrave Church’

Kilmersden, Somerset … 118

Langdon, East, Kent … 25

Langham Valley, Essex … 135

    Note. Newspaper cutting ‘Essex Telegraph, 24.3.1897’ of Essex Archaeological Society excursion.  Includes cutting of interior of ‘Wenlocks or Langham Valley Farm, Essex’

Mongeham, Great, Kent … 28

Minster, Kent … 43

    Includes sketches ‘Tombstones in Minster churchyard’

Milton by Gravesend, Kent … 48

Marston, South, Wilts … 56

Maplestead, Little, Essex … 89

    Loose sheets between f89: (1) letter from [Rev] J[ohn] F Harwood to Sperling, dated 14.8.1901 (2) letter from J F Harwood to Sperling, dated 18.11.1901 (3) list of Vicars, “received from J F Harwood 5/10/1” (4) list of Vicars, “Rev G L Henessey’s list, 9 Jan 1913” (5) reprint from Hedingham Deanery Magazine, undated (6) newspaper cutting, 15.11.1909: “the simple life of an aged vicar” (7) newpaper cutting, 13.1.1912: “Death of the aged vicar of Little Maplestead’ (8) newspaper cutting 16.1.1912 “the funeral took place …” (9) newspaper cutting, 25.9.1912: “institution of new Vicar at Little Maplestead”

    Loose sheet between f90: “The font at Little Maplestead …”

Maiden Bradley, Wilts … 105

    Includes cutting of ‘Maiden Bradley: the church and sundial’

Marldon, Devon … 115

Markshall, Essex … 120


Margarets, St, at Cliffe, Kent … 27

Ovington, Essex … 94

Ongar, Chipping, Essex … 101

Piper, John, Grant of Arms to … 87

Paignton, Devon … 114

Pallium, Roman … 119

Runwell, Essex … 6

…. Includes pencil sketches of ‘S Porch, Runwell Church’ and N window

Ringwould, Kent … 24

Ripple, Kent … 38

    Includes pencil rubbing ‘Arms of Warrin, Ripple Church, Kent’

Roman Pallium … 119

    Note. Cutting from Morning Post.

Shenfield, Essex … 1

    Includes photographs f1 ‘Shenfield Church, Essex. shewing N arcade (arches and pillars of oak)’ f2 exterior

Stondon Massey, Essex … 18

Stone, Kent … 19

Sandwick, St Peters, Kent … 29

Sandwick, St Marys, Kent … 30

Sandwick, St Clements, Kent … 31

Sutton, Kent … 34

Shorne, Kent … 40

Staverton, Devon … 53

    Includes pencil rubbing ‘Arms of John Rowe, 1592’

Stratton, St Margaret, Wilts … 60

Stambourne, Essex … 65

    Includes sketch ‘Arch N side of Chancel, Stambourne Church’

    Loose piece of paper between f66 ‘Thumberrew Badge of Mackwilliam family in Stambourne Church’

Stanton Fitz Warren, Wilts … 62

Stoke Gabriel, Devon … 112

Stoke, Warwicks … 127, 141

    Loose sheets between f127 (1) newspaper cutting relating to Coventry Stoke Church (2) sketch of flat ledger stone in churchyard (3) sketch of grave stone, William Ratton, 1740

   Loose newspaper cutting f141, ‘Arms of Warwickshire. Bear and ragged staff as the county badge’

Stoneleigh, Warwicks … 131

    Includes sketch of tracery ‘Stoneleigh Warwick. N side of nave’

Totnes, Devon … 57

Toppesfield Deeds … 64

    ‘Testament’ of John Baldwyn of Toppesfield, prob. Aug 18 1486’

Toppesfield Field Names … 137

Temple Church, London … 86

Tilbury juxta Clare, Essex … 93

Tor Brian, Devon … 108

    Note. Petre connections with Ingatestone

Warley, Little, Essex … 3

   Includes pencil rubbing of brass, ‘[Head of] Anne Wolley, wife of John Tyrell, 1592’

Warley, Great, Essex … 5

Wickford, Essex … 5

Walmer, Upper, Kent … 22

Westcliff, Kent … 26

    Includes sketch ‘on a ledger stone near W end of nave’, John Kingsford, 1715

Worth, Kent … 35

    Includes sketches ‘Plaster Capital, N Door’; ‘Tombstone [1771]’; ‘Gable end of cottage [1675]’

Wodensborough, Kent … 40

Walsgrave on Sowe, Warwicks … 128

    Includes rough sketches of images in windows of Chesterton Hall

Wolston, Warwicks … 125

    Includes postcard of ‘The Priory, Wolston, Warwickshire, 1904’

Whittington’s Cat … 140

    Note. Newspaper Cutting



Hardback MSS Book. CFD Sperling. Volume V (1898 – 1902)



Abberley, Worcester … 68

   Inserted between f68, a watercoloured tracing of old painted glass in a window of ruined church

Astley, Warwicks … 20

Ashby St Ledgers, Northants … 29

    Includes, f29, sketch of ‘S door, Ashby St Ledgers’; f31, rubbing of ‘Arms of Sir Wm Catesby, 1494’

Aluster, Warwicks … 39

Arley, Warwicks … 65

    Includes sketch of ‘window S of chancel, Arley Church, Warwicks’

Ashprington, Devon … 74

Bigg Pedigree, Essex … 4

Bubbenhall, Warwicks … 8

Brinklow, Warwicks … 11

    Includes sketch ‘on a black tombstone, NW side of churchyard, Brinklow’

Bulkington, Warwicks … 23

Barby, Northants … 28

Bouchiers Chantry, Essex … 48, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55

Buddersby Clinton, Warwicks … 64

Brent (South), Devon … 82

Blisworth, Northants … 90

    Includes brass rubbing of ‘[head of] Roger Wakes 1503 Blisworth’ and sketch of ‘Wake’s Knot’

Crachrode Pedigree, Essex … 1

Creffield Pedigree, Essex … 3

Cosley, Warwicks … 13

Church Lawford, Warwicks … 26

    Includes sketch of ‘stone coffins, Church Lawford, Warwicks’

Coventry Arms … 45

    Includes rubbings of, f45, ‘Arms of the City of Coventry’; f46, ‘Arms of Queen Elizabeth, 1568’; f47, ‘Arms of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, 1568’ [all]‘from a brass in St Mary’s Hall, Coventry’

Coleshill, Warwicks … 56, 58

Cornworthy, Devon … 75

Churchover, Warwicks … 92

Castle Hedingham, Essex … 93

Catthorpe, Leicester … 115

Deane Pedigree, Essex … 2

Dunechurch, Warwicks … 27

Dudley, John, Arms … 47

Dittesham, Devon … 77

Dodbrook, Devon … 79

   Includes photograph of interior

Denbury, Devon … 81

Desborough, Northants … 109

    Includes rubbing of ‘Arms of George Pulton 1598 & Elizabeth his wife in Desborough Church’

Exhall, Warwicks … 22

Ermington, Devon … 85

Fillongley, Warwicks … 12

Frankton, Warwicks … 19

Foleshill, Warwicks … 22

Fairstead, Essex … 37

Fisk Pedigree, Suffolk … 69

    Inserted between f69, ‘Specimen Page. The Fiske Family Papers’

Golding Pedigree, Essex … 6

Grimley, Worcester … 61

Great Totham, Essex … 105

Harleston Pedigree, Essex … 5

Hunningham, Warwicks … 18

Halstead, Essex … 48, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 71, 72, 73, 106, 107

Holt, Worcester … 60

    Includes sketches of ‘leopards head’ and shield

Halwell, Devon … 78

Holme, Notts … 94

    Includes two photographs. ‘Holme Church, from S’ and ‘Arms over S porch, Holme Church’

Husbands Bosworth, Leicester … 112

Kingsbridge, Devon … 80

Kilworth, North, Leicester … 113

Kilworth, South, Leicester … 113

Lutterworth, Leicester … 32

    Includes photograph of interior

Long Itchington, Warwicks … 41

Llan Egryn, Merionethshire … 43

    Includes photograph of ‘Rood Loft in Llan-Egryn Church’

Llanwrin, Meronethshire … 44

Leamington Hastings, Warwicks … 86

Llanfihangel-y-pennant, Meronethshire … 91

Maldon, Essex … 106

Monks Kirby, Warwicks … 33

    Includes sketch of ‘Monks Kirby. Eldest son & daughter in law of Basil Fielding, 1580’

Meriden, Warwicks … 50

Maxstoke, Warwicks … 57

Martley, Worcester … 59

Martin, William, Will of, Essex … 71

Morley Pedigree, Essex … 95

Morley, Wills, Essex … 97, 98, 99

Market Harborough, Leicester … 110

Mollington, Oxfordshire … 115

Newbold on Avon, Warwicks … 35

Notley, White, Essex … 38

Ryton, Warwicks … 9

    Includes sketch of ‘capital of plaster on N door’

Royston, Cambs … 40

    Includes photograph of ‘sculptures discovered on the walls of a cave’

Rowington, Warwicks … 62

Rothwell, Northants … 108

Shilton, Warwicks … 24

Sturmer, Essex … 89

    Includes two sketches ‘in SE window of nave are two shields’, ‘Harsicke’, and ‘Doreward’

Spencer Arms … 96

    Includes illustration of ‘Eberington, Fireplace in the Hall’

Stanford, Northants … 114

Swinford, Leicester … 115

Totham, Great, Essex … 105

Towyn, Merioneth … 42

Theddingworth, Leicester … 111

Ugborough, Devon … 83

Wyken, Warwicks … 7

Weston, Warwicks … 14

Wappenbury, Warwicks … 17

Wolvey, Warwicks … 25

    Includes sketches of ‘Norman south door, Wolvey’ and ‘Window S of nave’

White Notley, Essex … 38

Wickham Bishops, Essex … 96, 70, 100/4

Withybrook, Warwicks … 87

    Includes sketch of ‘S window N aisle Withybrook’

Willoughby, Warwicks … 88



Hardback MSS book.  “Notes on Essex Churches by C F D Sperling”. VI (1902-10)


All Essex parishes, unless where stated.



Ashdon … 24

    Includes sketch of ‘S window, Ashden’

Ardleigh … 116

Bulmer … 10

    Includes ‘a galley sketched on S E buttress of chancel’

Bartlow, Cambs … 22

Bardfield, Great … 61

Braxted, Great … 68

Braxted, Little … 69

    Includes brass rubbing of ‘[head of] Margaret wife of William Roberts, 1508’

Bradwell by Coggeshall … 101

Boxted … 111

Bradfield … 113

Bromley, Little … 118

Bromley, Great … 119

Bentley, Little … 120

Bardfield, Little … 124

Berden … 127

Beaumont … 134

Colne, Earls … 19

Cressing … 99

    Includes brass rubbing of ‘[head of] Mrs Dorcas Musgrove. Cressing. 1610’

Clavering … 129

Clacton, Little … 135

Clacton, Great … 136

Dovercourt … 1

    Includes sketch of ‘Decorated window S of Nave, Dovercourt’

Dunmow, Great … 58

    Includes brass rubbing of ‘[head of] Philippa Glascock, d. 19 Dec 1608’

Dedham … 108

Easthorpe … 81

Elmstead … 117

Foxearth … 12

Finchingfiled … 33

Feering … 82

Faulkbourne … 97

Gosfield … 37

Goldhanger … 54

    Includes brass rubbing of ‘[head of] Anne, wife of Anthony Higham, d.1540’

Hempstead … 26

Halstead (vicars) … 38

Heybridge … 70, 73

    Between f73, loose scrap of paper: “Mr John Allyn minister of Black Notley was buried at Heybridge, 25 Sept 1684’

Hatfield Peverel … 86

Hazeleigh … 94

    Between f94: newspaper cutting, dated 26 Aug 1922, showing exterior and interior of ‘Old Hazeleigh Church … not been opened since 1906’.  The church no longer exists.

Harwich … 133

Inworth … 55

Kelvedon … 84

Liston … 11

    Includes sketch of ‘N door Liston, Essex, early 12th century doorway’

Langford … 46, 71

Layer de la Haye … 50

Layer Breton … 51

Layer Marney … 52

Lindsell … 63

Lawford … 104

Langham … 110

Messing … 56

    Between f56, two sheets taken from Dawn of Day, April 1904

Manuden … 126

    Between f126, sheet Middlesex pedigree

Oakley, Little … 4

Oakley, Great … 5

Pentlow … 13

Purleigh … 95

Ramsey … 3

Radwinter … 25

Rayne … 64

Rivenhall … 85

Sampford, Great … 28

Sampford, Little … 30

    Includes sketch of large architectural tablet with achievement of arms

Salcott … 47

   Includes sketch of semi-circular chancel arch

Saling, Little … 62

Saling, Great … 63

Stisted … 103

    Includes brass rubbing of ‘[head of] Mrs Elizabeth Wiseman, Stisted, 1584’

Stanstead Montfitchett … 123

Thorpe-le-Soken … 6

Tendring … 7

Twinstead … 8

Tey, Great … 17

Tey, Little … 18

Tey, Marks … 21

Tolleshunt Beckingham [Major] … 39

Tolleshunt Darcy … 40

Tolleshunt Knights … 45

Tollesbury … 43, 79

Totham, Little … 44

Totham, Great … 72, 74

Terling (Registers) … 77

    Between f77, scrap of paper with Mildmay pedigree

Thaxted … 125

Ulting … 90

Virley … 48

Wethersfield … 35

Wigborough, Great … 49

Witham … 66

Woodham Walter … 91

Woodham Mortimer … 92

Wrabness … 115

    Between f115, two small cuttings from ‘County Life’, 19.4.1913, re. bell cage

Wix … 122

    Between f122, small cuttings from ‘County Life’, re. bell cage

Yeldham, Little … 16




Hardback MSS book.  CFD Sperling. VII (1910-37)


With bookplate EAS. Presented by J J Holdsworth


Book incomplete.  Folios 1-55 only. All Essex parishes

Inside cover: two loose sheets (1) a preliminary index to this volume (2) Royal Arms



Aldham … 34

Alphamstone … 1

Arlesford … 45

Belchamp Walter … 39

Bergholt, West … 33

Bures, Mount … 31

Colne Engaine … 37

Colne, White … 36

Fordham … 32

Gestingthorpe … 11

Hedingham, Castle … 10

Hedingham, Sible … 7

Horkesley, Great … 23

Horkesley, Little … 24

Lamarsh … 4

Newport … 20

    Includes colour illustration ‘Thirteenth Century Chest. St Mary’s Church, Newport, Essex’

Notley, Black … 44

Panfield … 16

Pattiswick … 42

Pebmarsh … 5

Roding, Abbess … 54

Saffron Walden … 17

Shalford … 14

    Includes sketch of ‘Shalford. East window of South Aisle. Apr 1912’

   Between f14, postcard of ‘exterior Shalford Church’

Stebbing … 43

Tendring … 48

Thorrington … 46

   Loose sheet, between f46, brass rubbing of shield taken from “effigy of woman in Paris head dress”

Wicken Bonhunt … 22

Wickham St Pauls … 41

Wormingford … 30

Writtle … 50

Wyvenhoe … 28

    Loose sheet, between f29, note on a fine brass to William Beaumont



Papers read by CFD Sperling


1.       Gainsborough’s Countryside

2.       Hedingham Castle (20 pages)

3.       Church of the Holy Trinity, Long Melford (in three parts)






CFD Sperling Correspondence


1.       Letter from M H Probert, Bevills, Bures, to Sperling, dated 8.4.1932. “Geo Harlahand (?) … no other than GH Rector of Great Yeldham from 1593”

2.       Scrap paper, back of envelope, setting out Symonds Pedigree

3.       Scrap paper with note on Symonds Pedigree “Richard Symonds d. 8 July 1627. MI Great Yeldham”

4.       Letter from D J Learoyd, Debden Rectory, enclosing a postcard and photo of church, to Mr Sperling, dated 25.10.1930. “There are two bells here … & waiting to be re-hung”.


A note to Rev G Montagu Benton from T D S Bayley:

“I have replaced on the shelves other books I have returned to the Library; but I do not know where to place Sperlings MS book attached. Will you very kindly put it away?

I have entered return in Borrowers’ Register.

TDS Bayley”






CFD Sperling. Reporter’s Notebook – no cover. Sudbury


Notes on churches, and for history of Sudbury.




CFD Sperling. “Reporter’s Note Book for Pen or Pencil. 120 Pages. ‘Essex 1910-1919’”


Unnumbered pages, mainly notes on churches, include:

Ministers of Harwich

Harwich, St Nicholas


Beaumont, St Leonards

Little Clacton

Great Clacton


Trimley St Mary

Trimley St Martin

Sible Hedingham






Great Yeldham

Bishops Stortford, St Nicholas

Little Hadham, Herts

Saffron Walden

Newport, St Mary

Wicken Bonhunt

Nayland, St James

Great Horkesley

Little Horkesley







CFD Sperling. “Reporter’s Note Book for Pen or Pencil. 128 Pages. ‘Essex 1920-1921’”


“Essex. Heraldic Church Notes Compiled by the late C F D Sperling FSA”


Unnumbered pages, mainly notes on churches, include:


Mount Bures, St John

Fordham, All Saints

West Bergholt, St Mary


Great Tey


Wakes Colne, All Saints

White Colne

Colne Engaine

Walter Belchamp

Wicken St Pauls

Little Horkesley


Little Tey

Marks Tey



Arlesford, St Peter




Little Sampford







CFD Sperling. “Reporter’s Note Book. ‘Essex III’”


“Essex. Heraldic Church Notes Compiled by the late C F D Sperling FSA”


Unnumbered pages, mainly notes on churches, include:




Fairstead, Rectors of

Great Leighs


Little Chesterford

Littlebury (includes brass rubbings)


Great Yeldham

Steeple Bumpstead



Pentlow Hall

Great Henny






Middleton Rectory House



Cold Norton







CFD Sperling. “Empire Reporting Book. ‘Essex’”


Essex. These Church Heraldic Notes were compiled by CFD Sperling FSA


Unnumbered pages, mainly notes on churches, include:


Rickling Hall


Colne Engaine

Wendens Ambo






Great Waltham

Little Waltham

Great Baddow



Little Baddow



Halstead, Trinity Church

Bocking, St Mary

Great Canfield

Little Canfield





Willingale Spain

Willingale Doe




CFD Sperling. “Note Book. ‘Parish Register Notes’”


Wickhambrook (Suffolk)

Denston (Suffolk)


Castle Hedingham

Great Maplestead

Little Maplestead


Great Yeldham




Castle Hedingham (loose sheet)


CFD Sperling. Pedigrees etc by Chas Partridge (1927)


Letter from C. Partridge to CFD Sperling, dated 15.11.1927, “It’s a real pleasure … to try to answer these queries. Felton.  Great Cornard Tomb.  Great Thurlow brass. Dr Barrington Blomfield”.



1.       Burgus de Sudbury

2.       Rob Alfounder of Dedham, d.1630

3.       Brass in Great Thurlow Church, to Thomas Underell esq & Anne his wife, 11 Feb 1508

4.       Edward Mann of Ipswich esq., bapt. 1590/1, bur. 1670/1

5.       Marriages wanted by C Partridge

6.       John Salmon of Broxted, will pr. 1632

7.       John Ansell of Hadstock, bur. 1626

8.       Davie of Steeple Bumpstead

9.       Rubbing: Beauchamp of Bletsoe, Willingale Doe

10.   Rubbing (faded): Dorothy Brewster, 27 June 1613. Willingale Doe




CFD Sperling. Index of Essex Churches (ref to Morant)


Bound book with ‘CFD Sperling notebook’ on inside cover. 

An A-Z listing by parish of churches, bells, brasses and monuments giving references to descriptions in TEAS, Essex Review, Chancellor etc. Pages unnumbered but parishes listed numbered.



“There are 401 old Parish Churches and 3 Chapelries (Basildon, Brentwood, Canvey Island) 204 in Archdeaconry of Essex and 200 in Archdeaconry of Colchester, for which parish registers should be in existence.”

Abberton, Asheldham, Ashingdon, Cricksea, Faulkbourne, Frating, Little Leighs, Middeton, Cold Norton, Norton Mandeville, Ovington, Little Parndon, Quendon, Little Stambridge, Shopland, Sutton (or Great Sutton), Theydon Mount, Tilbury by Clare, Tolleshunt Major (or Beckingham or Great Tolleshunt), Twinsted, Vange, Virley, Wenden Lofts, Wennington, Widford, Wimbish “with Thunderley (united in 1425)”, Little Yeldham: “In this parish there were not ten householders in 1428”.

(2) Aldham. “New Church built in 1855, about a mile from the site of the old one, with old 14th century timber porch brought from the old church”.

(5) Althorne.  “Brass (Hyklott) 1508. This William Hyklott ‘paid for the werkmanship’ of the walls of the church’”.

(15) Ballingdon & Brundon. “Each of these places originally possessed Chapels which have long disappeared. Now joined to All Saints, Sudbury, & transferred to the Diocese of Ely. Roger le Marmant was patron of the church of Brundon in 1178, when the Bishop of London decreed that Brundon Church should enjoy the rights of a separate church, subject to the payment of an annual pension of 2/- to the mother church of Bulmer”.

(32) Billericay “originally a chapelry of Great Burstead”. “There were two fairs yearly, one on 22nd July, the feast of St Mary Magdalen (the patron of the mother church of Great Burstead), the other on 29th August, the feast of … of St John (Cal Pot Rolls. 10 Dec 1476). A collection by Brief in 1775, to raise 1560.13.7 estimated cost of rebuilding. The church is modern, brick, with an ancient Perpendicular tower of brick”.

(33) Birch, Great. “Rebuilt 1850.  The church of Little Birch, in ruins, stood in the Park near Birch Hall. The two parishes were united by Act of Parliament 1816”.

(61) Burstead, Great “with Billericay Chapelry until 1844”. “Ralph de Bellaville confirmed to the Abbey of Stratford Langthorn the gift of his father Geoffrey de Bellaville, viz the church of St Mary Magdalen of Burghaeld, 1208.”

(67) Canvey Island. “Rebuilt in 1745. The land in the island was titheable to 9 different parishes. The chapel stands in the portion belonging to Laindon. Parish formed in 1881. Present church erected in 1875.”

(68) Chadwell St Mary. “West Lee Chapel, on the site of Tilbury Fort, dedicated in name of St Mary Magdalene has been transferred from the parish of West Tilbury to Chadwell. Palin I 109.”

(100) Debden. “The tower was formerly in the centre, but it fell Aug 1698 (Cole MSS) & crushed the chancel & transcepts. TEAS II 161.”

(104) Dunmow, Little. “In 1104 Inga Baynard, lady of Little Dunmow, caused Maurice, bishop of London to dedicate the church of the town in honour of St Mary the Virgin. VH II 150.”

(107) Donyland, East (with Rowhedge). “Church built of white brick in 1838, is octagonal, in imitation of the Chapter house of York Minster.”

(108) Easter, Good. “Tower burnt March 1885, & rebuilt.”

(117) Epping (with Ryehill hamlet). “Church All Saints, 2 miles from the town, in the Uplands, now used as a chapel of ease. The free chapel, St John Baptist, in the town, made Parish Church in 1888 by Act of Parliament. Rebuilt in 1833, & again in 1908. A collection by Brief in 1783 to raise 1498.7.6..”

(129) Foulness. “Parish formed in 1550. It was formerly a chapelry. The lands were titheable to six different parishes until 1408, when a chantry chapel was founded (22 Jan 1408) by Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury, Joan Bohun Countess of Hereford, Sir Richard Waldegrave, Sir Gerard Braybrok, Sir Wm Marney, Robert de Tey, Robert Rokell, Thos Martell & Richard Withermarsh London with 240 acres of land & 33/4 rent, a rood of land for the chapel and an acre for the Chaplain’s house. (Patent Rolls of Henry II).”

(133) Fryerning. “Font Norman very like that of Little Laver.”

(141) Hadstock. “A Remarkable Pre-Conquest cruciform church possibly built by Canute in 1020 after Battle of Assandum (Ashdon).  Spring in Churchyard known as St Botolph’s well.”

(150) Harlow. “Vicarage ordained 1398. [Church] Accidently burnt down 28 April 1708 (damage estimated 2,035). Collections made by Brief, at Tollesbury 3 May 1709, & it was then rebuilt or restored. (For ye rebuilding of ye Church & Steeple of Harlow in Essex, burnt down by fire & ye bells melted, damage accountable between 2&3000. Collected 5/5, by brief, at North Walsham, Norfolk. 31 July 1709. East Anglian I n.s. 272).”

(152) Hatfield Broad Oak or Hatfield Regis. “The present church is the parochial nave & choir. The conventual church extended from & adjoined to the east end of the parochial church. TEAS VI 327.”

(156) Hazeleigh. “Church of St Nicholas. Described by Fetch, p90., built of timber & plaster.”

(173) Ilford, Great. “The chapel of the Hospital of St Mary & St Thomas was formerly used as the parish church.”

(179) Kelvedon Hatch. “Built 1752 of red brick. A collection by Brief in 1752, & 1750 (East Anglian XIII 234). A new church on a new site was built in 1895.”

(202) Leyton (or Low Leyton) with Leytonstone. “Rebuilt except the tower in 1821.”

(208) Manningtree “originally a hamlet or chapelry of Mistley”. “Built 1616 in place of a ruined Chapel (Morant) and since enlarged.”

(213) Markshall. “Church St Margaret almost entirely rebuilt, of modern red brick, by General P Honywood who d. 20 Feb 1785.”

(221) Mistley. “Old Church, St Mary, stood about a mile SE from the present church, near Mistley Heath, and is now in ruins. The present church was built on a new site in 1871, St Mary’s. A collection was made by Brief in aid of this church, to raise 1742, in Tollesbury 20th June 1731, when 7/6 subscribed. It was consecrated 6 June 1735, having been built on a new site at Mistley Thorn. It was much altered and rebuilt by R Rigby, after designs by Adam, in 1777, but is now disused.”

(239) Ockendon, South. “A round tower. The spire, struck by lightning, was burnt December 1638. Brief for destruction of church by fire, 1656. (East Anglian VII 145).”

(241) Ongar, High. “Tower of brick built 1858.”

(270) Romford. “The tenants of the manor of Havering dwelling in Romford were licensed 15 April 1406 to transfer the ancient Chapel of St Andrew (which was situated mile from the town) to a new site on the common near the highway on the east of the town the site granted was 120 feet square and an oak there growing was granted to their use. The old chapel often having been robbed and despoiled. (Patent Rolls 7 Henry II).”

(308) Stanway. “Church, All Saints, ruinous since the Civil War.”

(312) Steeple. “Church St Lawrence & All Saints, built on a new site about 1883. Before 1537, the inhabitants of Stangate used the conventual church of the Priory of Stangate.”

(328) Theydon Bois. “Rebuilt 1850, finished January 1851, on a new site near Theydon Green, 1 miles from the former one. The old church was pulled down in 1847, having been sold for 78. ER XVII 34.”

(361) Walton on the Naze (or le Soken). “The original church was ruinous & roof fell in 1798. New church constructed 17 July 1804 rebuilt 1873.”

(368) Wendens Ambo. “Great & Little Wenden were consolidated under this name in 1662. The church of the latter has now entirely disappeared. Tradition relates that it stood in the Vicarage garden, where skeletons have been dug up (ER IV 192).”

(384) Wix. “The greater part fell down early in 18th century, one aisle rebuilt in 1740-1744.”

(386) Woodham Ferrers “with part of Bicknacre”. “This church was damaged to the extent of 1425, and a collection was made by Brief, in Tollesbury 17 April 1713, when 2/6 was subscribed. The Tower was rebuilt by Brief in 1715, it having fallen down in 1703.”

(388) Woodham Walter. “The present church built 1562-4 by the Earl of Sussex is known as St Michaels. The former church stood 400 yards away. It was consecrated 30 April 1564 by Thomas Cole Archdeacon of Essex acting under commission of Bishop Grindal. This is probably the only known instance of a church being consecrated by other than episcopal hands (Vict His II 145).”


Loose sheets:

Essex Churches. Dedications doubtful. List (2 sheets)

Essex Churches. Dedications unknown or doubtful. List (2 sheets)

Tally of church dedications

Map of Essex taken from ‘Essex Almanac and County Directory, 1902’




Envelope titled “SPERLING MSS – To be preserved.  Heraldic Correspondence between the Rev H L Elliot and CFDS, 1907 – 1918.



Revd Henry L Elliot, Vicar of Gosfield (1831 – 1920), was an expert in heraldry. Contained in this envelope is a bundle of letters from him to Mr C F D Sperling. Both were regular contributors to the Society’s Transactions.



Bundle of letters. All from Elliot to Sperling, except where stated.

1.       Letter dated 14.8.1902.  “I return your letter of ‘Nuces’ with such remarks as occurs to me. Bartlow Church has not been visited by me …”

2.       Postcard dated 18.8.1902. Sir Edw Greve of Little Sampford. (Sperling was living at Brandon, Coventry).

3.       Letter dated 24.8.1902.  “The impaled shield over the effigy on the Altar Tomb of Newton, Suff has a very important bearing on the question as to what is intended to be represented on the Font at Bulmer”

4.       Letter dated 11.11.1902.  “I have not identified the coat at Gt Oakley about which you write. The crest seems very similar to that of Astley, and borne also by the family of Astle.”

5.       Letter dated 8.10.1903. “The working out of the Gilbert Pedigree is not completed”. Speaks of work and family.

6.       Postcard dated 1.12.1904.  Newman Hall. Quendon or Eastwood? (Sperling was living at Herefield, Stoke, Coventry)

7.       Letter dated 5.6.1905. “I have not given special attention to the pedigree of Fortescue of Faulkborn. It is entered in my book, as on the other side.  Please let me keep your sketch pedigree of Montgomery & Spice”.

8.       Letter dated 13.11.1905. “Can you tell me what Royal Badges are displayed on the tomb, or Chapel, of Arthur Tudor, P. of Wales, in Worcester Cathedral?”

9.       Letter dated 17.11.1905. “Many thanks for your notes on the badges on the south side of Prince Arthur Tudor’s Chantry Chapel”.

10.   Letter dated 12.12.1905.  “The coats you mention were not seen by me when I was at Markshall. There were some in the windows of the entrance hall – Wentworth coats – which I recorded”.

11.   Postcard dated 29.1.1906. Question about “flat stone” in Bradwell Church near Braintree”.

12.   Letter dated 12.10.1906. “I am glad that you have taken steps to have your armorials recorded at the Heralds’ College … possibly granted to Otto Sperling the Professor of Botany seems quite justifiable”.

13.   Letter dated 23.11.1906. “I return your cutting re the Warwick Badges … No doubt the Bear, and the Ragged Staff, were two distinct badges”.

14.   Letter dated 18.2.1907. Request re how Lusignam coat came into “Elizabeth Widville, the wife of Edw IV” came to the coat.

15.   Letter dated 28.3.1907. “At Margaretting Church there is a mural monument to Joh, son & h of William Tanfield & Elizabeth his wife dau & coh of Thomas Clovile of Copfold Hall, Margaretting. He d. 6 Oct 1625”.

16.   Sheet of paper with notes on Dorothy Alleyn of Woodham Mortimer, d. 21.4.1584, a brass escutcheon at Hatfield Peverel.

17.   Sheet of paper with notes on “carved oak shield from Bouchier Hall, Tollesbury”.

18.   Postcard dated 21.6.1907.  Request for “printed matter relating to the Pedigree of Sparrow of Gestingthorpe & Stambourne”. (Sperling had recently moved from Harefield to Broom House, Kenilworth)

19.   Letter dated 27.6.1907.  Thanks for details of Sparrow family.

20.   Postcard dated 22.8.1907. “Very many thanks for the pedigree of Jacqueline de Luxhambourg”

21.   Postcard dated 26.1.1909. Regrets unable to provide “information as to the manner in which Bower Hall passed to Sir Stephen Anderson, Bart. I have had an attack of pneumonia, which has kept me in the hands of the Doctor for the last month”

22.   Postcard dated 11.8.1909. “I have entered the crest of Wale, on the L Bardfield panel”.

23.   Letter dated 5.10.1910. “Very many thanks for sending me the sketch of the Badges of Queen Catherine of Aragon, from Compton Wingate”

24.   Letter dated 3.1.1911. Discussion of the term “Quetus est”.

25.   Postcard dated 30.3.1911.  “The Armes pretensed of the Borowe Town of Maldon”

26.   Postcard dated 3.4.1911.  “Many thanks for your PostCard. Sir Gilbert Dethick was ‘Norray King of Arms’ temp Henry VIII”

27.   Letter dated 6.4.1911. “Very many thanks for your extract from Bysshes Visitation re Arms of the Borough of Maldon”

28.   Postcard dated 13.4.1911. Further discussion on Borough of Maldon arms.

29.   Postcard dated 22.4.1912. “S Window of Wethersfield”

30.   Letter dated 23.3.1913.  “Arms of Sayer … Sir George Sayer of Aldham”

31.   Postcard dated 24.9.1915. “I want to learn the maiden name of the wife of Sir James Marriot who, before July 1803, was the owner of the Twinstead Hall Estate. (Sperling was living at Beresford House, Leamington)

32.   Letter dated 25.9.1915. “Many thanks for the copy of Grant of Arms & Crest, 1610, to Peter Tryon.  … Esther Chambers …. If her husband was James Marriot the matter is cleared up”.

33.   Letter dated 10.8.1917.  “Arms of White, of Hutton, Essex”

34.   Letter (fringed in black) dated 8.9.1917. “Do you know of any examples of the Bouchier Knot, besides those I mention below?”

35.   Letter (fringed in black) dated 14.12.1917. “Many thanks … about family of Wright of Warborough, Hants, & Hutton, Essex”.

36.   Postcard dated 13.7.1918. “What is the meaning of ‘Solus ad legem servions’?” (Sperling had moved from Beresford House, Holly Walk, Leamington to The Hall, Holton-le-Wood, Lincoln)

37.   Letter dated 31.7.1918. “I want to know whether the whistle was ever used as a decoration, & an emblem of authority, by any officials who were not connected with the navy”.

38.   Postcard dated 7.8.1918.  “whistle was also used by the French Admiral as a badge of his office in 1513” (Addressed to Beresford House, Leamington)

39.   Letter dated 12.8.1918.  “I have been in communication with Mr Carr Laughton, the Librarian to the Admiralty”. He adds “I have been making several alterations & additions (in MS only) to my paper of 1884 on the Badges at Castle Hedingham Church.”

40.   Letter dated 16.8.1918. “The statement that Howard wore his two whistles in the sea-fight off Brest is news to me”

41.   Letter dated 22.10.1918. “I have today, given instructions to Wiles & Son of Colchester to set up the type … to add the facts which you have collected.”

42.   Letter dated 30.10.1918.  Help requested to decipher a letter from Sir William St John Hope.

43.   Letter dated 4.11.1918. re De Vere family

44.   Letter dated 19.3.1919 with envelope.  “I thank you very much for having taken the trouble to read my pamphlet” on the De Veres “and for the suggestions, & criticisms you make”.

45.   Letter dated 24.3.1919 with envelope. Pyne and “Larder on a brass at North Weald Church to William Larder, who d. 25 Aug 1606”.



Loose document: Letter from O W Tancock to Mr Sperling regarding parish registers.





Cannon Exercise Book. “Not identified”.  Probably by Sperling. Notes from Parish Book, Holy Trinity Church, Colchester.


Identified from Internet research (2014).  Original in Essex Record Office: ERO D/P 323/8/1



Black binder.  Loose leaves comprising Family Pedigrees. 


In Sperling’s handwriting



1.       John Peryent  (Harl. MSS 1546)  /  Chris Coe of Gestingthorpe (Vis Surrey 1623)

2.       Hams Peche of Birdbrook, 1243 / Geoffrey Peche of Latchingdon, 1243 / Hugh de Ginges of Buttsbury / John de Sanford / William de Dedham, 1196 / Baldwin Fitz- / William FitzOsbert

3.       Fearicus de Burnham / Gilbert Perdryz / Hugh de Gredington / Ralph FitzSimmon

4.       William de Mariany [Marney] d. 1220

5.       Sir Bartholomew Cathorpe [Gestingthorpe] (Marklin’s Brasses of England p42)

6.       John Hiende citizen of London & Katherine his wife, Stanford le Hope / William Wateville of Hempstead / Richard de Rivers

7.       Henry de Borton of Hanningfield, 1212 / Richard de Raymes, 1054 / Ralph de Baton of South Hanningfield

8.       Ailett, 1624-37.  (Great Totham Register)

9.       Aylett, 1646-56. (Great Totham Register)

10.   Thomas de Plundery & William Gareway of North Benfleet

11.   Richard Breame d. 6 Oct 1546 of East Ham

12.   Roger de Merkeshall of Markshall, 1229 / Roger de Bavent, 1234 / Henry de Kemesce of Tilbury / Peter de Borham of Borham / Recsia de Cokfield, widow 1243 / Stephen le Blund

13.   Robert Mantell

14.   Ainulf de Kemesce

15.   Hams de Marcy of Stondon Massey d. ante 1243 / Warin de Plessets of Great Waltham / Gervase de Welles / Robert de Sutton of Laindon / Henry de Crainaville / Robert Brieynon

16.   Ralph FitzBrian of Steeple, Essex [Founder of Stansgate Priory ante 1121] (TEAS XIV 225)

17.   Sir John Hende Lord Mayor of London 1391 & 1406 (purchased Manor of Bradwell) d. 1.8.1418

18.   Martin Carter of Redfanns, Shalford, Essex (see Morant II, 411, TEAS VIII 67)

19.   John Grigge of Hempstead, Essex d. 1332

20.   Robert Mordaunt, MP for Bedford

21.   Stephen de Beauchamp, Sherriff of Essex, d.1185 of Henny, Twinsted and Lamarsh

22.   Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex

23.   Count Gilbert of Brioune, murdered 1040

24.   Sir Odywell de Borenton

25.   Nicholas Barrington d. 27 Sep 20 H VII

26.   Sir Ralph de Berners of Berners Roding and Barnston, d. 1297

27.   Richard de la Rokele d. 13.12.1222, of South Ockendon

28.   Sir Thomas de Coggeshall

29.   Robert FitzErnold of North Ockendon

30.   Richard de Belhous of Ramsden Bellhouse

31.   Sir John Hardel

32.   William de Bigod, youngest son of Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (Morant I 246) or of Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (Morant I 257)

33.   John Bardfield of Shenfields in Margaretting, d.1514

34.   Alwin Durward (Doreward)

35.   Richard Freshwater of Heybridge buried 25.9.1570

36.   Osbert Dagworth of Bradwell juxta Coggeshall and of Pebmarsh, d. 46 H III

37.   Alice da. of Aubery de Vere 10th Earl of Oxford (FitzLewis) (TEAS VI 28)

38.   Gernon Pedigree (TEAS VI 101)

39.   John Green of Witham

40.   William Latham

41.   Robert Lathom of North Ockendon d.1510

42.   Sir William Marney of Layer Marney

43.   Geoffrey de Mandeville (Black Notley)

44.   Sir Thomas Montgomery K.B. of Faulkbourne d. 27.6.1449 (built Faulkbourne Hall c1439)

45.   Hubert de Montchensy of Edwardston, Suffolk

46.   Richard de Sackville (Domesday tenant of Great Braxted), 1086

47.   Sir John Say d.1478 of Liston

48.   John Sammers of Great Totham, Gent

49.   John Sammes of Langford

50.   William Skrene Serjeant in Law

51.   Sir William Sulyard of Eye, Suffolk (later Runwell)

52.   Robert de Swynborne (bought manor of Little Horkesley, 1324)

53.   Hereulf de Tany / Peter de Tany Sheriff, 1236

54.   William de Tregoz of Blunts Hll, Witham & of Tolleshunt Tregoz, 1130 (TEAS VIII 330)

55.   William Tendring, of Little Birch, d.1580

56.   Peter de Valognes Sheriff of Essex (temp Domesday) of Benington, Herts

57.   Warin Waldegrave

58.   Sir William de Walton (or Wauton) of Willingale Doe, 1302

59.   Robert de Watevill of Hempstead & Panfield (Domesday tenant)

60.   Sir Richard de Cockfield of Whatfield, Suffolk, d. 1275

61.   Thomas Hampden of Theydon Mount, d.21 Aug 1486

62.   John Branche of London, Draper

63.   Richard Luther (alias Hewett) of Stapleford Tawney, d.5 May 1619

64.   John Barley d.1445 of Albury, Herts

65.   John Barlee of Clavering

66.   William Mildmay of Springfield Barns, Essex






S/LIB/9/26-50: Other Papers



The Will of Christopher Urswick, d. 1522


Complete transcription running to 12 pages



CHRISTOPHER URSWICK (1448-1522), English diplomatist, was born at Furness in Lancashire and was probably educated at Cambridge. He became chaplain to Margaret, countess of Richmond and Derby, and was employed by her to forward the schemes for securing the English throne for her son, Henry of Richmond, afterwards Henry VII. He crossed from Harfleur to Wales with Henry in August 1485, and was present at the battle of Bosworth; then followed for him a series of ecclesiastical preferments, the most important of which was to the deanery of York. He was sent on several weighty embassies, including one to Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to arrange the marriage between Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon, and another to France in 1492, when he signed the treaty of Etaples. In 1495 he became dean of Windsor, later Rector of Hackney, and he died on the 24th of March 1522. Urswick was very friendly with Erasmus and with Sir Thomas More. He did some building at Windsor, and one of the chapels in St George's chapel there is still called the Urswick chapel. Urswick's kinsman, Sir Thomas Urswick, was a Yorkist partisan, who was recorder of London and chief baron of the exchequer.


He requests burial in the chancel of the church of Hackney.  He gives 20s to the Priory at Hatfield Peverel for a “dirige and a masse”, and likewise to the Abbot and Convent at Beeleigh. To the Black Friars of Chelmsford he gives 40s.






Bound volume.  ‘AC Edwards. Development of Armour and Costume from the 14th to 17th Century as illustrated in the memorial brasses of Essex’ – Thesis.


Dated April 1937.


AC (Gus) Edwards was a renowned archivist at the Essex Record Office.  In this work he describes himself as a “candidate”.  The thesis was intended “to show how far the memorial brasses of Essex illustrate the development of armour and costume from the fourteenth century to the seventeenth century”. The work concludes, p169: “It is apparent that the figure brasses of Essex illustrate, accurately and fully, the continuity of development in armour and costume … Secondly they include nearly every rank of society except the poor.”


This was a gift from Castle Bookshop, Osborne Street, Colchester, when the shop closed in autumn 2013.



MSS Book.  Notes and gleanings from various places in Herts and Essex

Author: J L Glasscock Jnr (covers 1882 – 1925)



The MSS book contains notes of visits to parish churches and, in particular, transcripts taken from records in the parish chest in the custody of the minister and churchwardens.  Some writing is unclear or illegible.  In 1922 J L Glasscock wrote an item for the ‘Essex Review’ on ‘Essex References from the Parish Register of Bishop Stortford, Herts, 1561-1712’.



Inside cover.  Pasted newspaper cutting on Memorials of a Warwickshire Parish (Lapworth)

“Frontispiece”.  Squeeze Composition “recipe”

Title: Notes and gleanings from various places in Herts and Essex

Folio 1.  Birchanger

Folio 2. Manuden

Folio 4. Great Hallingbury

Folio 7. Farnham

Folio 10.  Little Hadham. Co. Herts

Folio 12. Arkesden

Folio 12. Wyddial, Herts.

Folio 13. Anstey, Herts

Folio 14. Barkway, Herts

Folio 14. Little Hadham, Herts

Folio 15. Albury, Herts

Folio 19. Little Dunmow

Folio 20. Great Dunmow

Folio 21. Epping

Folio 22. Meesden, Brent and Stocking Pelham, Herts

Folio 23. Birchanger, Quenden, Rickling, Wicken Bonant [Bonhunt], Newport

Folio 24.  Sawbridgeworth, Herts

Folio 25. Thorley, Herts

Folio 27. Henham

Folio 29. Great Easton

Folio 30. Bayford, Herts

Folio 31. Theydon Garnon, Stapleford Tawney

Folio 31. Broomfield, Little Baddow, Great Easton

Folio 32. Great Hallingbury

Folio 36. Little Hallingbury

Folio 37. Takeley

Folio 37. Magdalen Laver

Folio 38. Sheering

Folio 39. Barnston

Folio 40. High Laver

Folio 40. Roxwell

Folio 41. Little Canfield

Folio 42. Leaden Roding

Folio 42. Margaret Roding

Folio 43. Little Sampford

Folio 43. Takeley

Folio 44. St Giles, Cripplegate, London

Folio 44. Kelvedon

Several blank pages.



[Folio 1]  Birchanger

November 12th 1882.

By the courtesy of A W Nash (Churchwarden) & the Revd. Rowden (Vicar) I was allowed to look at the papers in the custody of the Vicar –

There are no old Churchwardens accounts extant.

A small book contains statements of the Overseers Accounts from 1681 – There are no interesting Items & I found nothing relating to Bhs Stortford.

The Parish Register dates from 1688. I had not time to make an extensive or thorough search but in turning over the leaves I came across the following Items –

Isaac the son of Phillip and Elizabeth Glascock baptised May 3rd 1708 – note, this Isaac died Oct 9 1708

1709. a son of Phillip & Elizabeth G baptised, no Christian name given

1721. Sep 6th James Westwood & Phoebe Glascock both of Thorley married.


[Folio 2] Manuden. June 27th 1883

By permission of the Vicar the Revd J B Foster I inspected the contents of his Parish Chest.

I found no Churchwardens accts and no Overseers accts.

The Parish register is in good preservation, the first volume has been rebound – It commences in 1561. I looked through all years to about 1730 & made the following extracts.


[Folio 3] Manuden.

(I). The Church is dedicated to St Mary the Virgin.

(II). There are five Bells – no Sanctus, Priest or other small Bell.

(III). 1st Bell. Diamr. 2ft 3in. ”J Mears of London fecit 1831”

2nd [Bell]. [Diamr] 2ft 6in. “J Mears of London fecit 1831”

3rd [Bell]. [Diamr] 2’9” “Miles Graye made me 1620”

4th [Bell]. [Diamr] 3’0” “Miles Graye made me 1620”

5th [Bell]. [Diamr] 3’4” “Cast by John Warner & sons London 1865”

The 5th Bell was recast from an old one which was broken – The first and second also were probably recast from old ones as I am informed that there have always been 5 bells in the Church.

(V). No old Parish accts – Did not see any notice of Bells in Register.

(VI). No subscriptions on wall relating to the Bells.

(VII) (c) The 5th bell is rung as a gleaning bell during Harvest at 9am and at 5pm

(d) The 5th bell is tolled for the death of an adult and the 1st Bell for the death of a child, the sex is denoted by 3 times 3 for a man & 3 times 2 for a woman, the tolling takes place 24 hrs after the death.

(e) The present custom is to toll at funerals

(f) The Bell is rung at 9am and 2pm on Sundays to denote that Service is to be held in the Church morning & afternoon. The Bells are not rung but chimed for Service – No Sermon Bell.

(h) The Bells are rung on 29th May, 28th of June, 5th November, and Christmas Day – The Ringers are allowed 1.0.0. per an. for this – but they supplement this by a collection at Xmas.

(i) Wedding peals are rung when requested and paid for.

(k) In Lent Advent the Bells are chimed for service as on Sundays.

(IX). No endorsement for Bells.


[Folio 4] Great Hallingbury

Augt 11th 1883 –

The church is dedicated to St Giles.  There are five Bells, no Priest, Sanctus, or other small Bell.

[Bells described, including Coat of Arms on 3rd bell]

Item. I took a squeeze of the above from which I made plaster casts to send to Mr North.

[Folio 5]


During Harvest the 3rd Bell is rung as a gleaning bell at 8am and 6pm

(d) The Passing Bell is rung 24hrs after death but the sex is not denoted.

(e) No ringing at Funerals


(h) Bells are rung on Easter Sunday Whitsunday & Xmas Day.


Oct 3rd 1883.

I saw today by the courtesy of Revd Oswald the Parish Registers & Churchwardens accts of Gt Hallingbury. The Register commences in 1537 the first part appears to be bound in what appears to be an old missal – I looked through the greater portion of the Register but had not time to make any extracts.  I noticed however one or two singular entries relating to suicides bastard children, & death by frost &c.  Item To look through this again and make extracts.

The Churchwardens Accts are in a paper Book covered with Parchment the earliest account is 1526 – The entries as a rule are similar to those in the Stortford accounts & the writing is also similar. I had not time to go through the whole, I looked through the earlier ones carefully & made the following extracts, I should however have liked if I had the time to examine the remainder more minutely. […]


[Folio 19] Little Dunmow, Essex

Aug 4 1903

My friend Mr Hastings Worrin of Priory Lodge Little Dunmow kindly invited me … & shewed me the Parish Reg. from which I made the following extracts.



[Folio 23]

Aug 26 1905

Went with the Essex Archl Socy to

Birchanger. Norman tympanum over west door peculiarity it is in one piece of stone & the joints cut upon it to shew an arch are therefore shams. 

Quendon. An uninteresting church. A Mr Winstanley was churchwarden here in 1670.

Ricking Hall.

[Rickling] Mound

Wicken Bonant. Chapel of St Elene said to be Norman but Dr Laver considers it Saxon. 1. because the small windows are wider at the bottom than at top, which is characteristic of Norman work 2. because of the larger stone at the SE [?] Arch (see my snap shots of windows)

Newport. Church & tea then home.


[Folio 26] Henham, Essex. Nov 9 1906

Revd J Monk allowed me to inspect the 1st Vol of Register which contains Bap. Mar. Bur. 1539 to 1741. Bound in limp parchment. […]


[Folio 31]

July 9 1908

With Essex Archl Socy

At Theydon Garnon Church

A brick tower with contemporary framed inscription stating Tower was erected in 1520.

I measured the brickwork its … just 9 courses to 2’00” with wide … . The size of the bricks is 9” x 4 3/8” x 2“


At Stapleford Tawney

two stone coffins – I made a rough sketch of one … .


Broomfield, Essex near Chelmsford

With Essex Archl Soc Sep 10 1908

Roman bricks on S side. Measure 23” x 12” x 2 3/8”


Little Baddow

N wall of Nave E end Norman work but angle is similar to Broomfield.


At Great Easton Essex I noticed in buttress SE of Tower Bricks on tiles 12” x 6“ x 1“ and some 10” x 11” x 1“


[Folio 37]

Magdalen Laver, Essex

With Essex Archl Soc Sep 21 1911.

Saw the register but did not notice any Glascocks. Joseph Clapp was Rector there in 1753 in which year his dau Catherine was bap’ there.  There are other Clapp entries. …


[Folio 38]

Sheering Book of Rates and Accounts 1680. This old book was offered for sale to me (May 1914) & I was instrumental in getting its returned (by a payment from the Rector of Sheering to the owner) to its proper place the Church Chest of Sheering –

Although dated on the Cover 1680 the date of entry on the first page is 1683 when Christopher Wrastler & William Madle were chosen Churchwardens & John Holmstead gent, & John Waller were chosen overseers for ye poore. […]


[Folio 44]

With Essex Arch Socy to Kelvedon

Saw the parish registers for a few minutes …




White A4 folder.  Miscellaneous unrelated items.



(1) Junior and Senior Teachers World and Schoolmistress. 22.5.1940. (2) ‘The Up-to-date Time Table. Incorporating Colchester A.B.C. Rail and Bus Time Table’. From Sept 28 1936. (3) Notice: ‘Official Scrap Iron Dumps’.  (4) Booklet. ‘Sunday Gas Work. Carbonizing on the Lord’s Day. Can it be diminished? A Question and its Answer. 1879’. (5) ‘Essex Parliamentary Elections. Harwich Division’.  Use of Frating Memorial Hall, 9.1.1939.  (6) Letter ‘Commons, Open Spaces, and Footpaths Preservation Society’ re. Thorrington Right of Way, 20.4.1939.




Photo Album




Envelope: “P. LAVER. Misc Papers & Notes”



Philip Laver was a leading light in the Society during the early to mid twentieth century.  As the title suggests this contains a number of unrelated items.



1.       Letter from H Wilmer, Brede, Sussex, to Philip, dated 21 Oct 1928. Re. Northgate: “We ought to take powers to extend our excavation so as to cover the line of the Private Road”

2.       Letter from E Williams, Hove, to Dr Laver, dated 25.6.25, with four sheets. Documents offered for sale plus, “The Rev M Benton has probably told you of the Shelley Manor Rolls I Have disposed”.

3.       Freeman of Dedham. Marriage Settlement Dated 22nd Sept 1769. Marriage settlement. Dated 10th May 1746. (Transcript below)

4.       Note re Rev GM Benton

5.       Letter from A Clapham, SW1, to Laver dated 11.4.22. “More or less complete examples of pargetting”.  Mention of “the Wivenhoe house”.

6.       Receipt for 8.16.0 interest from Marshall, Son & Bulgin, dated 6/7.10.1925

7.       Scrap of paper, reverse special excursion 21.6.22 to Cambridge University, listing “Clocks Tall”

8.       Letter from R C Fowler, Wickham Bishops, to Laver, dated 15 Sept 1922. Encloses proof of note, presumably “On an Earthwork to the NE of Colchester”

9.       Scrap of paper beginning “Item = a footcray”

10.   Scrap of paper beginning “Glazelights Greenstead Colchester”

11.   Letter from Thos H King, Tulse Hill, 5 pages, to Sir, dated 26 May 1922. Wiseman family pedigree

12.   Postcard from Geo Biddell, Teddington, dated 16 Dec 1920. “Photos of the Prittlewell chimney piece … and of a portion of the panelling in the Waltham Abbey Room … can be obtained … price 3/- each”

13.   Letter from Bertram Hutton, Loders Vicarage, Bridport, dated 13.1.21. Identification of bats.

14.   Folded sheet of paper beginning “1785” but indecipherable

15.   Scrap of paper beginning “Major Bahs Drawing”

16.   Scrap of paper beginning “Morant II 2. Chelmsford called Shire town”

17.   Letter from unnamed of RCHM, undated. Amusing letter “Wyre’s notes need a thorough examination, especially regarding North Hill & Long Wyre Street … for your revision … article under our joint names on the town-plan of Colchester for the Roman Journal”

18.   Folded sheet of paper beginning “In the Who’s Who of the Colchester Court Rolls published 1921 … is an attempt at the derivation of the origin of the name Beche”

19.   Letter from Juliana F Round, 86 High St Colchester to Mr Laver, dated 27.6.1921. “The road in front of these houses is being made up, the pavement widened & the cobbles the gutter side have been removed. … I thought I might ask if the Antiquarian in the Town would consider the question before the Cobbles go? East Lodge & the Gate House is such a special one one feels it should have special consideration”

20.   Note with embossed crest TGW illegible

21.   Letter from W A Ferguson (Rector), Wivenhoe to Dr Laver, dated 11.11.1922.  “Do you remember the old house in Wivenhoe with the pargetting which you looked over with me some months ago? It is now for sale & they are asking 100”

22.   Letter from Reginald A Smith, British Museum, dated 1 Oct 1920. “Return to you two specimens … lead weight … pottery”

23.   Letter from Juliana F Round, 86 High St Colchester to Mr Laver, dated 12.2.1921. Query regarding house history

24.   Letter from Ralph Griffin Soc of Antiquaries of London, dated 10.6.1921, inviting P Laver to become “Local Secretary for Essex”

25.   Three sheets of paper regarding 2nd Troop Yeomanry Cavalry

26.   Letter from H Burdon, Leyton dated 29.9.1920. Offer for sale of numerous “Old Parchment Deeds of Essex”

27.   Scrap of paper: “Braintree. Wm Guyon born 18 May 1721”

28.   Scrap of paper beginning “Janet Soloalock ob 11 Jan 1667”

29.   Scrap of paper “A K Glover 56 N Hill 1825”

30.   Scrap of paper on reverse of envelope beginning “grant to Wm de Maldon”

31.   Folded sheet of paper. “a find of considerable importance … drain … Roman road”

32.   Scrap of paper beginning “1534 Wm Jay rect”

33.   Letter from Howard Ellison and Morton, representing the Edward Harrison Trust, dated 26.5.1922. “We are paying 200 off the 1000 mortgage on our office and we shall be glad to know your views as to its investment”

34.   Letter from H Wilmer, Brede, Sussex, dated 16.10.1923. social letter

35.   Note on back of envelope dated 16.10.23. illegible

36.   Letter from Philip R H Elliott, King’s School Canterbury, 2 sheets, to my dear uncle, dated 21.1.1920. “William Lee”

37.   Scrap of paper beginning “the king held 840ac as in Colch (Domesday)”

38.   Scrap of paper beginning “VCH II 126”

39.   Three pages of notes on Colchester Castle

40.   Scrap of paper beginning “45 Sep 3”

41.   Scrap of paper beginning “Stort Roydon

42.   Scrap of paper beginning “Morant Water Mills”

43.   Scrap of paper beginning “Blackwater Heybridge”

44.   Scrap of paper beginning “Stour Henny”

45.   Scrap of paper with Laver’s address and note

46.   Letter from Thos H King, Tulse Hill, to Sir dated 4.6.1922. Wiseman pedigree

47.   Notes headed ‘Prospectus’ tied in pink string. 5 pages written several blank sheets. “The Roman Pottery in Colchester Castle Museum by Thomas May”

48.   Note on back of envelope beginning “Rivenhall”

49.   Reprint from “The Railway Gazette July 21 1922”. “A Railway Engineer’s Experiences in China. A paper read by Mr H Wilmer … late Chief Engineer of the Great Eastern Railway”

50.   Letter from C Victor Day, Sir Isaac’s Walk Colchester to Laver undated. “Deed of settlement. 1722. … Thomas Baylis Gentleman”

51.   Letter from Town Clerk to Sir, dated 7 July 1921. Gift to the museum of “Silver pennies of Canute, Ethelred and Edward the Confessor, Struck at Colchester”

52.   Folded sheet of paper beginning “Slip 1. Crouch Ditch”

53.   Folded sheet of paper. Perhaps references to items in Museum. “Colch Vase”

54.   Scrap of paper beginning “Dr Laver”

55.   Letter from J W Hoyes, Walcot Cres Loughton, to Dr Laver, undated. “I am publishing 1000 copies of a little pamphlet on Wyvenhoe and district from the earliest times”

56.   Two pages of notes on Colchester

57.   Letter from Mary J Stubbin, Richmond Sq, to Mr Laver, dated 23.4.? recollections of Colchester

58.   Scrap of paper beginning “Walter”

59.   Draft of letter beginning “Dear Mark Downe”

60.   Notes on back of envelope “extraction of cataract” refers to church monuments

61.   Letter from Wm Jarmin, 15 East Hill, to Dr Laver, dated 14.7.1922. “Crouche Ditch”

62.   Postcard from GFB [Beaumont], The Lawn Coggeshall, postmarked 17.8.1922.  “Nathaniel Mann” (Transcript below)

63.   Letter from Thos H King, Tulse Hill, dated 4 July 1922. Wiseman pedigree.

64.   Scrap of paper beginning “Col early Mayor’s Court Rolls 1298-1307”

65.   Letter from Harold Collins, Borough Engineer’s Surveyor’s Office, Town Hall to Dr Laver dated 27.7.1925. “I thank you for your letter re skull. As far as I can ascertain the approximate depth at which this was obtained was about 8 feet and it was lying in alluvial deposit”

66.   Folded piece of paper regarding Brazier family

67.   Scrap of paper beginning “S Osyth”

68.   Typed Letter from Edgar Bouch (?), Mon Abri, Braintree, to Dr Laver, dated 23.7.1925. regarding roads

69.   Two typed circulars. One dated July 1922, the other January 1920. Jan 1920 circular begins “The many friends of Miller Christy FLS will learn with deep regret that, owing to the war, the very successful business … came to grief”. Continues “… suffering from a severe breakdown … practically without means … Tudor house he built, his books, collections etc have all had to be sold.” Seeks contributions. Authors include T H Curling, Hon Sec EAS. The July 1922 repeats the appeal.



[Item 3]

Freeman of Dedham

Marriage Settlement. Dated 22nd Sept 1769.


Betwn John Freeman of Dedham Esq / eldest son & heir of John Freeman late of Dedham Gent decd & Frances his wife sometime Frances Sadler spinster of 1st pt Sarah Freeman of Dedham Spinster (only child & heir of Nicholas Freeman late of Dedham & before that of Ardleigh Gent & Dorcas his wife (sometime Dorcas Boys Spr) both decd of 2nd pt & Chas Gray of Colchester Esq & John Bull of Inworth orwise Inford Essex Clerk of 3rd pt.


Marriage Settlement. Dated 10th May 1746


Betwn Nicholas Freeman of Ardleigh Gent 1st pt James Boys the Jnr of Messing Essex Clerk & Robert Baines of Dedham Gent 2nd pt of James Boys of Durces (?) Essex Esq & Dorcas Boys his eldest daur of 3rd pt


[Item 62]

9 April 1692.  Nathaniel Mann of Colchester Chirurgeon & Elizabeth his wife (eldest daughter of Joseph Drywood of Great Coggeshall Gent) were parties to a settlement of a house near the Market Hill Coggeshall






Stitched set of papers. Index to list of Essex entries in the De Banco Rolls


CP40 (from 1273). The plea rolls (known as the de banco rolls), recording proceedings in the Court of Common Pleas (earlier known as the Bench) later than those in the curia regis rolls, and including enrolments of some private deeds.  Original now in the National Archives.

This index comprises of 20 pages





Red Hardback Book. A Student’s notebook on archaeology entitled ‘Settlements and Societies’


Dating from the late 1960s.  Author unknown. Unnumbered pages incomplete book..

Items on archaeology and archaeological theory include: Mawgan Porth (Dark Age Settlement); Winchester excavations 1962-63, 1964-65; Glastonbury; Viking Fortresses in Denmark; Irish Neolithic Fields; An Investigation of the Wessex Linear Ditch System; Settlement Archaeology; The Cultural Evolution of Civilisation.





File.  ‘Cambridge University Library Add MS6149’.


MS transcript, pp68, of Cambridge University Library Ann MS 6149. Details of amount raised from tax on the land of religious houses in the Archdeaconry of Colchester.  Transcriber not identified – Sperling?





“Montagu Benton’s papers. Donated by British Museum on behalf of Mr Percy Thompson whose [brass] rubbings they are’. 


Handwritten on the reverse of a computer printout dated 31.12.1974.

Comprises a list of brasses in Essex, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Norfolk and Suffolk.



“M.B.1  Laindon. Centre floor of nave at foot chancel steps. Rubbed small priest (1907) of centre of Chancel floor (1907) Large Priest

M.B.2  Dagenham. Brass on Purbeck altar-tomb at N end of Chancel. Date 1479. Sir Thos Urswick, recorder of London, chief baron of Exchequer & his wife with 4 sons (missing) & 9 daughters (eldest a nun) two shields (1899).”

Notes of other brasses at Rainham, South Ockendon, Latton, Leigh (2), Latton, Thaxted, Harlow, Stanford Rivers, Roydon, Chigwell, North Weald, Stanford Rivers, Margaretting, Aveley & Harlow.

Suffolk: Ipswich (St Mary le Tower (2), Walton, Ipswich (St Mary Quay).

Norfolk: Metton, Aldborough, Upper Sheringham, Holme-next-the Sea, Great Ringshead.

Oxfordshire: Stanton Harcourt, Thame, Chinnor.

Bedfordshire: Bromham, Stevington, Elstow

Gloucestershire: Newland



Parish Records of Little Parndon: extracts from early Parish Registers [ERO D/P 34], Briefs, Overseers Account Book (1759-1800)[ERO D/P 34/12/1], “matters relating to [th]e manner and Parish” 1688.


8 sheets, 16 pages, clipped together handwritten.



[Extracts / contents]


[Page 1]

“The Register Book of [th]e p[ar]ish of Little Parnedon in [th]e county of Essex of all Marriages Baptisings & Burials begone by William Houghton minister there from May [th]e 27, 1621.

“Book 1” [At Essex Record Office and available on Essex Ancestors ERO D/P 34/1/1]

“On the last page the following and only brief.

“Collected (?) for Marleborough in [th]e County of Wilts for loss by fyre in this p[ar]ish Augt 4 1653 … 5s 7d.

“Note that the book from which the above extracts are made is a narrow folio consisting of 9 leaves of parchment with limp parchment cover.

“Book 3”  [ERO D/P 34/1/3]

[Page 2]

“Sundry papers loose in the book.

“’The assessment & account of all houses and windows wch are taxable to his Majesty in Little Parndon in Essex.

“May 21 1705.

Charles Turner Esq for his house and windows …      . 0. 10. 0

Parindon hall for the same ……………………………………... 0. 10. 0

Edward Smith ………………………………………………….………. 0. 10.0

Farmer Carter for house, windows where hee lives .. 0. 10. 0

Farmer Carter for Graygoose’s house …………………….. 0. 6. 0

William Battle for house and windows ……………………  0. 6. 0

Henry Wotton …………………………………………………………. 0. 6. 0

William Scot ……………………………………………………………. 0. 6. 0

John Cornish …………………………………………………………… 0. 6. 0

     To al for one year ………………………………………………. 3. 10. 0


From a rental of 1697

Will Scot for [th]e Mills … 24 per: an: tax ……………… 3. 15. 0


[Page 3]

“Parndon Parva 1720

Adiblivat maid the foretenth day of October for to Rays fifteen shillings and sixpence for Troughery money in Essex.

                                                     s  d

Charles Turner Esq for yt in 00 00 07

Mr Deaq …………………………………1  11

Thomas Welch ……………………… 3  9

Sarah Euenett ………………………. 3  0

Daniell Webb ……………………….. 1  4

William Scott ……………………….. 1  3

Thomas Jackson ………………….. 1  2

John Smyth senor ……………………..6

John Smyth juner …………………. 1  0

Thomas Goodwin ……………..…….. 10

Thomas Briggs ………………………….. 9

William Goodwin …………………….. 7

John Waller ……………………………… 4

The totall sum ………………… 00 15 06


Thomas Briggs } seseors and collectors

William Scott   }


[Page 4]

“The Overseers Account Book


[Now deposited at Essex Record Office: ERO D/P 34/12/1]


1761.  Jan 2. paid James Glascock for three quarters of a Hundred of Faggots for Elin Woolard ..  15. 0.

March 19 paid a quarters bridge money … 1. 1. 0

(note the payment for bridge money occurs regularly but the amounts vary)

paid John Rayment for Dresing our Dinner and Drinking … 7. 11.


1763. July 30. Journey to Mrs Emmersens … 2.0.

1766. Elizabeth Laybank was in receipt of relief from the weekly pension

[pencil notes by the transcriber are ignored]

1770  she appears as ‘Bettey Laybank’

1773. Elizabeth Labank for 28 weeks pay for her child .. 1. 8. 0

1773. July 20. Mr Wright towards rebuilding the Gaol … 3. 10. 0

1774. April 20. Paid for the county gaol … 1. 15. 0

1774. March 9 paid for the Goal Rate … 1. 15. 0

1774. March 16 paid Dockers bill for inocklaing William Moris & family … 1. 11. 6

1774 paid the Docker for Mary Camfiling … 18. 0

1779. May 29 paid John Chapple for the a melisher man … 4. 4. 0

1779. Oct 26 for meantance of Abraham Glascok and son and my one time and gorneys for sealing of Ann Shears goods … 5. 0.

1779 paid Abram Glascok and his son for sealing the goods … 7. 6.

[Page 5]

1780. Aug 27. John Baker for one months pay for the nursing Elis Laybank … 2. 0. 0.

1780. Sep 11. Elis Laybank … 1. 10. 0

1781. April 10 Dr Legas for Elis Laybank … 21 .0.0

1781. April 10. Wm Petchey for his substitute as militia man … 5. 0. 0

1782. May 23. At the visitation at Stortford … 9. 8.

On 1783 and 1786 Sarah Ellis was overseer to the Poor.

1788. Elis. Laybank still being nursed by John Baker

On May 4 1800 Elizabeth Laybank was still living & receiving an allowance from the overseer of Little Parndon.

The last entry in the book is for the year 1800.”


“Parish Register Book II. [now ERO D/P 34/1/2]

[ … ]

[Page 9 – same book]

“Sep 6 1703. Thomas Orbell Serveyor for Marriages and Windows & C at White Lyon in Kings streete by Guildhall.”

On a page further on in Book.

Matters pertaineing to [th]e Manner and Parish of Little Parindon in Essex 1688: An Dom 1697 (the date appears where been inserted later)

The names of [th]e tenants …”

[This Register may be found through Essex Ancestors.]

[Page 10]

“On another page are entered

‘The names and title of all persons dwelling or residing in the parish of little Parindon in Essex Jan 3 1695’ with the ‘duties upon birth’ ‘Rates upon buryall’ ‘tax upon marryages’ and ‘yearly payments for men unmarryed’.

“An account of Briefs begun Anno 1720

St Olaves Church near York Charge 10 3 9 & upwards

signd  J Butler 16 Nov 1719

Read Decemb 4 1720.  Collected … 0. 2. 0

Ingmanthorpe in Norton under Cannock in Cou Ebor and Stafford. Loss by fire 1133.

Signd  J Butler Jan 1 1719

Read March 12 1720.  Collected … 0. 2. 0


[Page 12]

“Novemb 10th 1693

Memorand. that this day after many debates it was firmley agreed betweene Mr William Burrell Rector of Much Parindon and Henry Wotton Rector of little Parindon for their lives that Mr Wotton paying to Mr Burrell every Christmas ten shillings of good English mony [th]e said Mr Burrell shall fully discharge [th]e whole Estate of Parindon Parke with every part of it from all claims or demands for any dues on any manner of tythes belonging to greate Parindon: wch Estate was lately divided betweene the Lord Ratcleift and Michael Martyn but at this time is wholy in [th]e holding of the said Lord Ratcleift: and formerly held by Mr William Gore: -

Witnesse our hands [th]e day above written

   Wm Burrell

   Henry Wotton

Signed in [th]e presence of

Novem. 10  }  John Ribble

1693            }  James Malam


“Nov [th]e 10th 93  Received then of Mr Henry Wotton [th]e sum of thirteen shillings and four pence wch is in full for all Tithes due to me out of [th]e above mentioned estate to Michaelmas 92 … Wm Burrell


Memorand[um] that the Parson of greate Parindon shall every yeare invite the Parson of little Parindon to dinner and his wife at Christmas and then the parson of little Parindon shall bringe the mony.


[Page 13]

“March 6 1687. The High Constables warrant to Little Parendon. …”

[Page 14]

“Oct 12 1678. The voluntary contribution of the Inhabitants of little Parendon in [th]e county of Essex whose names are under written toward [th]e building of the church of St Pauls in London.


I Wil[liam] Gore doe promise to give towards the building of [th]e church of St Paul in London the sum of ten pounds to be payd by forty shillings p[er] yeare. The first payment I now pay down.

Witness my hand Wil[liam] Gore.

                                                                s d

Madam Gore his wife has given …. 1. 0. 0

Madam Henshaw widow ………... 0. 10.0

Mrs Jane Browne …………………….. 0. 2. 6

Mr Wotton Rector ……………………. 0. 5. 0

Francis Rickard Farmer ……………. 0. 1. 0

John Ingram Farmer ………………… 0. 1. 0

Edward Westley ………………………. 0. 0. 6

Natheneal Grayling …………………. 0. 0. 6

Jonathon Ward Miller ……………… 0. 0. 6

John Dane, Fran Rickerd and Joane Rickerd .. 0. 0. 6


Henry Wotton. Rector

Fra Rickard Churchwarden

Jonathon Ward constable


[Page 15]

“April 16 1682.

Collected in this Parish for [th]e poore Protestants fled out of France. {…}”


“The trophey mony at [th]e rate of one foarth part of 70000: per month in greate Parindon comes to for a yeare 1-13-6

For little Parindon the same tax is 0-12-0.



Note on Throphy Money or Throphy Tax.  And written single sheet of paper.


“Troness, Tronis, or Throphy Money of Throphy Tax – A duty of fourpence in the pound paid annually by housekeepers or their landlords, for the drums, colours (trophies) etc of the companies or regiments of militia. (Dr Scott’s Bailey’s Dictionary.)”






Session Rolls. TS 40 pages. Extracts covering 1536 to 1565


40 pages typed.



Glasscock Papers.  Minchen’s Farm, Pharisee Green, Great Dunmow.  Includes correspondence c1918 and Pedigree of Glasscok identifying ancestor with property.


Family research relating to the Glasscock family and ‘Minchens’

1.       “Chart to shew the descent of ‘Minchens’ in Dunmow from William Glascock who died 1579 …”. 2 sheets

2.       Sheet of paper. “Note A. Salmon (Hist of Essex) says that ‘Minchens was purchased by Sir James Hallett’ as he died in 1703. It would appear then Francis Glascock must have been the vendor & will his sister to whom it was left in his will.”

3.       Notes on Glascock of Dunmow

4.       Two identical photographs of window at back of house

5.       Letter to Glascock from Foxweld, dated 26.12.1912 regarding family

6.       Letter to Glascock from Foxweld, dated 27.12.1912 regarding family

7.       Letter to Glascock from Foxweld, dated 26.08.1913 regarding family

8.       Letter to Glascock from Foxweld, dated 22.11.1913 regarding family

9.       Letters in response to enquiries about deeds of Minchins Farm: (1) Fisher Jesson & Co, 9.10.1917; (2) Holmes & Hills, Bocking End, 5.3.1918; (3) Holmes & Hills, Bocking End, Braintree, 12.4.1918

10.   Photograph “Minchens, Dunmow. SE Front”

11.   Letter from L E Beaumont, “Sunnington House, near Leicester” dated 19.3.1919 regarding mantelpiece removed from Minchens and “the panelling was taken by Canon Beaumont: it was left … in his will”.

12.   Letter from T Harris, 2 sheets, “Builder & Contractor, Plumber, Undertaker & c , High Street Dunmow” dated 4.4.1919 regarding items removed from Minchens. “I will give you all the information I can.  The Carved Arch was in the Hall in front of the staircase and the Panel work was in the Hall & Back Room where I saw the mural work. Stone Mantle piece was in the Front Room left hand side of the Hall.  The mural work was also on the chimney breast of Back Room. The Arch Panelling & Stone Mantle were all removed at the same time as far as I know. … I know nothing about the Coat of Arms. … I do not know how long the Beaumont family owned Minchins.”

13.   Description of Minchen’s Farm “from Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (Essex) Vol. 1.”




Extracts from ‘Guide to Heraldry and Genealogy’ by George Gatfield. 1892.  Handwritten notes on Exercise Book pages.


As title




Transcription.  Book of the Half-Yearly Visitations of The Archdeaconry of Colchester in the Years 1587 & 1588


“Labelled Volume XX in the Chelmsford Registry.”

The original document is now in the Essex Record Office (ERO D/ACV/1).  There are also transcripts by Browne (ERO D/AZ 1/3) and Clark (ERO D/AZ 2/26).  In Transactions of the EAS ‘New Series’, Vol XIX Part 1, Page 1, there is an item on ‘Records of the Archdeaconries of Essex and Colchester’.



Essex Bookplates, collected for the Essex Archaeological Society by P G Laver during the 1920s and 1930s



Small book containing an index of the collection

10 small packets of book plates

Two sheets of paper, written late 1970s?, providing a list of the majority of the collection (transcribed below with quantity).


15 – Gerald Henry Rendell

1 – Mallord W Turner, and description of Arms

10 – Revd. Jos. Round

16 – Anna Christiana Round

1 – C Berain

1 – Philip Bayles

1 – John William Bridges

1 – C Cox

1 – William Carr

1 – Revd. W Carr M.A.

5 – Revd. William Carr (“Please return this book when read”)

2 – Peter Despaignol

10 – Freeland

1 – E & L Carrick Freeman

3 – Rt Gambier Esq

1 – William Lee Esq of Hartwell, Bucks

1 – Hilkiah Bedford Hall

2 – Revd. D Haynes

2 – James John & Sophia Holroyd – White Hall

1 – Henry Bradshaw Isherwood

1 – Robt Woodgate

1 – William Henry Hallett F.L.S.

1 – Robert George Wyndham Herbert Ickleton

1 – Henry St John’s, Kaffraria

1 – Frederick Page Keeling

1 – William Kilborn

1 – Arthur Swann Howard Lowe

1 – Theophilus Metcalfe

1 – Arms of the Revd Mowbray Pinckney Mason

1 – John Orde

1 – W W Page

1 – William Page Thomas Phillips

1 – Edward Bainbridge Penfold

1 – Tho, Parslow

1 – John Sparke Aul. Trin. Cant.

1 – Horace Ralph Spearman

1 – Charles Sandys

3 – Rev W M Tucker

1 – William Daniell Watson

1 – Charles Western

1 – Bradford Wilmer

6 – Sam Wegg Esq

1 – Sam Wegg Esq (different design)

4 – F A Waite

1 – John Culliford Goodden

1 – No name.  Spe Labor Levis

1 – I.H.N. ?  Mens Hominis Alitur Discendo Reddite Cuique Suum

1 – No name.  Fac Et Spera

1 – No name.  Hinc Lucem et Pocola Sacra

1 – No name.  Respice Finem

1 – No name.  Verum Atque Decens.

1 – No name.  Verum Atque Decens. (different design)

1 – No name.  Servabo Fidern

1 – No name.  Faire Sans Dire

1 – No name.  Pictatis Amator

2 – Collegii Sti Augustini apvd Cantaurienses Liber

1 – King’s School, Canterbury

1 – U B Mattocks. Bkseller. Colchester

9 – Barlow

1 – Chard School Somerset

1 – Charles V Mitford

1 – No name. Small – arms

1 – Robert Viney Bkseller. Cannon Alley against N Door of St Pauls London

1 – I R Kirby


Charles Clark, Totham

Henry Calloway

S Read Bookbinder Colchester

W Totham Binder North Hill Colchester

T A Abdy

Sr Wm Abdy Bart Chobham Place

I R Abdy Esq  Albyns

Jane Braybrooke

Edward Capel Cure

W I Casberd–Boteler

W B Daniels of Little Waltham

Front page from book 2 marks Samuel Clark James Deeme, Colchester.  Other side of page ‘Licensed to be published July 10 1685. Ro. L’Estrange

Essex Archaeological Society

William Warwick Hawkins, Arlesford Hall

H W Lewer F.S.A.

Henry Hafterman Esq

John Palmer

Edwd Francklin Rainham A.M.

2 – Gerald Henry Rendall

Joseph Tasker, Middleton Hall

R E Thomas

Townsend Warner

Benjamin Way

Gregory Lewis Way

John Wright

William Stych of Newbury in Parish of Barkin

Richard Tickell

Sr Richard Brown, Debden Hall

Kenrick Grantham, Stifford Com.

T W Bramston

Anthony Luther, Dodding Hall

Revd Dr Beauvoir, Dean of Bocking

Samuel Moody A.M. Rector of Dudinghurst, Essex

Rev Mr Andrew Agnew, Rector, Fobbing

Right Honble Frederick Earl of Rochford

William Petre Esqr

Rever Robt Warren D.D. Rector of Charton & Stratford Bon.

Catlin Thorowgood, gent, of Dews (?) Hall

Revd Mr Dewcomen, Vicar of Braintree

Edwin Worts, Colchester. Also letter to Dr Laver and photo of William Worts

4 – Castle Society, Colchester

4 – Colchester Public Library. Ex dono G H Rendall

2 – Castle Society, Colchester (different design)

Castle Society, Colchester (same design but for Magazine of History. 14 Vols)

Gift to Colchester Library from Revd Palmer Smythies

Gift to Colchester Library from Charles Gray Esq

Borough of Colchester, Public Library, La Barte Bequest

No name. Ditat Servata Fides

Letter from R E Thomas to Dr Laver

Richard Edwin Thomas, Beeleigh Abbey

R E Thomas (different)

Richard Thomas (different)

R E Thomas (different)

John Minton Courtauld

Thos Barrett Lennard – Pour Bien Desire

from Col. Mangles to Kenneth Mabbitt




Wax Seals collected for the Essex Archaeological Society



Secretary of State – War Office

His Majesty’s High Commission

Commission of Imperial Defence

War Office

Commander in Chief, Portsmouth

Irish Office – Private Secretary – Dublin Castle addressed to The Right Honble H O Arnold-Foster M.P., Immediate & Confidential (Envelope empty by sealed)




Fowler’s Mosaic Pavements. Arch Cat 1960. Num 89.


Notes, 13pp, rearranged from ‘Fowler’s Mosaic Pavements &c by Ludovic, Earl Of Crawford. London 1883’. Dated 1928.



Red Bound Book. Manor of Dedham Hall, Essex. Rental Lady Day. 1762. MSS.





Research TS pp 246, of unpublished book entitled 'King Coel and His Kingdom’ by R J Appleby. “From the Appleby Family, January 1976”.





Sale of Property by Auction


Noted as duplicates


1.       82 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford. Auction 25 March 1955 (clean and annotated copy)

2.       Valuable Freehold Building Land, Tiptree, Essex. Auction. 24 March 1964

3.       The Elms Estate (Broomfield). Auction 5 March 1937

4.       “The Roses”, Station Road, Tolleshunt D’Arcy. Auction 24 September 1964

5.       Budds Farm, Highwood near Chelmsford. Auction 27 June 1930

6.       Particulars of Grey Goose Farm, Stifford Clays. Auction 1 March 1973

7.       Benyon Estates near Romford, Hornchurch, Dagenham & The Thames Side Industrial Areas whole covering 4000 acres. Auction 25 June 1937

8.       The Manor, Tendring. Auction 11 September 1923

9.       Particulars of Manning Farm & The Cedars or Dairy Farm, Frating. For sale Saturday July 23 1921





Information on deformed children, 2pp


Letter and extracts from Registers giving three illustrations / transcriptions of deformed infants: Colchester St Peter, 1687 (ERO D/P 178/1/2); Colchester St Mary Walls, 1742 (D/P 246/1/5); and, Colchester St Mary Walls, 1738 (D/P 246/1/5). 





Essex Churches Volume I


Essex Churches Volume II


Two volumes forming a collection of Essex church photographs and postcards exterior and interior, dating from c1880 to c1910.  A unique and interesting archive.



Parish Register Transcripts and Indexes


Now superseded in this county by Essex Ancestors, the Essex Archaeological Society engaged in a number of projects to transcribe Parish Registers, including its early survey of 1858 (S/SEC/4/1), the work by Sperling during the 1930s to transcribe Marriage Registers, and Peter Boyden’s work in the 1970s to catalogue the Society’s holdings of Parish Registers etc in Hollytrees Library.  We must remember that, until Registers were deposited in the Essex Record Office in the mid twentieth century, these documents were kept in the church safe and could usually only be viewed with the permission of the parish incumbent.

The collection has been collated into a box.



1.       Three photocopied sheets listing availability of Parish Registers in Essex.  ‘Essex Arch Soc’ mentioned many times.

2.       Single sheet, Extract from Halsbury ‘Laws of England’ (Vol 13, 1955 edition) setting out ecclesiastical law regarding the searching of Parish Registers

3.       Alphabetical list of parishes and independent townships, etc, in Essex, circa 1400-1881, pp4, typed, with note, “5/9/68 from Mr Newton ERO. This list is still used and not been superceded”

4.       ‘Colchester Church Registers in the care of the Vicar of St Botolph’s’, pp1, date stamped “24 Jan 1972”

5.       Red booklet.  ‘List of Copies of the Parish Registers of Essex’.  1930s.  An alphabetical list of registers “in the Library of the Essex Archaeological Society, at Holly Trees, Colchester”.  Includes a letter from CFD Sperling, Ballingdon Hall, dated 24 Oct 1935: “ I send herewith for the Essex Arch Soc the following [14] marriage Register transcripts”.

6.       Green booklet. “Essex Archaeological Society. Its manuscript collection of Parish Registers & Monumental Inscription Transcripts, at Hollytrees, Colchester”. “J. B.-B. 9-8-[19]78”  Alphabetical list by parish.

7.       Parish Register Transcripts. Shelf List. pp20

8.       Parish Registers, listed alphabetically by parish, on computer paper. 1970s?

9.       Envelope containing the work of CFD Sperling and C Partridge in obtaining transcription of Parish Registers.  Includes (1) Church Registers Marriages. Alphabetical list compiled by Sperling; (2) Letter from Henry, Bishop of Chelmsford, Bishopscourt, Chelmsford, dated 2.3.1932: “I am quite willing to give you permission to borrow the Registers of any parish in this Diocese, and I authorise the Incumbent to lend them to you for the purpose of copying them”; (3) Letter from Bishop of Barking, dated 26.9.1931; (4) Letter from A J Parry from St Peter’s Vicarage, Upton Cross, E7 to the Bishop, dated 7.7.1931; (5) Letter from Wanstead Rectory to the Bishop, 1.7.1931; (6) Letter from Little Yeldham Rectory to Revd Alfred Young, dated 2.7.1931; (7) Letter from Bishop of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich to Sperling, dated 14.2.1931: “As requested by Mr Charles Partridge I hereby authorise you to borrow the registers of any parish in this Diocese”; (8) Notes on Parish Registers transcribed by C Partridge including a list of 12 refusals by clergy. This includes Great Bentley: “Bentley Magna.  After correspondence, & after calling several times, I at last found the Vicar at home – Rev G Colley. He has a transcript from 1558 to (I think) 1717, made by a former vicar.  He showed it to me, but refused to lend it on the ground that our work is “utterly useless”. He said “You would be better using your time in digging potatoes, or in working as I do – preaching the Gospel”!  He is quite impossible, an awful bounder, & was so impertinent that I walked out of the vicarage. I wouldn’t go again should he beg me to go. I leave him to you and the Bishop!

10.   Envelope.  Peter Boyden’s draft of “the first attempt to publish a detailed listing to the Society’s collection of transcripts”.  MS on scrap paper, c1978.

11.   Parish Registers transcript – Layer-de-la-Haye.  Typed, crudely stapled onto scrap paper (1) Baptisms, Vol. 1 1767-1812, pp8 (as ERO D/P 255/1/1); Marriages, Vol. 2, 1755-1812, pp5 (as ERO D/P 255/1/2); Burials,Vol. 1, 1767-1812 (as ERO D/P 255/1/1)

12.   Parish Register transcript – Tarring, Sussex. Typed, pp5. Extract covers BMD 1676-1680 including, 1678, “burials to be in woollen. An Affidavit had to be sworn before a Parson, Vicar, Curate and brought within 8 days of burial. This Act was passed in order to encourage the woollen and paper industry, but it was found to act prejudicially, and was subsequently withdrawn”. Burials in the Register are noted “flannell”.

13.   Parish Register transcript – Great Wakering Congregational Church. Baptisms 1849-1873, Marriages 1851-1902, MIs 1822-1945. (indexed). Transcribed and copied by Gwendoline M Rawlingson 1980 for the Essex Society For Family History

14.   The Monumental Inscriptions in the Churchyard of Ridlington Church, Norfolk. Transcribed by R & P Jellis. Published in 1981 by Ronald Jellis

15.   Parish Registers transcript – Great Bardfield. Transcribed and Indexed by Jack H Baxter, 1975. (1) Baptisms 1813-1846 (as ERO D/P 67/1/6); Burials 1813-1859 (as ERO D/P 67/1/8); Baptisms 1847-1876 (as ERO D/P 67/1/10).


[1] “Things worthy of note”

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